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Back in 1980, the free posing routines were not only judged but they were one third of the final score. Check out my article about the 1980 Mr. Olympia. Schwarzenegger’s rear double biceps pose displayed a Christmas tree lower back, thick and muscular lats and massive calves. Because of his last minute decision there were objections from some of the contestants who felt he should have registered a month before like everybody else. He said at the '71 and '74 Arnold was at his biggest and at the '73 and '75 he was at his sharpest. Reg had won "The Universe" three times and had made five 'Hercules' films in the early 60's when he weighed 253 lbs. Boyer Coe publicly said at a seminar after the contest that the winner of the 1980 Mr. Olympia “had legs that looked like they belonged in a chicken nest”. Arnold had shed some of the subcutaneous water from the intense comparisons during the day. The night before the contest, the heavyweight boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes took place on closed circuit TV. Ali, the undisputed king of boxing, was embarrassed in his loss to Holmes, a former sparring partner of the champ.

Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to beginning any diet or exercise program or taking any dietary supplement. He was taking black and while and color slides while I was taking shots backstage, onstage, everywhere in fact. “What about you Arnold? Joe Gold, the owner of World Gym, honestly told him the contest was very close and the top competitors were all in great shape. Walker earned the applause by displaying a thick and ripped physique. With all 16 bodybuilders standing onstage, the judges brought forth 3-5 bodybuilders at a time to make comparisons. Because of his last minute decision there were objections from some of the contestants who felt he should have registered a month before like everybody else. Here's a brief look back in time when Arnold was still King! Obviously infuriated and feeling he was the victim of “politics”, Mentzer exclaimed “Bullshit” when he was handed his award. Eventually it was sorted out and Arnold was given the OK to enter. Back then, I owned a gym in the Eastern suburbs which was close to the hotel where most of the contestants would be staying. “You idiot, how are we going to get the water out?”.
For the first time since he retired in 1975, Arnold and his partner, Jim Lorimer from Columbus, Ohio, would not be promoting the Mr. Olympia contest. The contest was over but not the night, there was a harbor cruise after the show. His heroic side chest pose brought to mind the Arnold from a decade ago with the deep ribcage and massive pecs. (I went to a private screening at a movie theatre to see it few weeks later, it played for just under and hour and was very entertaining). In 1980, the contest was to be held in Sydney, Australia by Arnold’s good friend Paul Graham. CBS Television spent lots of money traveling to Sydney, Australia to film the 1980 Mr. Olympia. Then they would step back and Arnold would go forward. Joe Weider rief den Wettkampf 1965 ins Leben, um einen Anreiz für die Profis zu bieten, dem Sport treu zu bleiben. Five of the seven judges awarded Arnold an additional point, bringing his total score to a perfect 300. ", etc, etc. A pity because it would have been another version and a part of Olympia history. Huge, peaked biceps and sharply separated triceps were Arnold’s trump card and he proudly displayed them at every possible opportunity onstage. Although a little blocky in the waist, Roger was as thick as any bodybuilder onstage and he was in shape! While many of the competitors, like Australia’s Roger Walker and Mentzer, were deadly serious, Arnold smiled and played to the crowd. Even today, more than 30 years after it took place, it is still highly debated and discussed on bodybuilding forums all over the world. Bill Reynolds (former editor of UD Muscle and Fitness) was at the contest and had his views on the show. Arnold looked confident but still apprehensive. August 1980 in Moskau (UdSSR) statt.

All rights reserved. So naturally my gym became one of the obvious choices for workouts. His thick traps and lats were clearly superior to Arnold when they stood relaxed from the rear. Due to the meeting the judging was running an hour late and the audience was becoming impatient as they had already been seated for an hour and a half with no entertainment at all. When he posed, especially from the side, he was lacking in thickness compared to the bigger bodybuilders. He told me he bench pressed 500 lbs in 1954 and was the first to do so but it wasn't made official. As the crowd roared its approval, Arnold held up both hands in surrender to State and walked off the stage to laughs and cheers.

Hitting mostly arm poses with sweeping transitions between the poses, Schwarzenegger relied on the feedback from the audience when deciding what poses to hit and which ones to avoid. "What did Arnold look like? Dickerson was in good shape but his arms looked small.

Frank Zane, posing to the music of Pink Floyd and hitting his trademark Zane poses, was second with a 97. He was incredibly ripped and his arm poses were some of the best onstage that night.

Unfortunately, his muscular size was noticeably down from the year before. When the contestants appeared on stage the audience clapped, there were a few whistles and shouts, the show had begun. In addition he had to attend to the organization of airline flights, hotel accommodation, cars etc. Arnold leapt onstage at 1000 miles an hour and I ran downstairs to the front of the audience almost as fast to take photographs.
The rest of the field was trailing by a wider margin with Boyer Coe and Mike Mentzer tied in fourth place with a score of 280 and Roger Walker and Roy Callendar tied with a score of 277.

The evening was running smoothly as each contestant posed to his chosen music. The contest was to take place in the main hall which overlooks the harbor and bridge, a perfect setting. He brought his close friend Franco to the podium, thanking him for his help and support. There were a couple of pale entrants who could have tanned up more. Still, a few remained unhappy about the decision. The popular television show “60 Minutes” contemplated doing a story on the contest because of its unpopular outcome. With his tiny hips off set by wide shoulders and massive arms, Mentzer hit some jaw-dropping poses during his free posing routine.

I took a lot of photos (in the foyer) of Arnold walking about, he was dressed casually and had two of his friends, Bill Drake and his personal photographer in tow.

He famously criticized Samir Bannout one year earlier at the IFBB Mr. Universe contest in Columbus, Ohio for not standing relaxed during the relaxed round.