You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Even near Bangkok, you can easily buy a luxurious home for around USD$50,000. Germany is a great place to move for individuals with a smaller budget and has proved popular with millennial Brits. Registered in England No. Singapore’s HDBs or public housing are known world-wide and house most of its population. According to Forbes, Canada is renowned for friendliness, and has been less affected by the 2008 financial crisis than its neighbour, offers more opportunities for employment and business growth. 020 7898 0549 Another trendy destination for UK migrants, Ireland has become home to over 280,000 UK expats. Spain is still high on the list where Brits go for the cheap booze, sunny weather, and relatively easy integration into the culture. But many Brits end up moving back to Britain before they retire due to the expensive healthcare system and tax structures. 2. This old Chinese trading post can be chaotic and crowded, but it has a real buzz about it. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. Finally, for more rural living, the second island of Gozo is your answer – it has many charming villages that are very welcoming to expats and retirees. Most locals live in high-rise apartments, enjoying the convenience of services and shops on the ground floors of their buildings. U QYü!DQR{ ø[DNZ= ) çï¿ ãî Ó² N—Ûãõùý¿ùªÿ?¶Ö:ƒù>Ìq Ç ~~R¤VVäħþÕršÛ›di HÁ %+®ßêdðþÿñ ŒnG³NjjÕñÌ =„Ìšä ¤ð ü Ê'ÿZ¿g9É>öp ¢aS C@¶ Y3éS^S]Ó^UÆÿ ßÒ^É78 #c|¦ õc€oIùØg. You can find three-bedroom apartments for around £115,752 and one-bedroom apartments for as little as £25,356. It's immigration-friendly and boasts some of the best healthcare in the world. The average asking price for a two-bed apartment is €280,000 and, for a three-bed character house, around €730,000. according to Numbeo, One of the cheaper spots in western Europe to live, (by far the more affordable being the majority of eastern Europe), Spain has been a long-time favourite of British expats; according to a report by the UN over 300,000 Brits live here. Your details are protected by our Data Protection License #ZA000180. You can guarantee year-round sun and temperatures in the 30s. Australia — 1,277,474 expats. Dropping out of the top 3, 2018’s winner Bahrain still places in the 2019 top 10. To help you narrow down the possibilities, we have selected the nine best places to live abroad for a year. Sex outside of marriage is illegal in the UAE - although a blind eye is often turned to western co-habiting couples, Switzerland is famous for it's picturesque mountains, Jersey, on the Channel Islands, is among the territories used for offshore accounts. The Alpine country may not have the draw of the weather on its side, but it houses some of the richest people in the world, is one of the safest places to live, and boasts a high employment rate.