Take a look at this article- https://spoonuniversity.com/how-to/how-to-pronounce-gnocchi-like-a-true-italian – it helps explain everything and cites the Oxford English Dictionary too :-). If the package recommends thawing first, I would go that route. Love this recipe! My husband and I agreed that it was the best meal we’ve had lately. Or if you’re used to cooking with gnocchi, add this to the repertoire! I will let you know how it tastes . Amalia xo. If that description doesn’t grab you, maybe you’ll be enticed by how simple they are to make! Besides using it for this cheesy baked gnocchi, you can use gnocchi in a variety of other ways. I bet she’s going to love this Liz! Welcome to Bowl of Delicious. Cook the gnocchi according to package directions (slightly undercooked is best). Do you think this could be assembled beforehand (like few hours in advance) and baked before eating or would the gnocchi be a mess with the moisture of the tomato sauce sitting around? Thanks Susan – sounds like your homemade sauce would be great in this dish. Boil water in a large pot. Yes!!! Gnocchi are Italian dumplings made with either potatoes or ricotta cheese, along with some flour, formed into small little oval shapes. Learn more! You can also add other herbs, like oregano and parsley. Garnish with fresh parsley and serve. The g is kind of silent, but the n is drawn out. Learn how your comment data is processed. I love that this recipe uses fresh mozzarella cheese. This looks amazing. Required fields are marked *. Spoon marinara sauce (2 cups) evenly on top of the basil. yummm. Please comment below and Rate this Recipe! They’re even great sautéed with fresh herbs like sage and thyme then sprinkled with Parmesan just before serving. Add the crushed red pepper flakes and cook for 2 more minutes, stirring constantly. Remove with a slotted spoon when they float to the top and place into a medium-sized baking dish. Remove with a slotted spoon when they float to the top and place into a medium-sized baking dish. ? Add salt and pepper and check seasoning. They’re similar to pasta in a lot of ways, but a bit more hearty and nutrient-packed because they have the added potatoes or cheese. Click HERE to get the recipe for Creamy Chicken Gnocchi Soup. Copyright © 2020 Bowl of Delicious on the Foodie Pro Theme, Cheesy Baked Gnocchi with Marinara, Basil, and Mozzarella. I generally use store bought gnocchi for all my gnocchi needs. Remove from the oven and allow the dish to cool slightly. I recommend slicing the cherry tomatoes in half. Click HERE to get the recipe for Hearty Beef and Gnocchi Soup. It will be your new favorite weeknight dinner that the whole family will devour. Transfer the dish to your pre-heated oven and cook for 10 minutes Your email address will not be published. Serve it simply with your favorite sauce. Add garlic and cook until softened. And the best bonus is that we’ll ALL love it!! For this Baked Gnocchi recipe we cooked the dumplings according to package directions then baked them in the sauce for about 15 minutes. Cook gnocchi by placing carefully into boiling salted water. “nyawk-kee” is very common, but according to my research and experience, an “oh” sound rather than an “aw” sound is *slightly* more authentic. I would put it in frozen, as long as the directions call for a very short cooking time. This would be a delicious way to use them! This sounds delicious , gnocchis are such great comfort food . I still have jars of homemade tomato sauce and marinara in my freezer. I prefer meat protein dishes so I added minature italian sausage meatballs for an extra pop of flavor. Allow to cool for a few minutes before serving. Tons of flavor and so easy to make too. Your photos are always so appealing, Tricia . Add the olive and garlic and heat until the garlic starts to sizzle and color slightly. Trader Joe’s also has a low-carb cauliflower gnocchi that people swear by (but I have yet to try it). Add garlic and cook until softened. I really want to try it! And if I’m being honest, you don’t even really need the fresh basil. Cooked like pasta and combined with your favorite sauce, this Italian staple is a must make right in your own kitchen. Kind of like “nee-OH-kee.” Some people say it more like “nee-AW-kee.”. Top with about half of the torn mozzarella cheese. So glad you liked it! If you’ve never had gnocchi before, pick some up, make this dish, and never look back. And I plan on making it again next week, at least once :-), Your email address will not be published. I absolutely want to try it. Since this recipe calls for the gnocchi to be pre-cooked then baked in a sauce, I used the dried potato gnocchi for a firmer texture. Spoon the ricotta into small mounds around the skillet the top with the grated Parmesan. Cook gnocchi by placing carefully into boiling salted water. This recipe originally appeared on Bowl of Delicious in February 2014 as “Baked Gnocchi with Marinara, Mozzarella, and Fresh Basil.” It’s been edited with updated information, improved recipe instructions, and new photos. Last updated October 14, 2020 By Elizabeth Lindemann   /  This post may contain affiliate links. So, the way gnocchi is pronounced definitely varies from region to region, both within Italy and worldwide. Baked in about 15 minutes, dinner is on the table and ready to be enjoyed by all. Join my free email list and receive a free e-cookbook! Click HERE to get the recipe for Homemade Potato Gnocchi. Remove from the heat. Love the gnocchi with fresh spinach, ricotta and sauce…it sounds delicious! Heat an oven proof skillet over medium heat. Add spinach and cook until wilted (about 3 minutes). Add 1 tablespoon tomato sauce, plus salt, pepper, basil and nutmeg. Our chunky soup is worthy of an entire meal, especially when served with a hunk of crusty bread to sop up all the delicious broth! Filed Under: 5 Ingredient Recipes, All Recipes, Budget Meals, Dinner Recipes, Make Ahead and Freezer Meals, Pasta Recipes, Quick and Easy Recipes, Vegetarian RecipesPlease visit my disclaimer page for nutrition, food safety, affiliate, and more disclaimers. Pillowy soft, delicious potato dough dumplings. Crushed red pepper flakes and a bottle of passata (crushed tomatoes) round out the beginning of this amazingly easy meal. Add the cherry tomatoes, tomato sauce and balsamic vinegar. I may or many not have made this twice within a three-day period. Over the years passata has become one of my favorite Italian ingredients. I love that this comes together so quickly! A quick and easy, hearty main course dish with three cheeses, a rich tomato sauce and pillowy soft potato dumplings. Blueberry Overnight French Toast Casserole, Chocolate Sheet Cake with Strawberry Frosting. I’m all about the easy simple recipes :-). But this fits the bill perfectly. In this post, I’ll explain a little more about what gnocchi actually are (and how to pronounce it correctly), how to assemble this easy super cheesy baked gnocchi, and provide some recommendations for what kind of kind of sauce and cheese to use. Your email address will not be published. Feel free to calculate it yourself using this. Slicing the tomatoes in half solves that. That’s exactly what this recipe does, by adding onions, spinach, and cherry tomatoes. The possibilities (or should I say PASTABILITIES hahaha) are endless! Heat an oven proof skillet over medium heat. Can you use the cauliflower gnocchi from Trader Joes? Add spinach and cook until wilted (about 3 minutes). Next time I’m at TJs, I’m going to pick some up and try it with this recipe! Preheat oven to 400°F. Stir in milk and cooked gnocchi.Transfer half of this mixture to the greased casserole dish. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing. That depends on how much you like cooking projects. This is just PERFECT bomb cyclone blizzard food Tricia, and even though I’m comfy here in California, there’s still a nip in the air and I would love this for dinner . Join my free email list and get a FREE e-cookbook! This is my absolute favorite recipe so far! Boil water in a large pot. Finally, don’t miss our recipe for Homemade Potato Gnocchi. You can find gnocchi in vacuumed sealed packages in the dry pasta section of the store, or in the refrigerator case, too. Stir in the fresh herbs, heavy cream and the cooked gnocchi. DeLallo is a good brand, and you can buy it on amazon! You might want to listen to Italian speakers pronounce it here: It’s easy enough for a weeknight meal and luscious enough for company. Then add the remaining gnocchi/tomato mixture and top with the remaining mozzarella cheese. I STILL haven’t tried their cauliflower gnocchi but I hear great things. This ultra-cheesy baked gnocchi recipe takes only 20 minutes to make with only FOUR ingredients! Enjoy! Add the passata and cream to the skillet with the olive oil. (24-ounce) bottle passata (crushed tomatoes). Top with half of the mozzarella cheese. I usually use a small rectangular dish, about 6×8, when I don’t use the mini skillets. Add 1 tablespoon tomato sauce, plus salt, … Did you make this Cheesy Baked Gnocchi? Pan frying the gnocchi would make it deliciously crispy, and probably hold up to the sauce even better as a make-ahead option. Bake at 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes, until cheese is completely melted. I create easy, real food recipes for busy people. Potato gnocchi is readily available in most grocery stores and cooks in about 5 minutes. With a silky, creamy broth, tender chunks of chicken, loads of fresh spinach and pillowy soft gnocchi, our Creamy Chicken Gnocchi Soup is comforting, easy to make and super satisfying! « Zucchini Ribbon Salad with with Lemon, Parmesan, and Pine Nuts, Ultra-Moist Healthy Banana Bread (made with Olive Oil) ». Using a slotted spoon remove the garlic and discard, leaving the oil in the pan. Make sure you drain the gnocchi really well (or even pat them dry with a paper towel) so there is a little less moisture. https://forvo.com/word/gnocchi/ Sautè it for crispy pesto gnocchi with goat cheese and cherry tomatoes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I bet you’re going to love this comforting, filling and delicious Hearty Beef and Gnocchi Soup. Grease a casserole dish and set aside. 2 qt square or bigger rectangle? Looks so delicious!!! Of course, I am a huge sucker for anything Italian, but then again, who isn’t. I see a package of gnocchi in a store, and I must buy it. Give or take :-). Our local grocery store sells both, and honestly I love using both varieties. Baked Gnocchi with Mozzarella, Spinach and Cherry Tomato. Thank you for sharing!! Regardless of how it is pronounced it is sooo good! Remove from heat. Published August 23, 2019. If I wanted to use cauliflower gnocchi from Trader Joe’s, which comes frozen, would you suggest cooking first, or putting it in frozen? All that cheese. Cook 30 seconds more. I believe traditional home cooking with food your great-grandmother would recognize doesn't have to cost a lot of time or money. :). They’re done as soon as they float to the top. The square should be fine! You added some tasty ingredients to make them even better. Meanwhile, heat olive oil in a large saucepan over medium-high heat. Delicious easy-to-follow recipes for food lovers! Thank you for the quick response…I will try it and let you know. Transfer about half of the gnocchi/tomato mixture to your prepared oven safe dish.