They will go out of their way to be helpful. Color Chart Standard (160 Kb) and Specialty (78 Kb) Colors. Together, they offer new creative opportunities – and they all match perfectly, of course.

I use them in acrylic pouring as I find the colours are vibrant and stay true when dry, they produce a large number of cells.

The Amsterdam Acrylics Standard series were formerly known as Van Gogh Acrylics. Be bold, be colorful.

I bought 5 separate 120ml tubes, in the basic colours - white, black, blue, yellow & red. All prices are in Australian Dollars

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�Ǹ��A�k34e�kx������=���5��7x�s[����ߛƿ�yB���_ٷ�F���p�� v�=B7��\�\��Ȕs�[%�9��E��St+�v�z �F��tC1�����rm��x�a�#���#_ėj��A�����磷��e]���m�°���=w��t�0��Z�54�@7��|0Є�~/�_`G��� Be bold, be colorful. The paint has a silky texture and is extremely easy to blend with other colours, mediums, or just water. The selection of colours are amazing. An excellent medium body acrylic paint for the artist who seeks high quality and high value. The 120ml tube of red (magenta) I ordered wasn't in stock & I was sent a larger tube which was very much appreciated. I love Amsterdam acrylic paints the quality and the pigment color are really good. Amsterdam Standard series acrylics - colour chart Zinc white +++ 104 2 PW7 Titanium white +++ 105 4 PW6 Titanium buff light +++ 289 4 PW6/PY42 Titanium buff deep +++ 290 4 PW6/PR101/PBk11 Naples yellow light +++ 222 4 PW6/PY42 Naples yellow deep +++ 223 4 PW6/PBr24/PY154 Naples yellow red light +++ 292 4 PW6/PY42/PR101 Naples yellow red +++ 224 4 PW6/PBr24/PO73 Nickel titanium … Nothing is an issue.

This was my first time using Amsterdam acrylic paints. hޜWks۶�+�x;�%|�t7J��f���h�7�Ht������%Y�����.��Ya�Y��d*Q��J;�a0L �K�Y��éNa������S:K��p�s�F�Q�����\�1s��9�;�\p��S2�Fw���p�Ȓ���;�\�. Paint is practically odorless. Royal Talens Amsterdam Acrylic Paints have high durability and are therefore ideal not only for painting on all fat-free surfaces (paper, cardboard, canvas, wood, hardboard, concrete, chipboard, gypsum, etc), but also for outdoor murals.. Royal Talens Amsterdam Acrylic Paints all have a high to very high lightfastness and they can be diluted with water. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.

What started with our Amsterdam Standard Series, made of high grade pigments, has evolved into a unique range of intermixable products with the Amsterdam Expert Series, acrylic markers, spray paint, auxiliaries and more. An excellent choice for the beginning or intermediate artist!

Let Amsterdam inspire you – and stretch your creative limits!

And gives you the broadest range of high-quality acrylic colors and supporting tools to express your creativity. I use my acrylic paints for Dutch Pours and the quality of the paints is evident when you use them. They make such a difference to the end result of my paintings.

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Beyond the call of duty actually.

If you want to know more about which cookies we place or if you want to reset it, go to our cookie page and privacy statement. See PART 2 Video for the tutorial on making the Blooms on 5 coasters. The service from Artecon was excellent. Due to Covid-19 we experience longer shipment times. %PDF-1.4 %���� Via personalization cookies we can adjust the website to your preferences and behavior. After using Amsterdam paints it’s very hard to try anything else. Be bold, be colorful.

I use a large number of Amsterdam paints and only purchase from ARTECON. I have found ARTECON absolutely wonderful.