Pizza road trips: now a thing. Well-known pizza joint that's replete with dark wood, dim lighting and thin-crust sausage pies.

You need no other reason to visit here other than the textbook Chicago-style thin crust but, if you feel like getting weird, you can get egg pizza on Fridays. Italian Express. SpringfieldWhat you’re getting: Bacon chicken Alfredo pizzaNamed the best pizza in the area by the Illinois Times, Gabatoni’s specializes in the ultra-thin style. Chicago & Morton GroveWhat you’re getting: Pan pizza with meatball and Italian beefWhat makes the unconventional deep dish at Pequod's stick in your mind? Rockford natives swear by the thin crust pizzas, and the décor is second-to-none -- why eat pizza at home when you can go to Lino’s and dine next to a replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Find out more about the best pizza places in Chicago! ChampaignWhat you’re getting: Original Sicilian with pepperoni and green peppersOffering pan, stuffed, and thin crust pizzas, this local Champaign hangout has been slinging pies for more than 40 years. Memorable flavors extend far beyond the pies, though; find them in roasted beets with mint and feta, lemon-ginger shishito peppers, and scallion-laced green beans. UrbanaWhat you’re getting: Smoked duck pizzaThe constantly changing menu at this local Urbana favorite offers a variety of pizzas, from classic Italian combinations like the wild mushroom with Italian sausage, caramelized onions, Gorgonzola, and oregano, to more experimental combos like the smoked duck pizza with hoisin sauce, mushrooms, scallions, garlic, and mozz. © Copyright © 1996-2020 GAYOT All Rights Reserved GAYOT (pronounced guy-OH)   The Guide To The Good Life - All Rights Reserved - Terms of Use - Disclaimer - Privacy Policy. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Pizza sweats: also now a thing.

New Haven-style thin-crust pizza and handcrafted beers reign supreme at this Wicker Park brewpub. Various locationsWhat you’re getting: Sausage deep dishEveryone knows Lou Malnati’s, but did you know that Rick Malnati (Lou’s son) swears by Lake Michigan water for its dough-making abilities and refuses to make pizza outside of Illinois? Crowds gather at Bebu, in Lincoln Park, first and foremost for the pizzas, which feature uniformly crisp, perfectly charred crusts and clever ingredient toppings and combinations. Selections vary daily, with 20 creative topping combinations (crispy pancetta and scrambled eggs, paper-thin potato slices and rosemary, sometimes even octopus) that are actually sold by weight.

Like a lot of new restaurant operations, Milly’s is run out of a ghost kitchen.
Its pizza is deep but not dense, with a chewy, bready crust, and has a bright tomato sauce and sharp, flavorful cheese.

Best West Suburbs Pizza. But it also bubbles up soft, yeasted Detroit-style squares, airy, Roman pizza-by-the-ounce, crispy Neapolitan pies, all the way to homegrown, caramelized-crust pan offerings. Enjoy ample dining space at Pizzeria Serio, in Lakeview, which has exposed brick walls, high-top tables, and a long, dark-wood bar. Pickup Only. > Find: - Best Pizza Restaurants in other cities - Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in the U.S.A. ChicagoWhat you’re getting: Prosciutto e rucolaYou know you’re getting top-tier pizza when you’ve got a third-generation Neapolitan and certified pizzaiola slinging dough in the kitchen. Toppings include the usual sausage and pepperoni, plus slightly off-the-wall-but-OMG-YOU-NEED-TO-ORDER-THIS options like hamburger and shrimp. Find the best in the city's pizza based on location, cuisine, price, view, and more. Nella Grassano serves up authentic Neapolitan with a wood-fired crust that’s chewy and smoky, and the white pizzas on hand (and everything else, really) are the best this side of Naples.

Let's just get this out of the way: Art of Pizza is decidedly unattractive, with yellowish recessed overhead lighting, beige walls, and corny murals of unidentifiable pseudo-Italian streets lining the wall. For those new to Roman-style pizza, the signature crust is a delightful contradiction: spongey (like focaccia) crispy and toothsome. Contemporary Italian neighborhood spot for those who like to share plates. The drooping awning and neon beer signs clue you in to the no-fuss interiors of Burt's Place, a legendary pizzeria in suburban Morton Grove where you'll find locals and out-of-towners alike. Legendary deep-dish pizza served in a family-friendly setting. Our top recommendations for the best pizza in Chicago, Illinois, with pictures, reviews, and details. Accompany the pies with any of the restaurant’s other must-trys, from mini calzones and baked goat cheese to lasagna and house-made meatballs. Which you totally should be. Customize your pizza or try one of the specialty pies like taco, Buffalo chicken, and the Pizza Villa Special, which's loaded with sausage, mushroom, green pepper, and onion. Top with the housemade sausage—Chicago's topping of choice—and wash down with a glass of Meiomi's affordable pinot noir. A go-to place for classic Chicago stuffed pizza, lasagna and meatball sandwiches. Opened in 1991, the original Pizano's is not as storied as other pizza joints (or as widespread, with only six locations), but it has its own charms. Find wine pairings for your holiday dinner with GAYOT's picks for the Best Thanksgiving Wines. North PekinWhat you’re getting: The “M”As far as Mickie’s Pizzeria is concerned, the secret to the perfect thin crust is in the dough. Rock IslandWhat you’re getting: Stuffed pepperoniClaiming to serve the most authentic stuffed pizza in the Quad Cities, Alfano’s is truly a diamond in the rough, and home to not just awesome choose-your-own-topping pies, but also calzones and garlic cheese bread.

New pan pizza places in Chicago are few and far between, which is what makes Milly’s so unique. Though technically the Chicago outpost of a Brooklyn-based mini-chain, this spacious Logan Square spot is still a local favorite with everyone from young families with kids to pizza-loving hipsters.

Try the extra-bread-y crust and the ring of caramelized cheese around the edge.

If you're looking for a slice or a whole pizza you won't find them any better than what's on our list below. Follow him @ThrillistChi. Be sure to opt for flavorful staples like the Sweet Heat, with peppers, sausage, and honey drizzle.

DeKalbWhat you’re getting: Taco pizzaIt all starts with the homemade dough at Pizza Villa. The Lou, one of the signature deep-dish offerings, comes with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and a triple blend of mozzarella, Romano, and cheddar cheeses.
Pro tip: Burt is something of a celebrity around these parts, so best to call your order in ahead.