Learn about Cuba from Cubans. Only the thick-skinned, late-maturing varieties such as Riesling and Vidal can resist such predators as grey rot, powdery mildew, unseasonable warmth, wind, rain and the variety of fauna craving a sweet meal. Custom Cuba Trips, Experience the Traditions and Beauty of Cuba, Panama Jazz Festival | January 9-17, 2021. 17. In general, ocean-going floating islands are most likely to be short-lived; wave wash-over gradually eliminates enough of the island’s store of freshwater to deplete soil air and kill vegetation around the edges which, in turn, causes erosion and diminishes buoyancy and horizontal mobility. Yet already, precious aquifers that provide irrigation water for some of the world’s most productive farmlands are drying up or filling with seawater, and arable land in China is eroding to create vast dust storms that redden sunsets as far away as North America. Several 10 …………………… approaches need to be applied in the order that the global population wouldn’t go starved. They can form in two common ways: landslides of (usually vegetated) peaty soils into lakes or seawater or as flotation of peat soils (usual hound by roots of woody vegetation) after storm surges, river floods or lake level rising. Those who once dove for pearls sought prosperity in the economic boom ushered in by the oil industry. All rights reserved. B. It’s easy to say agriculture has to do better, but what should this friendly farming of the future look like? A decline in the plant life located in the world’s oceans has been validated by 37_________________ . D. Clearly, organic farming has all the warm, fuzzy sentiment on its side. Great time to prepare for IELTS. This stage, recalls McDonnell, was very tough. Among cultured pearls, Akoya pearls from Japan are some of the most lustrous. “… winemakers cannot produce (wine) every year (but) Canadian winemakers can… ”. A. The majority of saltwater cultured pearls are grown with beads. So grapes harvested during a cold snap in December will yield more ice wine than if they are picked in February. Finding food for all those people will tax predicting farmers’—and researchers’—ingenuity to the limit. “The head,” he says. Akoya pearls from Japan Glows more deeply than the South Sea pearls of Australia, A. Look into the IELTS Reading Practice Test 41 With Answers and upgrade your reading skills which can be useful for IELTS test. Roman women wore pearls to bed so they could be reminded of their wealth immediately upon waking up. It was selling 100 different kinds of cleaning products, mainly in bulk. Quality natural pearls are very rare jewels. You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions 1-14 which are based on Reading Passage 1. Both sides cite plausible science to back their claims to the moral high ground, and both bring enough passion to the debate for many people to come away thinking we’re faced with a stark choice between two mutually incompatible options. A special yeast is added to activate fermentation in the stainless steel tanks since the colourless liquid is too cold to ferment on its own. “We didn’t want to use chlorine, simple as that,” he says. With rising global fuel prices and increased awareness of the harm caused by industrial agriculture, Cuba began establishing research centers to focus on organic production in the 1970s. Natural pearls will often show larger cavities where organic matter has dried out and decomposed. were surprised by the high sugar content in frozen grapes. In one corner are the techno-optimists who put their faith in genetically modified crops, improved agrochemicals, and computer-enhanced machinery; in the other are advocates of organic farming, who reject artificial chemicals and embrace back-to-nature techniques such as composting. These can leach into waterways and poison both wildlife and people. Temperature is vital to the production. Use the information in the passage to match the people (listed A-D) with opinions or deeds below. Complete the following summary of the paragraphs of Reading Passage, using no more than two words from the Reading Passage for each answer. Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer. The amber dessert wine made from this juice is ambrosia fit for Dionysus1 himself – very sweet, it combines savours of peach and apricot. 15. A law in 1612 drawn up by the Duke of Saxony prohibited the wearing of pearls by the nobility, professors, doctors or their wives in an effort to further distinguish royal appearance. This, in turn, impacts upon the world’s 40____________________ . Peat is very buoyant and the central raised section which had been isolated by the fire, broke away from the rocky, basalt floor as the water level rose in winter. It is then clarified of dust and debris by ‘racking’ from one tank to another. In ancient history, pearls have great importance within the rich and rulers, which was treated as a gem for women in 18……………….. And pearls were even used as medicine and sex drug for people in 19……………….. Factors can decide the value of natural pearls. 35. Substantial production loss would happen in case all farmers shifted from using synthetic fertilizer. H.While Germany may be recognised as the home of ice wine, its winemakers cannot produce it every year. A. compared floating islands to floating blocks of ice, B. documented the breakup of a sea-going island, C. examined floating islands in a confined area, D. studied the effect of rivers on floating islands, E. like floating islands, floating mobile ice chunks carry vegetation, F. even comparatively light winds can create a floating island, G. recorded the appearance of a sea-going floating island, H. tall trees increase floating island mobility. Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage 1, YES, if the statement agrees with the information The passage has seven paragraphs labelled A-G. Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage 2? Description of Shower Power’s international expansion, 33. Written by professional IELTS teachers to help candidates on the big day. without realizing that his lunch break is almost over. Most freshwater cultured pearls sold today come from China while the 20……………….. is famous for its imitation pearl industry. The resulting core is, therefore, much larger than in a natural pearl. E. Shower Power was released in Australian supermarkets in 1997 and became the top-selling product in its category within six months. Advocates of organic farming like to point out that fields managed in this way can produce yields just as high as fields juiced up with synthetic fertilizers. Despite the product success, Peter Quinn says the company was wary of how long the sales would last and hesitate to spend money on upgrading the manufacturing process. As a result, he remembers long periods of working around the clock to keep up with orders. “organic agriculture” is the way that environment-damaging technologies are all strictly forbidden. Before jewellers learned to cut gems, the pearl was of greater value than the diamond. She also has experience in the Software Testing Industry and has worked with Wipro for five and a half years. made a conscious effort to produce ice wine. 1. 2. A drainage channel had been excavated at the lowest point of the swamp at the northern part of its perimeter. Write your answers in boxes 10-13 on your answer sheet. G. On the other hand, relying solely on chemical fertilizers to provide soil nutrients without doing other things to build healthy soil is damaging. And of the pearls produced, only approximately 5% are of substantial quality for top jewellery makers. Primary production of plankton in the North Pacific has decreased by more than 9 per cent during the past 20 years, and by nearly 7 per cent in the North Atlantic, Gregg and his colleagues determined from their satellite observations and shipboard surveys. The valuation factors include size, shape, and colour, quality of surface, orient, and lustre. T BY HUGH WARWICK he Cuban revolu-tion of 1959, which brought Fidel Castro to power, is consid-ered to be the semi-nal moment in the modern history of the island. K. That doesn’t mean farmers couldn’t get by with less fertilizer. the section of the diagram clearly relates to the total length of the lake and the maximum distance given is 200 meters so this is the answer. D. Pearls can come from either salt or freshwater sources. Yet ironically, this key element may be the most neglected today. C. It was not until the mid-19th century in the Rheingau region of northwestern Germany that winegrowers made conscious efforts to produce ice wine on a regular basis. In other words, how long islands last in a closed area (a lake). In the North Atlantic summertime, sea surface temperatures rose about 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit during that period, while in the North Pacific the ocean’s surface temperatures rose about 0.7 of a degree. This plant life called phytoplankton is a vital resource that helps absorb the worst of the ‘greenhouse gases’ involved in global warming. 17. notice that the 6th paragraph states, “The main island then broke up… drift(ing) slowly for up to 200 meters within the confines of the lake.”. score. Cuba’s Organic Revolution Organic agriculture has been adopted as the official government strategy for all new agriculture in Cuba, after its highly successful introduction just seven years ago. The most obvious decline in plant life has been in the North Pacific. Cultivated cultured pearls are generally valued the same as natural ones. Get free counselling from top study abroad experts, The Grapes of Winter, Islands That Float, Ocean Plant life in decline – IELTS Reading Answers. Chemical fertilizer currently is more expensive than natural fertilizers. They were amazed by an abnormally high concentration of sugars and acids which, until then, had been achieved only by drying the grapes on straw mats before pressing or by the effects of Botrytis cinerea, a disease known as ‘root rot’. “We were over the moon,” says OzKleen’s financial controller, Belinda McDonnell. Pearls were once considered an exclusive privilege for royalty. Organic farmers don’t use chemical fertilizers, so they are very good at building soil fertility by working crop residues and manure into the soil, rotating with legumes that fix atmospheric nitrogen, and other techniques. Scientists and local residents agree on how the Pirron Yallock Islands were formed. 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