Beautiful model 1861 percussion rifle by Norwich Arms Co. Musket is in excellent condition! Regards, Gene West. If it were Confederate it could be worth $10,000+. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. I recently lost my grandfather, and while going through his estate I noticed someone had overlooked a gun. The lockplate surface is dark plum/gray and exhibits scattered fine rust pitting over the surface. trying to determine VALUE These were u, "Palmetto Armory U.S. Model 1842 Percussion Contract Musket. Break open is a, "U.S. Model 1842 Percussion Musket. But thats the extent of my knowledge. The U.S Ordinance Dept ordered 5000 at the outbreak of hostilities in 1861 however changed there order to 2000 revolvers after the weapon failed firing trials. I assume that means Confederate States of America? Call us at +309 342-5800 Tuesday - Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Richard. We are trying to determine a value for a possible sale. I will attach some photos and would greatly appreciate any info you can provide. Thank you! Regards Gene West, thank you for your quick response I kind of figured that it’d be hard to give a price since it is missing the front sight lower retainer piece that holds the lever in place underneath the front of the barrel it has a broken hand that rotates the cylinder the trigger action does work I most likely thought it would be something for display 0r for someone who is interested in needed parts all the serial numbers match except for the cylinder my number is 471 and the cylinder is 551. Thank you, Steve. 40” rifled .58 cal. Does it have the original front sight/bayonet lug? 1. I would like to see if you know about the gun I was given by my grandmother. 3-band musket with double set triggers. The rifle was made at the beginning of the war, and is perfect, no cracks or breaks, looks like it was not fired, as is the pistol. Michael, It has a wide cartridge guide, and the breech block has holes in it. These weapons are “war” used by ancestors that resided in Charleston S.C. with a last name of Eason. Unfortunately I’m not able to help with valuation, I would be misleading you and I don’t want to do that. I have a SW model 1 with engraving from Capt. 2.Collecting the Confederacy, By Shannon Pritchard The guards did serve some time with Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia. I realise that it has some problems as the forearm of the stock has been cut off and looks like part of the sight is missing. JavaScript is disabled. There is a horn that goes along with it, my dad is looking for it. Description: 1862 Tower Civil War Enfield Rifle. I will have to do more research on the Edgecombe Guards which was part of the 1st Regiment North Carolina infantry which fought in The Battle of Bethel (Va) 10 June 1861. I have this rifle. SERIAL #C,30287, ALL MATCHING NUMBERS. I have a Springfield model 1884 trap door with bayonet in excellent condition. I attached a few photos… not looking to sell or anything like that just interested in knowing more about them. My main question is how much could this revolver be worth? Thomas, 48" OAL, DOUBLE TRIGGER, OCTAGON BARREL, BRASS FOREEND AND BUTT STOCK, NAVY Carbine Antique AMERICAN CIVIL WAR SHARPS & HANKINS M1862 .52 Rimfire With Original Leather Barrel Shroud! I wood say yours is slightly better then good condition. A product of the Providence Tool Company of Rhode Island. It is a Birmingham made contract gun, non-interchangeable but original parts (bands, stock tip, ramrod) are available if you search hard enough and are willing to pay for them. I’m trying to find in formation on a Civil War rifle. The other weapon you have is a Flintlock which is pre Civil War and a bit out of my wheel house but I will research and get back to you on my findings. Larry Gaskill. Any ideas? I have a gun that I would consider selling- can you advise me on that? 5.Flayderman’s Guide to Antique American Firearms, By Norm Flayderman I’ve had it now for several years and was wondering if you can give me any background information on it and perhaps tell be an estimated value of its worth. Well that’s a good question Matt……hmmmmmmm So they go on the internet or to the next antique gun show and they buy the first gun or sword they see not understanding its true value. I apologize for not responding sooner but I was out of town and didn’t have the means of communicating. In 2017, during a random search to find more information, I acquired an original 1895 Kentucky Confederate Veterans Association Almanac, from a book dealer in Connecticut, which contains a photo and detailed bio of Captain Gay. P1853 Enfield Tower Short Rifle dated 1862. I know that he had it in 1870, but don’t know if it was new or old at that time. There may have been something over looked while writing a description that your salesman will catch for you. You be surprised how much that ramrod alone would bring. Made in the 1860’s. I’ve purchased a number of Bowie Knives, Pikes, Carbines, Long Rifles and just about anything else that whistles Dixie. — would be a great help. I don’t know much about them, but it appears to be the same as this one: Turned out nobody wanted it because it was old and likely didn’t work anymore. I hope to eventually establish its worth, but for now just identifying it is outstanding. The Ketland percussion musket you have was originally a flintlock musket that was converted to percussion cap, probably around 1850. Pitting is noted on the top of the lock plate and nipple. Lastly, what is the going price for this type of antique rifle? So is this number 3 of 4 ?? The gun continued being used as a hunting gun after the war, but at some point was set aside and neglected. This is the third type variation. We would also be happy to take photos from different angles if needed, or answer any questions that we are able. SERIAL #C,39116, ALL MATCHING NUMBERS. ELG stands for “Epreuve de Liege” or proof of Liege. I’d guess it’s worth between $800 – $1200. The 39” octagon .50 caliber barrel has a, "Civil War Import Brazilian Light Minié Ball. I may be interested but have to see images first. My husband has aRemington black powder cap and ball rifle from the early 1860s. The barrel tang screw is missing. I have a rifle and pistol from the Civil War, both are from the north and are in close to perfect shape. Thanks Mre Rle De Mutzig engraved on lock.other proofs and cartouches on various parts.All original except for the very old bailing wire repair. I am not a collector, and honestly dont know anything about how to obtain the value of this gun. If not for the circumstances with the virus I would be extremely interest in making you an offer, however the circumstances don’t allow that currently. It belonged to my Great, Great grandfather. Wood is good, does have handl, This rifle is a Spencer Model 1865. Bud, About 12,800 muskets were manufactured and purchased by the US Government, unfortunately if the one you own is not in good condition it’s only worth about $850.00, however it is a nice piece of military and American history. (photos attached) I also have a reproduction of this book so as to not damage the original. Metal is a mottled gray. He was from Erie Pennsylvania…….some collectors might be more willing to pay up for the revolver if they collect Union weapons from Pennsylvania, more specifically from the Erie area…….I hope I answered all you questions, if you have others feel free to ask. $1,995.00. Charles B. What is the best way to sell the rifle – can you recommend dealers or auctioneers that would get the best value? Percussion cap ignition and 1,000 yard marksman’s or sniper’s sight. If no cartouche exist it would be considered a “Civilian Model Round Cylinder Army”. Lock and hammer have a dark patina wi, "N. Starr & Son U.S. Model 1816 Flintlock Musket. Could you provide quality images of the Spencer and any other CW weapons you have. This was found by my father in the rafters of a farmhouse he purchased in Reading, Vermont. I certainly contacted the correct person. The shotgun is CW period, however I don’t believe to to have been used in the War Between the States. Claire, My grandfather had attached a note indicating he thought it was a .44 or .45 caliber with about a 7/16 bore—I have no idea how accurate that is. I had only seen the sword and bayonet as a child. I don’t know if that will help. Category: Firearms. Originally it started out as a flintlock but was converted to percussion cap at sometime. Peter, One was shortened, the other I do not believe was and is a double barrel. I researched this and found that there were an Andrew Jones and an Edwin Jones listed as soldiers in the unit. Amy, the one weapon serial #11967 is a Burnside Carbine, I believe it to be the 5th Model or the Standard model. I have had it for 50 years, and know the Southern rifles are of greater value, but my weapons are in excellent condition. It is in pristine condition. Lock is dated 1837. Additionally, I have three civil War pictures that are unidentified and wonder if you have the means to identify them. My name is Lee Tighe and I live in Virginia Beach Virginia. All that said it may still be very collectible. I’m cleaning out my grandfather’s house and I’ve heard stories that his dad road in the Calvary in the Civil War. 1.Confederate Bowie Knifes, By Jack Melton, Josh Phillips, John Sexton Sons of Confederate Veterans, Eugene West, what is a fair price for a civil war weapon,,,,, I just found this gun and I’m curious to know more information about it. Michael. Manufacturer: Chiappa Firearms Model: 1860 Spencer Carbine SKU: 920.081 Action: Lever-Action  Caliber: .44/40 Win Barr, OHIO STATE MILITIA Springfield Model 1840 MUSKET Antique CIVIL WAR .69 1848 OHIO Marked CIVIL WAR Musket Made in 1848 Here we present a Springfield Armory U.S. Model 1840 Musket, manufactured ci, CIVIL WAR Antique SPENCER Carbine w SPRINGFIELD 1867-74 ALTERATION .50 Cal Indian Wars Era Cavalry Carbine! 2. According to the limited research we have done, it seems to be a pretty rare item. It’s my opinion that the best way of understanding value of Civil War weapons is to do your research. There is no rear sight. The few people who have looked at it have confirmed that it is in very good condition and all of the parts are original. Is it a prototype or a trials rifle. Sounds like with 147,000 of these it is not that rare, but in any case we now know what it actually is. As to value, there we disagree. The barrel is bright, Caliber 52 RF. I found your email address in an older article online. Kris, unfortunately you muzzle loader isn’t in very good condition, however if it’s a complete weapon with all its parts and no repairs to the stock it’s worth about $850 at best…..below is an attachment from the “Flaydermans Guide to Antique American Firearms” which is the best guide for understanding values. Below is some information that you e requested. Some of the markings may be clearer once it has been cleaned, but we are unsure how to do so without causing more damage. On Jan 2, 2018, at 3:46 AM, Scott Burn wrote: I have a Butterfield which I do not know the value one and I was looking to sell it’s not in bad condition but it is missing a few pieces, Philip, your revolver is rare…..rather then me explain the details I’ve included an attachment below with the details… must take into account that your revolver is missing some parts. When I first started collecting CW guns and swords I would buy the first item that came along only to see the same item at the next gun show for a fraction of the price and in better condition. None, RARE Experimental Model 1867 Barton H. Jenks ROLLING BLOCK Military Rifle Post-CIVIL WAR Single Shot Big Bore Trials Rifle Here we present an antique Barton H. Jenks Rolling Block Model 1867 Rif, "Rare Virginia manufactory Second Model Flintlock Rifle.