Austin is a melting pot of all of the perfect conditions that millennials look for in a city – trendy cafes and bars, great job opportunities, awesome people, and a high interest in entrepreneurship. The metro in Madrid is one of the most well-connected metros in Europe, making the city ideal for those who care a lot about their morning commute. Why? When ranked for. It’s a community that not only attracts hoards of artists and foodies, but also welcomes innovative industry leaders with open arms, like Airbnb, Google and Yahoo!. There are more than 250 live music venues, a vibrant art scene to keep inspiration fresh, and of course, there’s the Austin City Limits festival, which attracts approximately 450,000 people every year. Photos, clockwise from top left: Bengt Nyman, Susanne Nilsson, Bengt Nyman, Patrik Nygren. Explore the best cities for young professionals based on the number of millennial residents, job opportunities, and access to bars, restaurants, and affordable housing. Millennials put a lot of weight into both staying healthy and keeping in touch with nature, and Phoenix provides some amazing opportunities to do both, such as taking a meditation class or going on a retreat in the desert. Millennials are crazy about London, which offers them exquisite dining choices, a superb education system, and a pretty great startup scene to join. Copyright © 2008 - 2020 CEOWORLD magazine. Photos, clockwise from top left: Matt Laskowski, Peter Alfred Hess, Thom C, Liza. If your work depends a lot on high-speed internet, then check out this city. From LBGTQ rights to gender equality, Sweden is a place where social progress reigns. The cost of living is lower than the national average (not to mention, way lower than that of San Francisco), small-business loans are easier to come by, and about 17.5% of the population is between the ages of 25 and 35, according to research done by Nerdwallet. Apart from being the top ranker where the world’s most livable cities for millennials is concerned, Amsterdam also scores when it comes to alternate sexuality friendliness (one of the important determinants for millennials) and a liberal, open attitude that … Learning to live entirely off the land (without destroying it in the process) has thankfully become a major point of interest to environmentally-minded millennials. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Millennials are fueling a strong startup culture all over the world, and San Francisco is the biggest hub on the West Coast of the United States. For millennials, being single is the way to go. Data collected by Niche found that not only is the higher education rate sitting pretty at 73.1%, thanks to the likes of Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but there are plenty of museums, restaurants and coffee shops to keep the mind entertained. These cities usually offer better career opportunities, more chances to make friends or meet a partner, and they’re honestly just a lot more fun. With mounting student debt and lower wages, the best cities for millennials are often ones that they can afford. Grenada also continues to operate under the traditional ‘free tapas’ model, so tapas bars like Los Diamantes are usually where you’ll find your fellow millennials — taking advantage of free stuff. “Well-educated young people flock to the Washington, D.C. area after college to find jobs and enjoy the big city life,” the study cited as a reason why this demographic is journeying to this area. Despite receiving moderate scores pretty much across the board, statistics show upward millennial trends there, and local millennials love where they live. She can be reached on email. And even if you’re just interested in art and maybe not a professional (yet) Cambridge’s Center for Adult Education offers tons of classes in the performing, visual and literary arts — all for reasonable prices. Denver has "a plethora of interesting businesses, restaurants, entertainment, and people wherever you go," one resident said. When leaving the nest, millennials are heading to a lot of cool places to pursue their careers, but more importantly, their dreams. Indianapolis holds the fifteenth spot on the list of cities with the highest number of single millennials. Atlanta is fairly new to the millennial eye. Okay, maybe not herds, but it is popular in the world of millennial real estate. Here are the major metropolitan areas that were included in the analysis. Millennials that are drawn to the big city life often head here for opportunity, as many have done for generations. Additionally, the study said Denver possesses a “strong job market” with “the highest percentage of single millennials employed full-time at over 61 percent.”. Canada, in general, ranked as the best country for immigrant millennials. There’s even a current motion to put the popular We Should All be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi in the hands of every 16-year-old across the nation. If millennials will be richest generation, how will that affect socialism? Those looking to enjoy the high quality of life in the Netherlands without having to live in a big city might enjoy Groningen. Any city in Spain is a great city for millennials who enjoy lots of sunshine, a low cost of living, and friendly people. The World’s Best Cities for Millennials Getty Images. There are surreal murals creeping across its walls and shutters, and it’s actually relatively small with just under 250,000 residents. These spots are full of history as well as great food and beverage selections which make them appealing to any true foodie. Not to mention, Cambridge is nestled right between Boston and the quaint city of North Adams, another artist haven in the Berkshires with 21 art galleries. Rolling in an always Instagramable, perpetual fog, Portland, Oregon is known for its charm, grit and heavy dose of Portlandia quirk. Sure, it’s expensive and you’ll likely spend a fair share of nights dining on $2 pizza rather than at Blue Hill, but it’s a culture of many cultures that allows you to seek out passions while bravely embracing the struggles, disenchantments, glories and triumphs that come with growing up. # Global Passport Ranking, 2020 The city’s flourishing entertainment and outdoor recreation scene were credited as reasons why millennials flock to this area. Here are the best places to live for millennials. For late night dancing, hit up The Five Spot on Monday nights — yes, Mondays. However, the auto insurance company noted that single millennials are attracted to areas that have a wide range of high-paying jobs, recreational activities and social events. The nation’s capital is home to a large millennial population of 23 percent. If it weren’t so cold and housing wasn’t so expensive, a lot of millennials said they’d be more inclined to move to the hip hub of deep-dish pizza and jazz. Millennials tend to choose cities that already have a high share of millennial residents, as well as favorable economic conditions. She’s also a member of the Board of Directors at the Global Business Policy Institute. Nearly 70 percent of those millennials are single. Earning money by playing games on your phone sounds like a dream. Edinburgh came out as the world’s best city for cash-strapped millennials. School-ranking website Niche recently looked at the best places for young professionals to live, defined as those ages 25 to 34. Photos, clockwise from top left: thejaan, courtesy of Visit Costa Rica, Chris Wronski, Fotos GOVBA. Millennials also noted that, for the wages they earn, housing here is affordable. However, to get a job here you’ll likely need to speak Spanish, making it better for millennials who work remote. If you’re searching for strictly SCAD goods from alumni, faculty and current students, check out the popular shopSCAD. Millennials can get a bad reputation in the media, but what they really want is to be able to live a life outside of the typical boring office environment, that is both driven by the want to succeed and the want to enjoy every day to it’s fullest. Are you a millennial faced with a desire to move to a new city? It scored particularly well for its tolerance towards immigrants, based on the 2017 Social Progress Index . The city also ranked high for gender equality and great WiFi. Millennials, also known as Generation Y (people born between 1981-1991) and Generation Z (born between 1991-2001), are often defined by their affinity with technology, their entrepreneurial mindset, and their revitalizing effects on cities.To understand which are the world’s best cities for young people, Nestpick, a Berlin-based startup company and online platform, produced the … You’ll find Nantes tucked away in Upper Brittany, surrounded by charming chateaus. There are just so many opportunities in Austin for tech-inclined, entrepreneur-minded millennials. Oh, and if you visit on Sunday you’ll be greeted by a pretty incredible street market. Cologne scored highest for its nightlife, followed closely by the fact that it’s incredibly LGBT-friendly. Artisan eateries, like the James-Beard-nominated Back in the Day Bakery are a major draw, while interesting boutiques line the streets and home-grown, gone-national shops like the Savannah Bee Company offer educational tastings and the best honey-inspired lattes you will ever have — if you’ve ever thought about having a ‘honey-inspired’ latte before. Nearly 21 percent of the total population is made up of millennials, and over 71 percent are single. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. Employment as a foreigner is hard to snag, alcohol is expensive, and it’s pretty darn cold. # World’s Best Cities For Millennials In 2020 This investing app lets you trade stocks and do everything for free and takes no fees — ever. It scored extremely high in terms of peacefulness and happiness. Moreover, 50 percent of those born between 1981 and 1996 reported that they are single with no steady partner. "Because this is Silicon Valley, there are so many job opportunities and you will be in the center of technology.". To say there’s plenty to do there is an understatement — from music festivals like the Bogotá Music Market to the colorful, fruit-lined markets that happen daily, it’s rare to get bored with that much life happening all around you. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Account active GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HERE. Excellent cost of living, great weather, and awesome bars make this city great for millennials. You hear the word “ millennial ” thrown around constantly about the generation of young adults using technology and creativity to transform the world as we know it into a healthier, a more tech-savvy, eco-friendly, and overall better place to be. 11 spot, followed by Cologne (No.12), San Francisco (No.13), and Austin (No.14). With plenty of job opportunities and cheap housing, Budapest really only scored low in terms of healthcare and progressive social ideals. Healthcare, nightlife, and the cost of living aren’t as great in Boston as they are in other top US cities for millennials. Stockholm is a lot like that cool kid in high school who rocked trends before they were trendy and always had the best music recs. The nightlife and business opportunities in Lyon make the city a great place for millennial workers. Search for a topic, destination or article, We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience.