Required fields are marked *, {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}Your submission failed. If he doesn’t give you enough space, faces a difficulty in trusting you with the others or doesn’t like it when you spend most of your time with friends, you exactly know what to do. A man should not spend more than his capacity, he must stay firm in his commitment while dealing with money and he should be wise to save a little for future. Whenever you feel like a loser if you have a partner who can boost you up with positive words. Whether you are spending a few years with him or the rest of your life, it is costing your precious time and energy that’s valuable to every individual. Think that my weight is fine (i.e., not too skinny, not too fat), unless I am sick and need medical attention Given the fact that career is the second most important part of our life, he will understand and co-operate if you cannot make time for him or if you prioritize work over him at times. Whilst these articles are owned by us, they are based on honest ideas, opinions and suggestions of our erudite writers. I wake up just to spend the day with him!4. 61. Do you go back and forth on whether or not your boyfriend might be “The One”? Every woman comes up with this pertinent question, What are the important qualities to look for in a guy?. It shows the quality of a person and improves the amount of love between the two of you. He is there for you through good and bad, encouraging you to keep going even if you fall. Makes Me Laugh3. In short, you should know what you want to be happy and comfortable in a relationship. 22. We carry our values from childhood and an overnight change in values will lead to an unhappy relationship. 55. Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board. There are ghost chances that you will be happy and satisfied in the long run. Should not immediately declare his love for me; he should wait at least a few months, not days or weeks. But, that’s not the only way to test if he is a gentleman or not. Every attribute is important when you are looking for the right qualities in a man. 98. Why Is He Texting You When He Is Not Interested? Besides this, she enjoys dancing, traveling, jogging and trekking. An important part of any relationship is the compatibility of values. Handle my mood swings- I am sorry- I know it is unfair. Change ). Some women place emphasis on appearance above personality, while other women have the reverse value system. 91. Sense of Humour: Every woman wants a man who will make them happy always. Read: Best Things About Having a Boyfriend. It takes the two to make it a happy one and managing finances is one of the most important aspects. On the contrary, if he is clearly saying it that he can’t sacrifice his liking for you, then you can think of him to be blunt. Be somewhat traditional, but should still be open to new ideas 21. doesn’t flirt8. A good man shows concern. 10. “What do I want from a man” – Ever bothered to ask yourself this question? Yet, those experiences build us. (10 Possible Reasons). He might not be as successful as you might dream of a guy to be, but, if he is filled with positive energies, he can keep you happy. They make you feel pretty and special and they brighten your day. Right as we are introduced to someone new, perhaps after the handshake or when making eye contact, we get vibes. Read: Insecurities In A Relationship – 8 Peaceful Ways To Get Over It! Respect my right to hold secrets that don’t affect him You immediately connect with an awesome coach on text or over the phone in minutes. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. women always like want to find their white knight with white steed which is ok with me IF they are like Cinderella, snow white, or even like princess jasmine... All Rights Reserved 2002- 2020 Vijandren Ramadass (~ unite against racism ~). Always see to it that the man you choose to be with is trustworthy. Touch me—physically or emotionally—without prompting Keep his promises to me and to others, especially if they are important ones The server responded with {{status_text}} (code {{status_code}}). There is no point in being with a man who cannot appreciate or encourage you to grow and be a better version of yourself at work. 3. These qualities aren’t herculean nor are these expectations from a boyfriend too ambitious. Nevertheless, here are some of the basic and most important qualities to look for in a man you want to spend time or rest of your life with. He is there to support you and to lift you up. ( Log Out /  At the end of the day, all we need is a genuine person who can hear us out and make us feel better. 99. Only when he is happy within, he can keep you happy. It means, when you want to be in a relationship or marry a guy, you should see if he has the quality of taking interest in what’s happening with you in life. Unfortunately, there’s still something hot about bad guys that draws us to them, but that’s not who you should be going after if you’re looking for long-term potential. 1. There will be situations when he has to take a stand for you or for himself, it is only his level of confidence that will come to use and the happiness in knowing yourself is the best. If he barely hears you and you go on and on. 5. 80. Top 10 Must Have Qualities In A Good Boyfriend. 78. In addition to possessing a great personality, many women also expect their potential boyfriends to have a certain level of education and a certain degree of financial security. How To Arch Eyebrows – Learn 3 Artistic Ways! A guy who appreciates jokes no matter how unfunny it may be. Develop his own opinions and therefore not always agree with me, but still respect my beliefs 14 Great Remedies And 3 Hacks For Frizzy Hair - Settle It! They may not always get it right, but when they do, you appreciate them for showing you that they really do care. but they are some necessary attributes you should look for in a man before falling for him. Positivity, like negativity, is contagious. Jessica Levy is a freelance blogger and content writer. Watching TV together is great, but you should have another go-to activity that gets you excited and gives you something fun to break up the monotony. Be concerned about my happiness He should forgive me for my minor sins. That being said, your man should know tricks to make you smile or giggle. 94. A good boyfriend is a bit mysterious and comes up with surprises that keep you guessing. Follow her on Twitter! 77. Be somewhat traditional, but should still be open to new ideas Be appreciative that I am his The future should be something that excites him, not scares him. If the man is not mature enough to support you through this journey, it might get frustrating that you don’t have his back to deal with real time situations. Tips, right in your inbox! Studies claim, relationships are intact when the man is smart. Enjoy the company of children as a whole For the most part, every parent teaches the same basic values such as love, care and respect to their child. 56. While looking for the right qualities that should be there in a man, it goes without saying that you need to check on his maturity levels. First, we nail the script, design storyboards you can’t wait to see animated. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. You must see this quality of self-confidence in a man. 9. 35. If our family members are negative, it is likely to be influenced with that thought process. If you can laugh both with and at each other, there’s nothing you can’t overcome. Distance should not interfere with his loyalty to me. 9. Clearly, you will not be able to see a promising future with a man who can’t behave. Jessica Levy Not be concerned whether I wear make-up or not and like the way I look with or without it Have some professional plans to pursue after college It is essential for every girl to see if the man is kind, knows how to respect people, is sensitive to others needs and has the sense to behave civilized. 100. 20. How often does he tell you the truth? Love to laugh with me But, if he starts to control your life, then you must stay away. This even includes the people we are surrounded by. 10 Best Korean Oil Cleansers For Every Skin Type! However, it will definitely make a difference if the two of you have to raise your child together. 24. It is not that you must judge him if he doesn’t sacrifice. ( Log Out /  Jealousy: Some men are extremely jealous. or are you just attracted to him merely on physical attraction? Best Red Nail Polishes Which Are Truly Enchanting (And You Must... Know The Details On How To Groom Your Eyebrows And Look... Two Stone Engagement Rings You Must Know About. Honesty: Every healthy relationship cannot prevail without honesty. Also, a study has found that the smarter the man is, the less likely he is to be unfaithful.. 2. Basically, whether you consider humor important or not, science does and it has proved that a good sense of humor is sexually attractive. Read: 10 Fantastic Ways To Have A Good Relationship With Your Boyfriend. Not view me as his property or an object (although he should be somewhat possessive of me) 71. Get the Latest Fashion Trends, Beauty and Health In other words, he should have the quality of being smart and wise to make the right judgement. How does this particular man you are falling for reacts when you are having a conversation? She has lived in Morocco, Israel, India, and Barbados, and never wants to be cold again. Tolerate my little games and be willing to play along in them most of the time Is a Godly Man2. Here are 14 of the indispensable qualities of a good boyfriend: 1. 74. Love is beyond material things. Email: The strength of a relationship is purely based on how much the two people trust each other. He can only drink in moderation and better not smoke. 36. Not be too judgmental; he should be an advocate of constructive criticism. 59. Here are 10 qualities that he should have if your relationship is going to last: Lowyat.NET Rules and Regulations Spending Alone Time – 15 Tips To Follow It! If you’re with a glass-half-full kind of guy, you’re more likely to be happy and content together on a daily basis.