The latter had a significantly better impact on his team's plus-minus, though. Bey made a total of 18 three-pointers in three seasons at Colorado and was 13 for 31 as a junior. If Okoro isn’t the premier wing defender in the draft, then that label goes to Vassell. You can beat him with strength, but not activity. And though he's already 25, there's still some room for development here. The Sixers need shooting and there should be enough shooters still on the board that I can’t see the Sixers going with Bey with either of their two early second-round picks (No. Now, the "big" designation is sort of nebulous these days. Isaac Okoro, Auburn. And while this draft class isn't known for having a sure-fire No. That impact was the result of Wood's combination of three-point shooting, rim protection and top-tier finishing ability. More importantly, you can safely assume that any player who improved over multiple seasons (two, in Bey’s case) under Jay Wright at Villanova is an ultra-competitive hard worker with a mature appreciation for the little things it takes to win. When opponents threw lazy passes anywhere near him, Bey usually came away with the ball. He's constantly making the right reads as a floor general, knocks down shots when he needs to and prides himself on the defensive end as one of the toughest on-ball guard defenders in the country. Of course, rust will be an issue for Robinson as he sat out everything in the past couple of years. Of course, although it’s no hot take, Matisse Thybulle (239 PS, 16.8 PS/100) also looks like a standout defender in the minutes he’s played. 5), Phoenix Suns (No. frame, he should have no issues defending anyone on the perimeter. Here’s what you can do to stay healthy and stop the spread, Law firm quits at least one Trump case contesting ballots in Pennsylvania. And last, but not least, Kentucky guard Tyrese Maxey  is a younger player that has true star potential if he reaches his ceiling but should find a role as a bench scorer in the meantime. 11h ago. Privacy Act, please use the links below to visit each company’s privacy center. And then there is his teammate, Vassell, who leads a list of 3-and-D prospects aiming to give NBA rosters a jolt of what every team in the league looks for these days. Draft classes are often assessed based on their potential star power, and rightfully so. ... Okoro is this draft's crown jewel of defensive prospects, projecting as the top perimeter defender in the class of 2020. To round out the list of 3-and-D players that come to mind,  TCU wing Desmond Bane is a four-year player with a guard skillset that should find a home with a team looking for a player that could make an impact off the bench right away. 34 and No. Fox came into the league as one of the best defensive players in his draft class because of his awareness and speed. If he lasts into the back half of the second round, then maybe the defensive potential is too great to pass up. Which player should every team take in the 2020 NBA ... Is Onyeka Okongwu the best big in draft? 12). Bey has good lateral and vertical quickness, which is a great combination for an NBA wing defender. The views on this page do not necessarily represent the views of the NBA or its clubs. His skills are more about cunning than explosiveness. Wherever he goes, he will immediately set an example with his communication and intensity on the defensive end. 14), Portland Trail Blazers (No. NBA Trade Buzz: Jrue Holiday Would Be a Good Fit for Brooklyn Nets, NBA Free Agency Report: Denver Nuggets Should Add More Wing Presence, NBA Coaching Report: Steve Nash Credits Mike D'Antoni for Coaching Philosophy. And if he maintains averages around what he put up in 2019-20 (26.1 points, 9.3 rebounds, 3.2 assists, 2.3 blocks and 1.5 steals), he'll likely compete for MVP awards throughout the rest of his prime. (h/t CBS Sports’ Michael Kaskey-Blomain). After four years of clinging to the fringes of the NBA (Wood appeared in just 51 games from 2015-16 through 2018-19), the 2019-20 campaign was his first as a regular rotation player. The successor to Matisse Thybulle as Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year, Tyler Bey averaged 13.8 points, 9.0 rebounds, 1.5 steals and 1.2 blocks as a junior for the Buffaloes. 25). Simply put: if you’re going up against Okoro, you better prepare for an intense and bruising few hours. Of the 60 players selected back in 2008, a remarkable 29 players played eight or more seasons in the NBA. He’s a quick leaper with a real knack for getting tip-ins and second-chance baskets. It's that he may be the best shooter in the league from 28 feet and out. In general, he brings a productive verve to the defensive end, and seems to enjoy jumping into lanes and cutting off dribble-drives. That's something you never need to worry about with Harrell. [NBA Getty Images] Possible fit(s): Miami Heat (No. All rights reserved. What makes Gallinari the more effective overall player is the fact that he can put the ball on the floor when defenders close out on his perimeter catches. 21 of those 29 players (over one-third of the prospects drafted) spent a decade or more in the league. Okoro stays locked in for full possessions and rarely makes a mistake. Having Davis Bertans ahead of Montrezl Harrell will surely be controversial. And that includes bigs, despite the fact that there's some market saturation at that position. 11). Required fields are marked *. The 2020 NBA free-agent class may not offer any direct paths to title contention. James Harden is the only player in league history to match all three marks. College Basketball 2020-2021 Top 25. In a draft class with no shortage of intriguing defensive players, these five prospects may turn out to be the best options to lockdown NBA wings. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Montrezl Harrell's stock may have taken quite a hit in the 2020 postseason. Over the course of the Los Angeles Clippers' playoff run, they were plus-15.1 points per 100 possessions with Harrell off the floor and minus-11.9 with him on. His foot speed is average, but he compensates with his understanding of the game and A+ effort. He's quick and wiry, using his length to disrupt opponents as an on or off-ball defender. He still has glaring weaknesses on his offense, but his excellent defensive instincts are just hard to ignore in today’s switch-heavy defense. Veteran power forward Danilo Gallinari does a lot of the same things Davis Bertans does. He projects as a lockdown, dependable defender in crunch-time, a la Andre Iguodala or Marcus Smart. But this list’s crown still stays in the South Beach as their newly-acquired 3-and-D vet Jae Crowder will become an unrestricted free agent in the offseason.