My boyfriend wondered how it would be to put the meat on the bottom. First off I have to say…Mel I LOVE YOUR SITE. I’m curious….I’ve been making this recipe for 2 years now, and it’s fabulous!! I made these pork chops yesterday. I went back and read Melanie’s comment. I plan to make this for dinner tonight, Hope my finicky hubby is pleased :o). I agree that the chops do best on top of the apples and onions…thanks for letting me know you liked this recipe! so, (sigh) i’m really sorry buti either did something wrong or this recipe just wasn’t for me. Do not open the oven and lift the foil – the pork chops, apples and onions need to be tightly covered the whole time to work their magic (and not dry out).Serve each pork chop with Parmesan smashed potatoes and topped with the apples and onions. Dinner tonight = perfect. They are perfect! Hi I was wondering if I could make this in a crock pot or a dutch oven, if so how long and what temperature? My only complaint was that the apples totally disintegrated to mush, so next time I would probably add those halfway or even near the end, but the onions were perfect cooked the whole time. I would definately try making this recipe again, but I’d cut out the “generous” seasoning of chops both sides with salt and pepper. My BFF Google brought me to your website after searching for make ahead recipes. Mandy and Melissa – Melanie (the one who gave me the recipe) suggested using bone-in pork chops so they don’t fall apart too much when baking, apparently the bone in the chops helps them stay together. I’m reading your comment going – I guess that’s what I have to look forward to when my 4 boys are teenagers – eating me out of house and home! Trust me, you won’t regret it! Awesome flavor and my husband was so surprised when I told him they were dried apples! I am making it again for Christmas dinner! I didn’t do the potatoes, a bit on the lazy side, but, oh boy. Easy and delicious. Melanie (the other one) is my friend and I can attest that all of her cooking that I have ever had is de-lish! Ingredients I’ve barely been able to contain my excitement about sharing this meal with you! Does the cooking time change a lot if it is? Thanks for letting me know. I am planning to bring this as a take-in meal to a family with a new baby. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Season the pork chops generously on both sides with salt and pepper. Thanks!! It sounds like I’m gonna have to check on ’em despite your advice not to! Thawed some thick bone in chops today and don’t feel like frying more meat, just did fried seasoned breaded thin pork chops, so looking over your recipe. Make thus! Thank you for your amazing recipes- we are living off of them while being confined to our house. Not my favourite but now we know why we should follow the recipe to a T and then modify later. Just plan on big kids eatting about two or three chops! I was nervous because of some of the other comments, but this is how I modified: Very, very good recipe. pork and apples, huzzah! I’m thrilled these worked out in the slow cooker (and thanks for the advice on the apples). You couldn’t even cut them they were so tough. I will definitely do this meal again. I make atleast 1 meal from it everyweek and they are always delish! ","position":1,"name":"Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. I would cut the cooking time by 15-20 minutes and I think they’ll be fine. Had bone-in pork and not sure what to do….the pork turned out amazing – yum…the apples and onions all on top of the potatoes served with steamed brussel sprouts which really was the perfect side. I can’t wait for my husband to get home from his meeting to try it. Next time I’ll have to do one of two things – #1, use the bone in chops. This dish takes minutes to throw together before it bakes in the oven for three hours. 9X13-inch Metal Baking Pan How would it do if I used a small pork loin, instead of 4 chops?? Wasted perfectly good pork chops. And the potatoes! These were wondeful! The delicate garlic flavor of the potatoes with the sweetness of the apples, was told I needed to put these on the make again SOON list. This is way better. So far you have the best recipes I have found..I LOVED the pork chops, so did my hubby :O). Total Time: I’d like to make this for Christmas dinner! Thanks, Mel! 8-Inch Chef's Knife They were burnt to the pan. And, the easiest!!! loved, loved, loved these. . I’d like to try this with boneless pork chops as well since that’s what I have on hand as well. So I think I have the solution for all you who want to use boneless pork chops from costco. Loved the sweetness from the brown sugar . if I were using boneless chops, and especially if I were halving the recipe, I probably would not bake them for the whole 3 hours. I won’t eat anyone else’s pork chops because I know I’ll be disappointed! I’m glad you found your way over here! EASE, huzzah! Do not open the oven and lift the foil – the pork chops, apples and onions need to be tightly covered the whole time to work their magic (and not dry out). Thanks, Bobbi – so glad these pork chops didn’t turn out dry and boring! Hi there, I so love your site..I made your Skillet Mac & Cheese the other night and from now on, that will be my staple mac & Cheese recipe.. Hi there, found you through this amazing recipe posted on Tasty Kitchen. Courtney – so glad you loved the potatoes! Thanks for another great one! You could also just use less apples in the original recipe (like you mentioned) and finally, you could try cooking it for the full amount of time, removing the pork chops and keeping them warm while continuing to bake the apples and onions with the foil off to let some of the liquid evaporate. I didn’t know what to expect. They were a success. You could cook down the apples and onions for 5-7 minutes before assembling the dish – not enough to make the apples mushy but enough to pull out some of the water from the apples. It is absolutely fantastic. 1-2 yellow onions, sliced Pork can be kind of hard – I agree that a lot of times it turns out tough and dry – but I am surprised it didn’t cook up really tender in this dish.