Again, my recommendation is to first consider playing whatever class’ playstyle fits you better; face-smashing melee warrior (DK), or a utility paladin (Templar). If you want, you can put both on your skills bar and rotate depending on which resource you’re lacking, though it’s usually not necessary. The spells include the following: Draconic Power skill line is focus on defense, improving your durability in both PvE and PvP/AvA. Reverence of Elune is almost universal among Night Elves, partially because she has revealed herself to them on more than one occasion in living memory, but it is by no means universal. Experiment with different types of armor, and tell us your preferred choice in the comments below! Night Elves are one of the most popular races available to players, for a variety of reasons. Spiked Armor and Dragon Blood are (in my opinion) must have for tanking, giving you good damage mitigation and health regen. Their bodies are also graceful and sculpted, and their long lives allow them many years to hone their physical appearance. Lightforged draenei New to ESO, new patch just came out with new gear drops and options. You may want to take a look at this guide, though it’s for 1.6 and is now a bit outdated. If I am a dragonknight does that mean I can’t use shock or conjuring familiar spells only the three you listed. It is all too easy to let a genuine, healthy admiration of the Night Elves go overboard, and by doing so disrupt the roleplaying experience for others. Spiked Armor, Dark Talons, and Dragon Blood are abilities you’ll want to look at (all in Draconic Power skill line). Then go with the Dark Elf Race to use it’s passive abilities to increase your damage dealing as well and fire resistance since most of the offensive skills are fire based. Your racial [Shadowmeld] will also aid you to blend into the shadows. Just like with humans, there will be some Night Elves who break from this generalization--perhaps "morning dove" could mean the same thing as "night owl" does in the real world. Grace – Night elves infuse almost everything they do with aesthetic value. [citation needed]  It may help you at certain encounters once you reach 50+ and mobs start hitting harder. Weapon dmg 1239. Spiked Armor and Dragon Blood will likely always be on your action bar. Druid Alliance – Night Elf Horde – Tauren. The two pillars that govern Night Elf society revolve around nature in one way or another: the Night Elf members of the Cenarion Circle and the Sisterhood of Elune. Main difference between Medium and Heavy armor is whether you prefer to deal DPS or tank in groups. I know the health increase would be little but even so you can still add health bonus’s to the Heavy Armor to make it even more of a bonus. However, there are many trends that can be observed by looking at the night elves who appeared in Warcraft III, the official Warcraft novels, or while playing World of Warcraft. Do remember that simply picking a class doesn’t limit your options to Dragon Knight skill trees though as various other tree lines are available and can be combined to create even deadlier tanks or more powerful mages. To get optimized Dragonknight class builds that simply work be sure to see this guide, it also includes tons of other tips, tricks and strategies for Dragonknight players! And what sort of enchantments and armour set stats are key to being best at this? With an affinity for the shadows you chose to be a rogue. Due to the teachings of Cenarius you might have chosen a druid, wishing to protect nature and bond with nature, becoming a Savagekin or a druid of the many deities like Cenarius. A few days spent thinking over a single decision may seem excessive for a human from Stormwind, but many Night Elves would think it perhaps too little time to truly consider all outcomes. Health recovery 488 Dark Iron dwarf, Blood elf For ultimate ability, you’ll want Dragonknight Standard (Ardent Flame). If you prefer using a bow or other form of melee DPS medium armor is likely going to be superior, and even in highest endgame content (Trials) magicka-based casters with Destruction Staves wearing light armor are more than welcome. I usually go as a healer, but when tanking I prefer more of a supportive/utility role where Templars are definitely superior. Mag'har orc. Officially, the Sisterhood is the government of Darnassus, but the Cenarion Circle holds a great deal of influence. I’m not fond of the NB skill trees either but from what I know that’s the best class for what I want any help would be appreciated. Believe it or not, the ESO race you choose at character creation does influence specific stats and passive racial skills. Dragonknight class players should focus their skill points into increasing health and magicka. I appreciate the free overview of information, which seems valid now that I’ve played every other class at least to mid-levels. Tauren DKs are mostly facetanking and spamming 2-3 self-cast spells, at least that’s how it feels whenever I play mine. I’ve been playing with a two handed sword throughout my whole entire levelling process. Furthermore, their reverence for nature compels them to waste as little as possible of any creature killed for food or materials. Wildness – Having been connected to nature through their goddess, and her demigod son Cenarius, night elves treat nature with a deep reverence and respect. If you primarily intend to be a tank then a greater focus on health and stamina is recommended, but for more offensive DKs a higher magicka pool can be beneficial. You have learned all nature has taught you and wield feral power able to charge with the ferocity of a bear, or were trained to protect Teldrassil and other Night Elven lands, whatever the case. ; Hunter — Shadowmeld can be useful in PvP for Hunters, but the difference in damage output between Night Elves and Dwarves is very minor in all scenarios. Night Elves, while wise, can be proud. Void elf You bear a great strength and skill for combat and use this to your advantage, you might be viewed as a hero by many, if you dedicate your sheer skill to protect your people. Reply. Here is a substantial break down of the best races for each of the classes in WoW: Classic. So, try with Spiked Armor, Dragon Blood, Inner Fire, and Dragonknight Standard.