(Opera for Baritone, Mezzo, Bcl, Trb, Vla), Frame dragging (Bcl, fl, trb, perc & piano), "29" (Bcl, fl, sax, trb, E-guit, perc & pno), No strings? Hilda Paredes, “Intermezzo malinconico” (2013) Pascal Dusapin, “ITOU” (1985) Georges Aperghis, “Damespiel” (2011) Marta Lambertini, “Humpty Dumpty” (2009) Clarinet, bass clarinet with Soundtrack Pierre Boulez,”Dialoge de l’ombre double” (1985) Analía Ludgar, “Solo” Clarinete bajo y electrónica (2012) Joan Enric Lluna), Tres Manuscritos Eufónicos (clarinet & tape) *World Premiere, Microscopi 1: malson (with live electronics) *World Premiere, Bas-relief (bass clar. Pedro Álvarez. (Opera for Mezzo, Tenor, Bcl & Cello), Black (Bcl, fl, sax, trb, perc, pno & electro), Golem (Bcl/cl, fl, alto sax, trb, pno & perc), Scratching  (Solo marimba, bcl, fl, vl, vcl & pno), El tímbre es un esclavo del tiempo (Cl, fl, pno & perc), Custom 3.1 (Performer, Cl, fl, sax, trb, perc & pno), Aequae (Bcl/cl, fl, sax, trb, pno & perc), Dido & Aeneas Reloaded (Opera for Soprano, mezzo, Bcl & Cello), LSP 3.1: La Serva Padrona (Chamber opera), Perpendicular (Bcl, fl, Tsax, trb, perc & pno), Cinco analogías - teatro de sombras para cuatro músicos basado en un texto de Charles Avison, ...aunque es de noche... (bcl, pno, perc), Dido & Aeneas Reloaded (Opera for Mezzo, Tenor, Bcl & Cello), Fantasia per a clarinet i marimba (Bb Cl & Perc), Why Poets? 'the bloodied roses‘ is a gorgeous, colourful, yet dark piece for bass clarinet and chamber orchestra. Rubens Askenar. ... For Bass Clarinet and Tape. If you don’t know the piece, it’s worth listening to it, if only because it’ll make it that much easier to have a feel for the bass clarinet writing we’re going to be looking at today. Ramón Gorigoitía, “Descuajerindado” (2000), Gabriela Paraskeavidis, “Más fuerza tiene” (1984), Thomas Stiegler, 1,2,3 “Klarinete solo” (1993), Hilda Paredes, “Intermezzo malinconico” (2013), Pierre Boulez,”Dialoge de l’ombre double” (1985), Analía Ludgar, “Solo” Clarinete bajo y electrónica (2012), Alberto Carretero, “Pendulum Choreography” clarinete y electrónica (2013), Ramon Gorigoitia, “Vol te re tas” para cl.baj. Entr'actes is a highly virtuosic, very expressive piece and almost theatrical in its intent. Basse clarinet solo. an aggressive and virtuosic work for advanced players. Rhapsodie for solo clarinet. & live electronics) *World Premiere, Ou (bass clar. Orchestral Excerpts Dvořák: The Noonday Witch (A)* R. Strauss: Don Quixote (B♭) *Transposition required Lizard (shadow) Hommages. The effect I’m looking at today is fairly recognisable as something Sciarrino uses extensively, but particularly in his clarinet solo, Let me die before I wake.