DKR, no chance. Come on Nintendo, give us Diddy Kong Racing 2 for Switch!! Putting Halo (probably an older version from the 360) on Switch might not be a bad move from Microsoft either. Forget Next-Gen, Nintendo's Also Launching A New Console ... Join 1,063,069 people following Nintendo Life: © 2020 Nlife Media, partner of Gamer Network. Please login or sign up to reply to this topic, Your recently viewed topics will appear here. I would preorder the crap out of this game! In fact, the majority of their time on Metroid Prime was done as an independent dev, and their stock was only bought by Nintendo in the final months of making the game. Diddy Kong is one of the characters that haven't returned to Mario Kart since 2008s Mario Kart Wii. I wouldn't have admitted that back in the day though. 87% Upvoted. lol) Yooka-Laylee comes out on Switch, its numbers are going to eclipse what it did on the other platforms. Not much of the game is known expect the roster and a few courses. Funky Kong (only appearance in MK Wii) If anything, the end user would be the ''second party'', meaning us. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. ..but unless Microsoft change their stance of wanting Rare developed 'home console' games to feature on Xbox - or Nintendo change their stance by allowing Diddy Kong to appear on non-Nintendo consoles - I can't see it happening myself, unfortunately, You never know though - as @rallydefault said, Microsoft and Nintendo (with Minecraft cross-play) have demonstrated a willingness to make things happen if they think that it'd be good for fans - but, like @Octane said, even if they could figure something out, it'd have to be more than just a Mario Kart clone for there to be much appetite for it...a lot of the elements that made DKR unique all those years ago are now in Mario Kart (eg. 14. C'est désormais sur l, est en développement actuellement pour une sortie non plus, Pour appuyer leur propos, ces petits malins rappellent. Speaking of Diddy Kong Racing, it would be really cool if Diddy Kong would return as a playable character in the MK8 port, and for Timber's Island to become a track! This is because of some of Phil Spencer's comments, yea, but also subtle things like that Max game appearing on other consoles instead of just Xbox and PC (that was billed as a Microsoft title when it first came out) and, of course, Minecraft. and allow them to feature on other consoles? Microsoft has tons of them, but unlike Nintendo, their second-party games appear on many platforms. Just like I think when (IF? Paratroopa (red Koopa with wings, only appearance in Mario Kart Double Dash! ..a Diddy Kong Racing game on both Switch and Xbox could be positive for both brands? Le jeu reprend le même principe que Mario Kart avec, cette fois-ci, les personnages des univers de Rare.