Some locations (including Highlands & Islands) may require a 2-day service where road transport takes longer than 12 hours. They feel better than D'Addarios or EB; I like these better I have ever played. DR Strings Veritas Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings VTA-12 Light 12-54, DR Strings Veritas Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings VTA-10 Extra Light 10-48, DR Strings Veritas Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings VTA-11 Custom Light 11-50, DR Strings Veritas Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings VTA-13 Medium 13-56. I have them on my Larrivee LV-03R and they really make it come to life, more volume and more low end. Reviewed in the United States on December 15, 2018, Very flexible strings, pretty good sound. Martin Authentic Acoustic Treated Phosphor Bronze. I use the extra Xenon G,B & E strings that come with each pack - they have a certain "grip" that feels really good. All goods must be returned in the original packaging and in original conditions. Posts: 1,056 Veritas by DR Strings anyone ? The strings stay brighter for longer and keep intonation because of this method of manufacturing. They feel like they are lower tension too -- at least that is what my fingers are telling me. VTA-13 Medium 13-17-26-34-45-56, Fast shipment, nice strings........thanks. I tried DR Veritas strings on a whim and I was *very* impressed. The A string broke at the saddle of my Floyd Rose the second it was tuned. They do include 3 extra Xenon strings. DR VERITAS™ Phosphor Bronze Acoustic guitar strings use DR’s innovative ACT (Accurate Core Technology) to produce strings with ultra-smooth, reinforced cores wires that not only give these strings four times longer life (without a coating), but also increase the strings’ richness of tone, their intonation accuracy and pitch retention. Since they are not coated, they mostly likely won't have the fresh staying power of a coated string, but that is the trade off in my opinion --- getting a REAL sound vs. a more muted sound. Martin Authentic Acoustic Treated 80/20 Bronze, C.F. 5 . I actually backed off a notch on my gain, a little on the b​a​ss, too. This page works best with JavaScript. 0% interest for 24 months* i. For more information about delivery and further delivery options click here. Veritas by DR Strings … DR has a huge name and some fantastic artists behind them, definitely give them a try! For more information about returns click here. The string sets come in most common gauges for Electric 9s, 9/46, 10, 10/52 and 11. Delivered typically within 5-7 working days. There are so many factors here, I would like to think in 2019 that most manufacturers making a string that promises extra life and brightness will be able to deliver. Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2017. A Quantum Nickel™ wrap wire delivers more power, brighter tone and greater flexibility and responsiveness. They are so stable and lush. I really like the Veritas as well as the DR Pure Blues. And by SHOW FIVE…I said, you know what? Long lasting VERITAS strings have been played by Stefan Grossman for over 3 years. document.write(today.getFullYear()); Strings and Beyond. The DR ZEBRA strings which were the first out of the factory are made alternating between phosphor bronze and nickel plated steel windings. The most description is "stronger," they like 11 or 12's with a little of supple (supple for a guitar string, shmendrick). Gauges: Delivered typically within 1-3 working days. On both the Electric and Acoustic Sets, two sets of non-wound strings are provided, a plain set and a set of 'Xenon Power-Plain' strings.