AstroPilot – Thirty Three { AstroPilot Music :: Chillgressive / Deep Trance :: Album :: Russia } Maiia – Shining Dragon { Mystic Sound Records :: Psybient / Psychill :: Album :: Russia } Required fields are marked *. (Required), You can request being unbanned by clicking. Psychedelic ambient, psy-ambient, psybient, down-tempo, psychill, ambient-dub—it’s a sound that goes by many names and has been carving out a unique yet expansive spot in the ambient music sphere. Swedish neo-ambient producer Thomas Huttenlocher crafts his way through astral soundscapes and parallel lives, blending styles and flavors in…. Shpongle – Codex VI I am curious about 132: Entheogenic Sound Explorers - Entheogenic Sound Explorers. 48 . Best psybient Album of the year 2017 (top 50). It mixes coloristic electrophonics with impressionistic orchestral sound. COAM – The Study Of Change { Mindspring Music :: Psybient / Psychill :: Album :: Israel } (c) 2013-2018 Non-profit project started by Gagarin Project | Designed by Wonderful Solutions.   Your previous content has been restored. 50. Yes , I'm a huge Shpongle fan, what can I say, tar and feather me. Ephemeral Mists is the work of composer Brett Branning (also responsible for The Synthetic Dream Foundation & Abandoned Toys). EP of the year 2017 (psychill/ psybient / chill ) S1gns Of L1fe – Pathways To Ascension Top releases (See genre chart) ADVERTISEMENT. You can post now and register later. 29 . also , tell us, how do you record your mixes? Key-G – Omens & Artifacts I would have to disagree with putting Nystagmus – The Immaculate Perception on the list and not Hallucinogen - Lone Deranger, Koxbox - Forever After, Blue Planet Corporation - Blue Planet, Dimension 5 - Transdimensional, probably Transwave albums. in 2002. There's not much we can do about this right now; you'll have to turn off your VPN in order to continue using the site. Welcome, psychedelic friends, to the 2020 releases table. 35. Label of the year 2017 (ambient / chill) Deya Dova – Myth Of The Cave { Reflekta Records :: Psybass / Psystep :: Album :: Australia }, Bro, I think you're too baked. Psybient. And based on your list I am in for a treat. 5 . 5. I will have to assume this is the alcohol typing. Welcome, psychedelic friends, to the 2018 releases table. Dj Shankar (Chronos Project) aka Nick Klimenko from Russia was only 20 years old when discovered by…, When swedish artist Solar Fields (Magnus Birgersson) meets french artist Aes Dana (Vincent Villuis) the outcome is H.U.V.A. That would be magic garden. done anything to warrant a ban, this is most likely the case. You might find some useful stuff in there. 6 . There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Aes Dana was born from the meeting of Vincent Villuis, former member of goa chill band Asura, and…, Bluetech is a Psybient DJ/producer who creates exclusively Downtempo music. Zymosis is a psychedelic music project which has brought a bright light to the psy culture over the past 10 years. Dubsahara – Geonosis { Self Released :: Psydub :: Album :: United Kingdom } Astral Waves – Genesis 1) Ott is a record producer and musician who has worked with Sinéad O'Connor, Embrace, The Orb, and…, 1. 19. To each their own I guess. Taktyle – Once { Self Released :: Psybient / Psychill :: Album :: Netherlands } Electronic. 17. 17 . I feel like I said it pretty well back in 2009: “This recording is analogous to a profound dream: deeply affecting, nuanced, beautiful, yet devoid of concrete meaning. Lab’s Cloud – Connecting On A Deeper Level { Altar Records :: Psybient / Psychill :: Album :: Spain } I will never understand this subs infatuation with Shpongle. Battle of the Future Buddhas - Twin Sharkfins, although it changes all the time they all deserve to be in my Top 10. How are the others ? 9 . 22 . (1967) 4: 4.   Pasted as rich text. This company sells your internet traffic to other people, meaning that other people can use your IP address and can break some of the above rules, causing you to be banned from this site. If you like any of this release, you can share an official link to the release, it is always good to share music with friends. There are a lot of really good albums out there, once I get past my top 10 or so it becomes hard to rate them.. And yea, the list excludes the downtempo albums... Hey Healium, you still have my copies of Lone Deranger and Cryptic Crunch? Hallucinogen-twisted (1995) … The Doors The Doors … Just a bit below, you will find the same list with embedded players, to preview them :), 1. Entheogenic is a musical project that crosses musical style boundaries. Argus – Deep Water { Altar Records :: Chillgressive / Deep Trance :: Album :: Serbia } 26. 8. Which one do you mean? These are all "artist" albums as opposed to compilation releases. This list changes for me - "The Gathering" has moved up quite a ways, for instance - I didn't like it much at all until about a year ago.. "Cryptic Crunch" has held the top spot for a long time though, that album is just out of this world, nothing else is like it... Sandman "Psychotoones" is a very underrated piece of work IMO, proper psychedelic music.. "The Immaculate Perception" holds the 10th spot, but may not keep it - there are several others in very close competition.. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Derelicts { Leftfield Records :: Psybient / Psychill :: Album :: Sweden } GMO and Dense – Distances Subaqueous – Shatter Spell { Merkaba Music :: Psybass / Psystep :: Album :: United States } Best Psychedelic Festival of the year 2017 and overall I tend to get too focused on the latest releases at times. The honorable mention top 5 would look a little something like this: Jaia- Blue energy/Blue synergy (2000) (Yellow Feather Records), Etnica- The juggeling alchemists under the black light (1995) (High Society), O.O.O.D.- A live (1996) (Completely Cabbaged), Man With No Name- Teleportation (2000) (Dragonfly Records), 3.Deviant Electronics - Brainwashing is Childs Play. These are the 200 greatest psychedelic rock albums of the late '60s/early '70s, based on popularity, as well as influence/impact on psychedelic music and rock music in general. 16 . I would love to do a long best of mix someday. Hehe, Trance2Moveyou - I wondered the same thing, but about the vote for that AP album in 1st(!) 41. is considered to be the most notable in popularizing the genre. But sometimes some of these pop on the list too: Etnica - The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Blacklight. Solar Fields is the electronic music project of Magnus Birgersson, a music composer and graphic designer from Sweden. 10 . =D. Alwoods – Stardust { Altar Records :: Chillgressive / Deep Trance :: Album :: Greece } Sufi’s Life – Quantum Secrets { Altar Records :: Psybient / Psychill :: Album :: Serbia } 25 . 15 . EkaOlogik – Light Seeds { Hadra Records :: Chillgressive / Deep Trance :: Album :: France } Koan – Find Me If You Can { Blue Tunes Chillout :: Psybient / Psychill :: Album :: Russia } Wolf Tech – Sculpting Sound { Shanti Planti :: Psybass / Psystep :: Album :: United Kingdom } Started in early years experimenting with tape…, Let us know what you think of the website. I think the list is currently like this. Hi guys. 18. Thanks for sharing your list. Metamorphosis – Rhythm Of The Universe The group includes Simon Posford (a.k.a. Stimulus Timbre – A Place We Never Been ... Albums Tracks Wiki Shouts Psybient Artists Ephemeral Mists. Don't be dissapointed, better ask him maybe he forgot or maybe he don't like. We would appreciate your comments to this post, share your favorites from 2017 and any other related ideas.. As usual we are concentrated on chillout, psychill, psybient, ambient, psydub, dub, psystep music. Leave feedback. Soulacybin – Alien, Baby { Merkaba Music :: Psybass / Psystep :: Album :: United States } COAM – The Study Of Change The Shulman project, comprised of Yaniv Shulman and later joined by Omri Harpaz , is considered one of the leading groups in the psychedelic chill…. The 200 Greatest Psychedelic Albums. 46. Favorite “downtempo/ambient dj” of the year 2017 He also produces under the name Evan Bartholomew and Evan Marc.…, The Dutch brothers Van der Schilden and Peter Spaargaren have been exploring musical emotions with deep, atmospheric layers since 2006, forming…. Close. 5. deviant species ~ in the hands of the randomiser, wouldve looked a tad different if i added psytek though. Nibana – Shūmatsu No Tani { Self Released :: Psybient / Psychill :: Album :: France } I have Schizoaffective though haven't been able to get into it too much, will give it another try.. 10. We are also open for ideas and collaborators to create the future together – contact us via contact page or fb. Symbolico – Connectika { Merkaba Music :: Psybass / Psystep :: Album :: Israel } Psychedelic ambient, psy-ambient, psybient, down-tempo, psychill, ambient-dub—it’s a sound that goes by many names and has been carving out a unique yet … Just my all time favorite psybient tracks. July 26, 2008 in General Psytrance. "~jabr "I love listening to downtempo music in the wee hours of the morning. 50 . 43. I just checked out samples of "Transdimensional" and the Loud album and was very impressed with both - I am going to have to order them here soon I think - I'm dissapointed with most recent offerings in this scene, so I want to know what other people think the true classics are, and I'll add those to my collection.. Otto Matta - sadly the Cryptic Crunch and TLD albums you sent me were among those stolen when my car got broke into - fortunately I have copies though.. 43 . Clear editor. It's ultra quiet with nary a distraction allowing the full power of the music to wash over you in palpable waves.