Get creative and combine fruits! Thanks for the inspo. Not too well-known recipe is delicious, healthy, sweet, transparent Apple jam with walnuts in a slow cooker. You can use any apples you have but the cooking time will vary depending upon the sugar content and water content of the apples. I would like to give them a Mother’s day gifts but would need them to be canned. Pinning it for later this week when we do peaches! Being a chutney novice, particularly using the slow cooker, I didn’t expect to get it right first time. I never thought to make fruit jam in the crock pot. Instead it is more like a cross between a fruit compote, apple sauce and a jam. But you can also adapt standard any stovetop recipe using the following time conversions. This Apple Jam with Cinnamon flavors stays fresh for up to 2 weeks. Slow cookers vary in size and power, so be sure to check your jam periodically within the cooking time guidelines. These look so awesome… I’ll totally be using this fall!! To make your Cinnamon Spiced Apple Jam in the slow cooker, put butter and apple along with sugar in the slow cooker. Simon. A perfect recipe, Ceri. And also because of this must be kept in the fridge. It was super easy. Including cookbook and slow cooker reviews. Thank you x, Neither had I – but it was so simple and basically inspired by the fact I had a bag of apples about to go off! You might think that making Jam at home is too long and tedious. I may use honey because I want to get that pretty cherry color. Thanks Sisley, Get on it x. I love how you have adapted this chutney and made it your own. And the timings where spot-on. Step 3. Set the slow cooker on high with the lid off and cook till desired … But, trust me homemade Jam is the best. There’s no doubt about it that chutney needs to have sugar, it acts as a preserving agent, and the balance of the sweet vs sour taste is what chutney is all about. Using just 4 basic everyday ingredients. Including cooking apples, blackberries, granulated sugar and a lemon. 148 ratings 4.7 out of 5 star rating. I think I’m going to try either the strawberry or blueberry or both. I have to admit its a faff getting my slow cooker out (and then cleaning it after) as my kitchen is so small, but in comparison to watching something on the hob I think I’ll cope. A clean jar always makes sure that your Jam stays fresh for a long time., Mushy, gooey, and delicious Cinnamon Spiced Apple Jam is the best fall Jam recipe there is. Thanks for this. Remove Bay leaf and add the brandy and walnuts. Don’t. Stay connected. What would you put in your ultimate chutney? Enjoy it with your toast or your scones or just grab a spoon and dig in. I can’t say I would go that far, but I have certainly learned to embrace the delights of a cheese board in recent years, having gone off cheese in my scared of any fat miserable low-fat years. Delish in that salty-sweet genius way. Yes, the skin is left on just like in the pics. ★☆ Sounds great…but Can I use cooking apples instead of eating apples?