When I pack coolers, I prefer to use a haphazard method, throwing my cans and ice together as quickly as I can.

If you’re unsure whether you want air cooling or a liquid-cooled AIO, there are a few things to consider. It’s $10 cheaper than the 240mm counterpart at NZXT, and it’s the same price as Corsair’s ever-popular H100i.

The tank is detachable for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Find more Balywood Mini 4 in 1 Personal Evaporative Cooler information and reviews here. This unit weighs just under 30bs so it is easy to move and lightweight. There just isn’t enough room to make them functional for anything except an individual lunch or a few drinks.
If you’re stuffing cans and plenty of loose ice into the bag without taking a lot of time to pack precisely—as you might at a beach party or on a boat trip—this is, more realistically, going to hold only 20 cans or so: a little less than the Polar Bear.

In an attempt to make the closed-cell foam manageable and still more or less seal around the ice, Yeti put the zipper on the side of the bag. While it was okay enough to carry the bag a short distance, we found that after a while, the small pad would slip off our shoulders, making it pretty useless. For the warmer months, just put the fan mode on and it will work as a typical fan. In short, they’re impractical for most pedestrian needs—a fact that has stopped absolutely none of us from buying them in record numbers. The rope handles, for instance, are strangely installed in a pass-through loop and don’t seem as durable as other models we tested.

A cooler is made to keep things cold.

Thermal performance isn’t great, and the noise level is higher than some more costly options. 2 Air cooler vs Air conditioner; 3 Comparison Chart; Definitions An air cooler. Unsurprisingly, socket support is excellent, with support for TR4 and AM4 on AMD, and LGA115X, 20XX, and 1200 on Intel. The Wirecutter kitchen team knows how to throw a party, and we’ve spent hundreds of hours finding the best gear for any occasion, even game day. For Threadripper air cooling, this cooler checks all the boxes for enthusiasts and overclockers alike. Is it a perfect backpack cooler? Also, it looks really cool and has a modern feel that will go well with any decor. The unit features a carbon dust air filter, remote control, low water alarm, energy-saving timer, adjustable humidification dial & Ice compartment. The Corsair H80i v2 solves that problem. EK is. Air coolers also tend to cost less than AIOs, though that line is blurring as well. Why it’s great: Most soft cooler backpacks have issues: They’re either uncomfortable to carry when fully loaded with drinks and 20 pounds of ice or aren’t particularly good at keeping things insulated. Brand: Ontel; Weight: 3lbs; Ontel arctic personal air cooler helps you fight with the summer in just a few bucks. The humidifier is perfect for dry rooms or basements that don’t get a lot of moisture. The Igloo’s drainage port does accept a garden hose, which means you can channel the wastewater far away from the cooler (for instance, over the side of your vessel).
It’s $10 cheaper than the 240mm counterpart at NZXT, and it’s the same price as Corsair’s ever-popular H100i. AIO coolers have come a long way. Read:  be quiet! We considered the external hardware, shoulder straps, buckles, zippers, and fabric, all of which had to be comfortable to carry and sturdy enough to survive regular use in a boat, on an ATV, or sliding around in the trunk of a car.

You can control the fans directly through your motherboard, but if you’re short on spots, you can pick up an EK-Loop Connect controller for another six PWM connections. Its dimensions are just 6.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches and it weighs just 2 pounds when it isn’t filled with water. To get through the extra thick radiator, Corsair includes two SP120L PWM fans, so it’s easy to set up a push-pull configuration, but you’ll need to factor in the extra thickness of such a configuration when mounting. It is a 4 in 1 unit that can be used as a fan, air purifier, air humidifier, and air cooler. Instead of filling and refilling the unit, you can attach a standard hose to it to have a continuous fill. Socket support is a little limited, but the Liquid Freezer still supports most recent chips. The Cooler Master MasterAir MA410M is our pick for an excellent performing mid-size air cooler, especially considering the aggressively designed exterior shell and the inclusion of addressable RGB lighting from within the cooling tower itself. For me, the Polar Bear Nylon swallowed 24 cans and just under 6 pounds of ice with surprising ease. Given that we were draining these coolers upwards of three times a day for several days straight, we learned quite a bit about what works and what doesn’t. In our testing, the RTIC kept ice frozen for 10 days, with some periodic draining.