Love those characters. Joshua has an MA degree in English from Jacksonville State University, and the best way to contact him is at I would like to make a real chance in my companions live. Warriors: Marius: Templar maybe (or some other class focused on fighting mages) … If you’re playing Dragon Age Inquisition, you’re going to want to know which companions you should be taking into combat so that you can defeat all the dragons and every other high level encounter without breaking a sweat. I would prefer when we have the same evaluation as in DAI. Like the same 8 people keep showing up to save the world. 1)Female elf who is Tevinter laetan or ancient elf mage-blood mage/arcane warrior, 2)Female qunari tal-vashot sareabas mage, spirit healer. Oh, and as seen as it's tradition to have only three per class in the base game, i would add zither as a dlc companion along with bard spec. An Avvar recruit. Think characters like Cass, Viv and Leliana who can become Divine would likely not feature majorly since this would require a lot of variation in scenes in which they would appear (but if any series would do it anyway, it would be Dragon Age lol). The Dragon Age series has some amazing characters that you have as your companions, others.... not so great. And something special like DAO Mabari DAI Spirit (warrior) . Fenris. Players could rock 4 warriors or 4 mages if so desired or have a more balanced team based on their character likes. Varric seems likely given his appearances in the past two games, but if Kirkwall is keeping him too busy to travel alongside the new PC, Dorian is the best bet. Dragon Age 4 should continue this, giving the new PC a wide swathe of companions to call their closest friends (except for the one mage that's likely to betray the main character). Start your message with 'DAO/DA2/DAI' in correspondence with which companion set you'd like. For me I would like to see: Charade Amell - I've wanted for her to be a companion since her side quest in DA: 2, she would be our Red Jenny companion/connection and she would be a bow rogue. I just want scout Harding to become a companion in DA4. I really don't like returning companions - they feel weird and forced and make the world feel unnecessarily small. Just some ideas. This may seem strange, but a Darkspawn companion makes sense following the events of Dragon Age: Awakening, one way or the other. The gamescom trailer showed us some concept art, and in some images they gave us a glimpse into some companions. Because nevarra is next to antiva and Tevinter, but anderfels has only tevinter as neighbour . Some companions in some installments can also be romanced by the playable character. Maevaris I think has equal chances as either. But from the map and the games beyond, i think nevarra is next. Corypheus later reveals that the City was already black, and the Throne was empty, with he heeding Dumat's call to enter the City. If mass effect 2 worked with 11 then I think Dragon Age 4 can work with 12 (it will probably be a bigger game than DAI), Marius: Templar maybe (or some other class focused on fighting mages), Ser Aaron: Guardian or Sentinel (classe focused on defense), Qunari\Female\Tal Vashot: Specializing in fighting with spears. A Chanter who would become the Right hand of the Divine after the game. I would bring back shapeshifting but actually make it good and i would bring back as many specs from previous games as possible because they all had something to offer. Would also like to see female dwarf and qunari companions! Dragon Age 4 is still far off but is sure to feature an interesting cast of companions, so here's a few things that would be interesting to see. I don't think we had that one yet. Freeing one of these and subsequently having it help end Solas' plot, potentially freeing the Darkspawn and the Blight in the process, all makes sense from a narrative standpoint. Servis (if he's not killed/rotting in jail/killed with prejudice (aka sent to Corypheus). All of them should have unique specifications that the MC can't learn. I know its a bit early to discuss this but I was just curious who you'd like to see as companion(s) counting if two or three companions were returnees from the franchise who would you like to see? A few things have been pieced together with a high degree of certainty, such as the potential of Dorian's appearance, a few resuming plot threads, and perhaps the most obvious thing: new companions. I love that we have character with love interest in this Games. There's Sandal, of course, but Sandal's unique. Class complete MC and the Warden's class. A returning companion, should be Dorian or Merill. Dragon Age 4 Companion Wish List. Welcome, welcome! Perhaps you just want tell me how wrong I am? A Companion is a character who accompanies the playable character -- the Warden in Dragon Age: Origins, the Warden-Commander in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, Hawke in Dragon Age II, Legends Hero in Dragon Age Legends and the Inquisitor in Dragon Age: Inquisition. After all, since players were in one, it stands to reason that they too are tied to the Darkspawn's fate somehow. Rivain seher (male Mage or Dorian? Players also see her use some type of magic, which may not be the same as magic in general, but it's something not really seen in Thedas. Harding for rogues. Sigrun should be a warrior for class balance. In past games, it was often more of a choice between having an additional mage, foregoing a rogue, or ditching out on the DPS of a warrior based on abilities, stats, and one's investment in the story. And 4 ... something like advisor. The rest should be new characters. Male Qunari or Human(Former Slave who Joined Qun) - Rogue; Valta from the descent as possibly the first dwarven mage would be a cool idea. It's already clear that Dorian returns to Tevinter, the likeliest location for Dragon Age 4, and while he too is involved in politics (for Tevinter), it makes the most sense that he has the most freedom to move. Gimme cullen and leliana and i will be happy. Elf\Male: I don't know what kind of class he could have but I think that Alchemist might be a good option (I imagine an elf with a black appearance and pretty dreads.). Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. One thing, in broad strokes, that should return is Dragon Age Inquisition's 3/3/3 class divide. Since it was showcased at the 2018 Game Awards, Dragon Age 4 has been incredibly quiet. He's not likely to abandon it, although Tevinter is not far from the Free Marches. Don't think they've been done before. Fenris would also be a welcome surprise (hunting slavers and such). ), ? Dragon Age 2 introduced fans to Varric who made his return in Inquisition. She's ideal and fits in a ton of ways, but when it comes to Dragon Age 4's companions, fans will just need to wait and see what is up BioWare's sleeves.