That is also what we saw in the past, when Maleficent revealed she was pregnant (!) Leaving all of that behind, Belle and Will could actually have a chance at something long term, and at, dare I say it, a family? Rumbelle fans all over died A LOT inside when will Scarlett and Belle KISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He watches with great sorrow as she again utters she wanted him to feel something, and her death causes him to feel despair. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Robin is touched to hear this, and Will goes on to say that a person is definitely worth throwing your beliefs away for if you're willing to change your whole life to be with them any way, thus persuading him to abandon his moral code and kiss Regina, his true love. Alice tells him that it was silly to steal the wishes as they have to be granted by a genie in order to come true, and Will proceeds to accompany Alice to the Hatter's house. ("To Catch a Thief") Having just been arrested by a guard in the land of Oz, Will meets Robin of Loxley (later Robin Hood), who comes through a portal door and accidentally knocks out the aforementioned guard. I don’t care about Rumple and Belle…, Sherry Kennedy He threatens his life in front of Alice and Will, wanting the former to make a wish, and she does so when her father is dropped from a cliff, wishing for him to return home after the two of them made amends. He calls Regina over to show her and makes her feel better about her no-longer-seemingly locked fate. The dark wizard soon offers the genie the chance to bring back his true love, reminding him that the spell he seeks to cast has to ability to raise the dead, and so Will is sent on a mission to retrieve Jafar's staff. He is portrayed by Michael Socha. Whilst Jafar is trapped in his own bottle to serve eternity as a genie himself, Alice returns to the castle, where Anastasia's dead body is lying on an open coffin. Will's heart is broken by this, and so he requests that Cora remove it from his body. Unless Belle can forget all of the drama, I'm hoping this new 'ship is for real — because going back to Rumbelle after everything that's happened and will happen when Rumple finally loses control of the Queens of Darkness will just be the worst. March 9, 2015. The dark sorcerer soon returns with Will's heart in tow and he places it back in the genie's body, causing all his feelings for Ana to come rushing back. March 13, 2015 @ He tells the Knave that the Knot is with the Grendel, and gives him its location; he then says that if Will tries to cheat him out of a deal, then he'll become one of the screaming heads on his desk. They go on to find the Snow Queen and confront her briefly, whilst Regina - the former Mayor - finds a way to stall Marian's deadly affliction. Alice soon manages to cut herself loose using her wishes' sharp edges, and then she and Will make their exit, however, they soon find themselves trapped between a Bandersnatch outside and the Grendel inside. Will explains that the center of magic in Storybrooke seems to be its clock tower, underneath which is a library, so that is the logical place to start. Assuming that Rumplestiltskin is gone forever, Belle has gone and moved onto another man — Will Scarlet… ("Heroes and Villains"), Will comes into Granny's Diner one morning while Cruella De Vil and Ursula are insulting the old woman and he orders his usual, at which Granny cheerily grabs two cups of to-go coffee and hands them to him, sending him merrily on his way. The Knave does not wish to go any further, but Alice offers to pay him with the three wishes she received from Cyrus should he help her find him. 1:20 am, But… Will and Anastasia… 6:06 pm, Not going to lie, I felt horrible for Rumple when he saw Belle and Will kissing. Both have been through a lot and experienced way too much drama in their lives. ("The Serpent"), Alice returns to Will, who is still living as a stone statue in the Red Queen's palace maze, and drapes a blanket over his head in order to protect him from rain, snow or anything else that might fall from the sky in Wonderland. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Yeah. Belle has a backbone, and needs someone else just as strong. She asks him what he likes in a woman, and so he lists off all the qualities he finds attractive, leading Lizard to wish to be exactly like that. ("Smash the Mirror"), The Snow Queen has successfully cast the spell of Shattered Sight over Storybrooke, which will make it so every one of its citizens turns against one another come sundown. NO hint of ANY kind of process, just BOOP! Rumbelle! Hook, heading home from his date, discovers this and tries to get Will to stop, however, Will refuses to listen and the pirate ends up punching him hard in the face. Is Black-ish new tonight on ABC? ‘Once Upon a Time’ season 4, episode 13 review: Belle and Will Scarlet, Maleficent’s … baby? BATB She wonders why he wants to kill her, and he reveals his heart predicament, explaining that he has to do whatever the Queen of Hearts wants. Now hating her life as a pauper, Ana suggests that the two of them steal the crown jewels and return home to the Enchanted Forest, where they will have escaped their crime and be rich. So, what's the deal with this Will Scarlet situation and is he just a rebound? Hook grabs him and threatens him, but Will soon manages to get away and is later seen to be drunkenly attempting to break into the library. Here, he comes across two thieves who he previously made the acquaintance of in his stealing days, and they tell him that the girl he's traveling with, Alice, has wondered into the dark forest. It might be nice for Belle to have someone who also doesn't have a solid home to call their own. Alice does so, managing to eradicate Jafar's powers by returning the water Cyrus stole to the Well of Wonders, thus revoking the curse of the genie and freeing Will, along with Cyrus' brothers. Will later decides to burn the Forget-Me-Knot as oppose to using it to clear his name, as that way he didn't steal it for him, he stole it for Alice. The two of them then use the Looking Glass to open a portal that leads to Wonderland. The Jabberwocky soon deduces that Will doesn't have a heart, having learnt this by reading the fears of Alice, who's hiding in the dungeon with Cyrus. I agree, Rumple is my favorite character, but his love life always seems destined to crash and burn.