The coated phosphorus strings will produce a muted dull sound. If the NTX 700 measures 12 3/4 to the 12th fret then that makes it a standard scale length, not short. If I had only known about the 3/4 size CGS103A, then my learning days would have been a bit easier with its short 23" scale length and slightly narrower 1.9" nut width. Anyway, by the time you are stage ready, you'll most likely end up getting something better, even when you already have an affordable acoustic-electric guitar. The Antonio Hermosa one is also a good choice based on user reviews. Submitted by Terri S. (not verified) on Mon, 28 Nov, 2016. Now the top is muted and fretting on the 12s is hard work so i was planning on buying some lighter strings. Best I've come across are the John Pearse 80/20's. Paid $200 total that came with a small scratch but never played. Cheaper laminate topped parlor guitars offer a more dynamic yet abrupt sound that fans of vintage parlor guitars will appreciate. Submitted by Alexander Briones on Wed, 23 Mar, 2016. Thanks Alexander! Submitted by Alexander Briones on Mon, 28 Nov, 2016. They are both super comfortable and no worry guitars that stay out 24/7. You can also check out our feature on parlor guitar cases below: I could let go off electric option if it doesn't fall in the budget. Since your fingers are short, it would be ideal if you try short scale parlor guitars. A classical Yamaha had nice tone but I have arthritis and neck was too wide. (0 members and 1 guests). I have been figuring out where to place the saddle to cure the fretting problem. The longer scale length of this parlor guitar might put off players with small hands, but it provides an excellent opportunity to practice in standard scale with a more compact instrument. Whether you’re looking for a parlor acoustic guitar that’s lightweight and easy to travel with, or just looking for a small body acoustic guitar for fingerstyle playing, you’ve come to the right place. info AT artandlutherieguitars Other features include hand-inlaid wood rosette, and Indian rosewood detailing. When equipped on a small body instruments like parlor or small classical guitars, nylon strings produce a different tonal palette that both professionals and beginners enjoy. Thankfully, Cordoba was able to keep the price reasonable, although some beginners and students will find this guitar to be out of their budget range. Copyright © 2015 - 2020 All Rights Reserved Unless Otherwise Stated. This relatively unknown 3/4 size classical guitar is hidden gem in the entry level market. We all laughed when he showed us just how small his hands were and how short his fingers were. Nylon string parlor guitars on the other hand have a different shape, following the compact design of "parlour" instruments from the early 1900s. I don't know if they are the best but they absolutely have a richness in tone that Slinky's are missing. Get the latest Motif price & customer reviews at If you're looking for a budget friendly solid top 3/4 size classical guitar then check this one out. old granddaughter, your article has reassured my decision. Many other manufacturers make crossover or hybrid guitars also, Google nylon crossover or nylon hybrid guitar. What can you tell me about an austurias guitar model C145 and says handcrafted by M. Matano? I'm after a nylon string parlour guitar with pick up and am finding this a difficult to find combination. I lowered the saddle yesterday on my LaMancha53 while changing strings and it plays better on higher frets. My Cordoba mini-o (best tuned in A) has it's own branded strings...which are so-so. Nut width is narrower but still close to standard specs at 1.97". Well built and priced at $160 for solid cedar top or spruce for $20 more. Which would you try first? As expected, Cordoba is not afraid to produce non-conventional variations of their nylon string guitars, and one of these which falls under the parlor guitar category is the Requinto 580. I now have them on all my guitars. Currently enjoying these ukuleles : *LdfM tenor, *LfdM 19" super tenor. Lastly, what gauge strings are best to use for classical pieces? Breedlove makes a solid top/laminated body crossover for about $500. Played younger, still sing would like to play for fun. Nylon strings provide a mellow and percussive contrast to the bright and articulate sound of steel strings. Playability-wise, Yamaha Cgs, due to low action and familiar neck shape, would be my pick. If you are looking for a beginner friendly instrument that has enough tone and feel for experienced players to appreciate, then you're in luck. The La Patrie Motif comes in a version with an on-board pickup (the Motif QI) for an additonal hundred bucks or so. Smile, as the team of experts at Music Critic, have reviewed each classical string set for value, sound, quality and lots more. Any help appreciated. Thanks. So i put steel strings on it and tried to tune it like a guitar with the capo at the 5th fret. Submitted by Alexander Briones on Mon, 25 Jan, 2016. When equipped on a small body instruments like parlor or small classical guitars, nylon strings produce a different tonal palette that both professionals and beginners enjoy. They've grown so much that they recently acquired the Guild brand from Fender, expanding the company's reach into the steel string guitar market. Thanks Sandra for spotting that, I've edited the article accordingly. All laminated and well built(minus poor fret finish like all other budget guitars) with no truss rod but came with lower action than Cadete(bulky C shape neck, not bad). Normally, that means DR Pure Blues, because they fit the bill and are relatively cheap. When it comes to the best acoustic guitar strings, look no further than brands such as Martin, Elixir, Ernie Ball and Dean Markley. Long ago I bought a laud. Is there one you would recommend. It's hard to go wrong with Yamaha so that's a given. Unsure on the best classical guitar strings to buy? Why not try what I've been doing in the meantime: tune your full size (hopefully with a cutaway) down a whole step, and capo at the second fret? Perhaps try Gibson Brite Wires 10-46. Submitted by ZJohn (not verified) on Mon, 5 Dec, 2016. Most of them listed as "parlor" are fitted with steel strings.As a classical (nylon strings) guitar player I find quite a few shorter-scale CG that are not identified as "parlor" but they do match the "parlor" size (you have listed quite a few ) and are an easy to play to play instruments for players with smaller hand/shorter finger-length. It sports a solid cedar top, mahogany body and mahogany neck, all built following traditional Spanish designs. This makes the Motif a great couch guitar for classical guitarists, a reliable grab-and-go instrument that you can play without adjusting your playing technique too much, which means that your main guitar can stay longer in its secure case. I find it difficult to bar the lower positions. The sound of solid topped instruments "open up" as they age, making them worthy longterm companion instruments. I found out that an acoustic-electric guitar is a good long term option, I would also go for solid wood instead of ply and lastly I can shell out upto 300$. Discussion in 'THE Gretsch Discussion Forum' started by Roger49, Mar 20, 2015. The Art & Lutherie AMI Nylon has a 25.66" scale length and not 24.84" as you mention. From its humble beginnings, Cordoba has grown into one of the biggest nylon string guitar manufacturers in the world today. My custom Thomas Parlor has on either lights or their Med/light bluegrass strings. As for the preferred clearance or "action", this will vary depending on the guitar, but based on your situation, you'd want one that has the lowest possible action without the fret buzz. Regardless of your preference, you will find one that suits your budget and style in this roundup. Antonio hermosa & Yamaha options seem like good options to me. There are many considerations to be taken into account such as playing style, string guage of choice, guitar and pickup models etc., but I am interested in advice on which strings people have found harmonise well with Gretsch arch-tops fitted with Filter'Tron black tops. My delicate is purchasing a padded case but not able to find full length of the guitar to make sure of proper fit. The guitar is actually short-scaled in order to accommodate 14 frets before the neck joins the body.