Exclamatory, & Declarative – More classification, but with shorter It is the most common way to share information. View Worksheet View Answer Print Print All. Cut and Paste activity. Those types of questions (interrogatives) are called alternative because they have many alternative answers. Rewrite D, This is a SUPER resource to use as you are teaching the four types of sentences! All rights reserved. * The three Bundles contain some of the same resources, as they work for more than one grade; the total numb, This Grammar Guru packet is a one-week, kid-friendly grammar unit. Each standard has between 4 and 6 worksheets. Declarative sentences make statements. the Punctuation? •, FIFTEEN NO PREP Worksheets and Context Clues Activities + THIRTY EIGHT Context Clues Task Cards to identify and use Synonym, Antonym, Definition, Association, and Clues in a Series based on Sentence Context PLUS a COMPLETE Lesson and FULL COLOR Context Clues Game. * The three bundles contain some of the same resources, as they work for more than one grade; the total numb, Declarative and Interrogative Sentences Worksheet, FREE Interrogative, Declarative, and Exclamatory Sentences Worksheet, Simple & Compound Sentences Worksheets+Task Cards–2nd Grade Sentence Activities, Context Clues Worksheets & Task Card Bundle – 3rd Grade Context Clues Activities, Grammar Worksheets - Fragments, Run-ons, Types of Sentences Distance Learning, Super Sentences: Declarative, Interrogative, Exclamatory, & Imperative, The Four Types of Sentences Worksheets and Assessment Grades 3 to 5, The Four Types of Sentences Bundle for Grades 3 to 5, Four Types of Sentences Worksheets and Activities, Types of Sentences | Writing Sentences | BUNDLE, Context Clues Worksheets & Task Card Bundle–6 Types of Context Clues Activities, TROPICAL Color by Parts of Speech Grammar Mystery Pictures with Worksheets, Types of Sentences | Declarative and Interrogative Sentence Task Cards, Declarative and Interrogative Sentences Bundle, Halloween Worksheets NO PREP Digital and Printable Activities, Halloween Math and Literacy Activities and Worksheets Bundle, Grammar Skills Worksheets for 3rd grade Reading Street Unit 1, Grammar Skills Worksheets BUNDLE for 3rd grade reading street unit 1-6, Google Slides, Kinds of Sentences Sort, Declarative, Interrogative & Exclamatory, 1st Grade Language Worksheets for At-Home Learning & Distance Learning Packets, Types of Sentences Worksheets and Task Cards, MEGA-BUNDLE - Grades 1-2-3 Grammar Bundles - 170 worksheets 41 resources- Google, Grammar Guru - Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative, and Exclamatory Sentences, MEGA-BUNDLE - Grades 2 & 3 Grammar Bundles - 152 worksheets - Google, MEGA-BUNDLE - Grades 1 & 2 & 3 Grammar Bundles - 172 worksheets / 42 resources. These are perfect for print-and-go review or practice.Thes, Types of Sentences Worksheets and Task CardsIncluded in your purchase:-6 no prep reading comprehension passages to teach students the skill of identifying and using the 4 types of sentences (declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory)-5 anchor charts-24 task cardsHappy reading!©The Read, This Mega-Bundle contains all of the great resources found in my Grammar Grade 1 Bundle, Grammar Grade 2 Bundle, and Grammar Grade 3 Bundle: a total of 170 worksheets in 41 separate resources!