Gender Role Integration Effects on Economic Development, gender roles play a unique role in many different cultures, a region-wide reputation for oppressing women and keeping their role at home, the world’s second largest single state economy, critical roles women play in the current economy, sub-standard quality of life in these countries. Latest news, world news, sport and comment from the Guardian | | The Guardian . Countries that implement policies to keep women from learning and participating in the economy, like the traditional practice (although not always) by people in the Middle East, results in the sub-standard quality of life in these countries. The gender roles that were made many years prior have damaged the culture of today. International Journal of Social Economics. According to the result, it can be stated that women play an important role in the development process in European Union countries. The findings are that generally all the households sampled recorded higher completion rates for girls than boys in primary school while in secondary school the completion rate was higher for boys, As we witness a chain of current realities and trends, in this important turning point forward, a new focus became obvious: the reinstatement of the human being in center of global significance issues. Diamond, J. M. (1998). By switching the roles, what results is an inefficient, misallocation of resources. The natural order of life strongly encourages a certain order of roles amongst people. This includes gender balance facts and figures, legislative measures and voluntary initiatives that have been made to further the integration of women and the impacts they have (EC, 2012). It becomes evident that providing women with a more integral role in society, perhaps not in physical labor like wood splitting but in psychological labor like lawyering and engineering, the results can only be gain in the economy. We will write a custom essay specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn more. (C) 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved. This finding influenced the authors to conceptualize an integrated model that illustrates the interconnectivity of HRD, social capital, emotional intelligence and organizational productivity with internal and external environmental factors. passage of time through increasing the Experience . Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Women and Myths of Today : An investigation for the reasons of gender inequalities, Cinsiyet Eşit(siz)liğinde Genç Kadın İşsizliği İle Kalkınma Arasındaki İlişki: Avrupa Birliği Ülkeleri Üzerine Ekonometrik Bir Analiz, Explaining the Gender-Gap in Economic Activity: A Cross-Country Study. Gender roles, responsibilities, and spaces: implications for agroforestry research and development in Africa September 2015 International Forestry Review 17(S4):11-21 The male and female bodies differ in various physical aspects, such as metabolism rates, muscle density and reproductive features (Wolchover, 2013). Starting with the economic liberalization of China, countries in south East Asia have experienced rapid economic growth through trade with the larger states. These characteristics are; the sun as the primary source of energy, oxygen use for respiration and the consumption of foods and liquids for daily nourishment. We argue that the life expectancy effect in growth regressions appears to be a real labor productivity effect, and is not the result of life expectancy acting as a proxy for worker experience. Empirical evidence derivedfrom a study of 150 irrigation systems in Nepal supports the conclusions of this analysis. All that can be concluded is that greater participation by women better places the country on the path to great economic development.