You’d be looking for a banquet hall or something like that,” she points out. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. All Rights Reserved. The way our program was designed was a come-as-you-want setting. Chue explained that it would have been helpful to have a bus that the elderly Hmong could recognize. The surveys consisted of questions based on their use and knowledge of the resources available. Next, we gauged and evaluated our program by talking with the residents. Succeeding at outreach is not the logistics of how you do it or how much money you spend; it lies in the experiences you provide community-based older adults, and the benefits they draw from those experiences. Additionally, many of them shared that their doctors were pleased with the initiative shown in their own health outcomes. We started this program with the aim of helping those Elderly people who do not have any helper (Childless and those who lost all their children and do not have grandchildren)., -Elderly Depression & Mental Health Programs, Find out more about the “Community Outreach in Programs Addictions (COPA) College” Program, Admission and Discharge from Nursing Care. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "We needed their help, and they needed the service hours." In the first few visits, many of the residents asked what I would be teaching to them during the hour. Audience. "; and "What would you like us to change? In retrospect, our marketing should have taken a more comprehensive approach to health and well-being rather than just focusing on diseases and disorders. Because the people they were trying to reach were isolated and many did not speak English, Chue and Ann designed "Hmong Elderly Programs" to include transportation and translators for all participants. Working together as a team, volunteers can form an assembly line stuffing baskets and boxes of food, while others wrap Christmas presents and still others write notes to families. Hospitals frequently look for volunteers to sit with, rock and feed babies in the nursery ward. When Deb and Laura met to discuss how to implement this idea in December 2014, their meeting happened to be a “walk and talk” at a local mall called Lincoln Square. They can share their wisdom and life experiences through service with churches and non-profit groups. Print Email We came to realize that so many Elderly people in many African countries are suffering because all most all Governments are not catering to them. From the very start, we wanted them to know that this project was for them and not us.—Chue Xiong, Community Liaison . Once it was started up and we searched for the term, they were comfortable using it and caught on very quickly with how to maximize the screen, search for terms and scroll through articles. Community Outreach Programs. ", "It is heart-warming to see them get used to the space, build their own community, and feel welcome here. We utilized the following websites: HealthFinder, MedlinePlus, NIH Senior Health, Go4Life, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Spend Smart Eat Smart, USDA What’s Cooking, Mayo Clinic and Veterans Health Administration. We had a few people who took notes and wrote down questions to discuss with their doctor. Older Adult Outreach/Gatekeeper Program. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; They do not have any program put to cater for Elderly people yet, they are another category of people which needs serious medical care and support because they do not have the energy to produce enough food which can run them for long period and yet many of them agriculture is their main source of income which needs the energy to have something produced. In one of the last sessions of the semester there is a ‘Reflections’ session, during which participants are asked for their feedback both on what they have learned throughout the semester and how they have changed their behaviors based on what they have learned. Community Engagement: Healthy Living Outreach for Seniors. To leverage resources, they engaged student volunteers and built partnerships with community organizations that had the expertise that they needed. Betsie Sassen is the vice president of community initiatives at Mather LifeWays. However, we are sharing who we are and what we do. We printed surveys, which were available in a large-sized point and easy to read font. Social workers, gerontologists and other highly trained professionals make it their career to assist vulnerable senior adults. Seasonal cantata groups and singing ensembles made up of seniors can perform at local nursing homes and assisted living homes. They informed us that their doctors took the time to answer their questions and clarify any points of confusion. These workshops, capped at 20 participants each, focused on introducing small changes that were practical, culturally appropriate, and relevant to the elderly Hmong. From 2014 to 2018, the OGCIO has launched three rounds of ICT Outreach Programme for the Elderly ... encouragement and assistance in adopting digital technology to broaden their social circles and integrate into the community. ICT Outreach Programme for the Elderly 2017-18. document.getElementById('cloakec10db2779be3eb308b269288d54d189').innerHTML = ''; The best outreach ideas for this group involve using their special talents and skills. Effective community outreach to older adults can be done on a much smaller scale, with minimal investment and resources. Website: The primary goals for the Healthy Living Outreach for Seniors program were to help seniors develop the ability to use technology through tablets, as well as understand the importance of e-health literacy and patient-centered care. Sunnycrest's activities coordinator, Jean Anderson, helped order the tablets, and we went over how to access the websites we would use. var addyec10db2779be3eb308b269288d54d189 = 'info' + '@'; To ensure that their workshops were relevant, Chue and Ann asked participants three questions: "What did you like? At Mather LifeWays, we do this through a number of programs and locations — but then again, our community-based initiatives comprise just one of our areas of service. “We realized that we had a lot of expertise and support to help older adults age happily and continue to live full lives,” she told me. Church seniors can lead this outreach program. Senior volunteers’ dependability and experience in caring for others make them important members of the volunteer community. The “Community Outreach in Programs Addictions College" takes place at several locations including long-term care homes, hostels, senior drop in centers, and more. Please register or login first to post a comment. The target population for this program was adults 62 years of age or older who resided at Sunnycrest Retirement Village in Sioux Falls. Establishing this outreach at birthing centers and hospitals is a good way to get seniors involved in the community. As a former senior sales director with Mary Kay and the co-owner of a renovation company, Monica Patrick has firsthand knowledge of small business operations. Clark-Lindsey is happy with that—Laura points out that attendees use the luncheon as a meeting place for friends; it’s an intimate size with a good feel to the room. Seniors can collect blankets to distribute during the winter months. Who’s Leading the Leading Health Indicators? We came to realize that so many Elderly people in many African countries are suffering because all most all Governments are not catering to them. This indicated a problem with marketing which could be fixed by restructuring of the class. Senior citizens can work together in teams to provide bread to needy families living on their blocks. "There were hardly any tears when I interviewed the elderly Hmong after our workshops," said Chue. The volunteers can crochet, sew and repair older blankets for distribution.