Alligator gar are a native fish to Panhandle Rivers and can grow to more than 150 pounds. Live sunfish can only be used for bait, if collected and fished using hook and line. Transportation can be rented to and from drop-off points, but those with their own vessels can take advantage of drop off points at various places along the river. Alligators are often sighted and many were victims of these ferocious beasts along the river banks. Large patches off eel grass and milfoil will make it difficult to effectively use lures with treble hooks. Once located, anglers should change to casting lures, such as soft-plastic jigs or Mirrodine twitch baits, to increase their chances of catching this exciting sport fish. This shows that the river is not an exclusive property of man! Don’t forget about the catfish that live in these same deep holes as well. Northwest Florida is famous for its sunny beaches, pristine rivers and surrounding greenery and forests. Pursuant to section 120.74, Florida Statutes, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has published its 2019 Agency Regulatory Plan. Blackwater River State Forest provides recreation areas that have access to hiking, and this popular Bear Lake is no exception. The river is no longer navigable south of Deaton Bridge due to a log jam. Impounded reservoir has a trail loops around it distancing 4 miles that flows from Sweetwater Creek. Water-loving dogs are welcomed and invited as Blackwater State Forest is pet-friendly. Families; Couples; Solo; Business; Friends; Time of year. However, until then harvest is restricted. Although night hunts for Alligators in Florida can be more challenging than a day hunt - adrenaline levels do increase. The Blackwater's sandy bottom, white beaches and large sandbars contrast with the dark tannic water that gives the river its name. That means where you float at the end of your trip, is your home! This place is in no shape to swim.The pond is full of grass.We didnt even see minnows near the bank.Somebody is pocketing the money that should be used on this place.You wont find the lakes in Alabama like this. "We threw a treble (hook) at it and when we got up to where he was, we thought it was a log because we couldn't get it off the bottom.". Rental varies depending on the facility. starting from rising water in southern Alabama flowing all the way through Florida Panhandle towards Mexico Gulf. For bass, use small soft plastics on a light jig head or Texas rig. Write a review. This river runs about 56.6-mile-long or 91.1 km. The Blackwater River in the Florida Panhandle features its clear, tea-colored water, nice sandbars, and a whole lot of woods. The right place for family adventure. Among the places the river passes in Florida are: Blackwater River State Forest, Blackwater River State Park and Milton, the county seat of Santa Rosa. Alligators, yellow-bellied sliders, river otters and raccoons all make great use of the blackwater rivers, as well as the neighboring riparian wetlands for food, nesting and cover. Anglers not fortunate enough to own vessels for fishing are reminded that numerous canoe outfitters are present in this watershed, and provide shuttling services for launching and pickup. Bow hunters will need to be experienced to be successful with this hunt. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission • Farris Bryant Building That means you are breaking the law even if you intend to release the fish. The entrance fee is a modest $4, canoe and kayak rentals are available from nearby outfitters but not the park. Most people love the boat ride just as much as the hunt. We rented tubes from the local outfitters and spent a leisurely two hours floating down the river. These lures also allow anglers to cover lots of water to find active fish. One major tributary, the Shoal River, joins the Yellow near Crestview, Florida. Ominous name “Blackwater” translated from the Choctaw word oka-lusa, means “water black”. Spotted sea trout tend to stack up in this area during this time of year. Whether you choose a day hunt or night hunt, regardless of your weapon choice, you will enjoy an adventure of a lifetime. There would be no stripers or hybrid stripers to catch without their efforts. Anglers targeting these “river giants” should use live bait. Fishing and hunting are allowed with permits along state-regulated land and paddling trail. Trolling a jerkbait is also a good method for covering water to find hungry schools of sea trout. For more information, visit:, All Rights Reserved ©2018 Blackwater Joe's, Tubing on the Blackwater River with Blackwater Joes, How Blackwater Joe’s Helped Me Appreciate the Small Things, Floating Down the Blackwater River with Backwater Joes, Beautiful Hidden Cabins on the Blackwater River in Florida. The summertime is the height of canoeing season. The trick to consistently catching a mess of flatheads is to stay mobile until you find a productive logjam. Other unimproved landings, suitable for canoes or light johnboats, are scattered along the remaining length of the upper river. The river is typically at its lowest during the fall, so most of the fish will be concentrated in the deep holes that line the outside bends and runs of the river. Take a break; bring your family for an unforgettable adventure along the Blackwater River. Fish similar live baits around any log jams or brush piles and move frequently to locate productive areas. Angles should focus on the middle and lower portions of the Yellow River for the most consistent action, between Guess Lake and Brown’s Fish Camp. Running from Alabama to Florida, Blackwater River State Park stands as one of the only rivers in the world with the purest sand bottom. Twin Rivers. Bang sticks are allowed as long as an alligator is already attached to a retraining line. Overview. A 56-mile section of River from SR-2 to SR-87 is designated the Yellow River Paddling Trail. He has two tags for the harvest of alligators, and told the News Journal he’s looking to use the second tag. Find a logjam with vegetation growing on it and you likely have just found a new hotspot. Hotels near Yellow River Marsh Preserve State Park, Hotels near (PNS) Pensacola Regional Airport, Hotels near (VPS) Ft. Walton Beach Airport, Things to do near Blackwater River State Park, Blackwater River State Park: Tickets & Tours‎, Yellow River Marsh Preserve State Park: Tickets & Tours‎, The Cave Sports Bar & Night Club: Tickets & Tours‎. Is this a romantic place or activity that you would suggest for, Are the prices for this place or activity, Is this a place or activity you would suggest for, Is this a must-do if you are traveling with a, Would you recommend this place or activity to a friend looking for an, This was our first time here. Florida alligators may maintain their body temperature by moving to warm or cool water areas or bask in the sun on a clear day. NOTE: The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission reminds anglers that it is illegal to possess Alligator gar, or even target them. There are numerous access points to the lower Yellow River system provided by two fish camps near the mouth of the river (Brown’s and Lindsey’s), south of Milton, and numerous landings along the river, including Guest Lake Landing (South of Holt), Milligan (below Highway 90), Crestview (highways 85 and 90), Blackman (Highway 2), and the Highway 87 crossing southeast of Milton. The next access point is 6 miles downstream at Peaden Bridge on State Forestry Road 50 (Peaden Bridge Road). It is played on air, snow or water. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu.