Easy exercises English year 2. It's very kind of you to share your worksheets and ideas for lesson plans. Play this game to review English. Delete. Welcome! If you want to download English Book 2 for 2nd year in PDF, you can go for the link given below the image. I just want to drop a line to thank you for your effort and time in preparing these. Feel free to download and use the materials for your classroom ya. very beneficial for all of us :-). English Year 2 Supermind. We use Superminds 1 as our main textbook for Year 1 and 2. Thanks a lot..... Miss Ashikin Zainull. Thanks Miss Ash,The supplementary worksheets was very beneficial & of great ease for my teachings. Supermind 1 English Year 2 CD2 31. Thanks again! Kanchanah 11 April 2019 at 09:03. tq. Supermind Workbook (1B) Year 2 Tahun 2 . Save. Hi Madam! Replies. Year 3 English (Name the activities) - YEAR 2 - UNIT 7: Get Dressed (2A) - Unit 6: The Old House (Easy) - English Year 2 - Supermind Unit 6 oleh Missgohcm. DISCLAIMER: Cipta pembelajaran yang lebih baik dengan pantas, UNIT 6 : THE OLD HOUSE (ANIMALS' HABITATS), SUPERMIND YEAR 1 CHAPTER 2 LET'S PLAY pt 1, SuperMinds 1 - Unit 6 - The Old House [page 78 - 79], Animales (how to say I do not have an animal), Year 1 Module 1- At School - Classroom Objects, Choose the correct answer - R.NANDAROOBINI, Year 2 English Unit 6: Monster in The House (page 71), Wordsearch (English Superminds Year 2 Unit 9), Dapatkan pek aktiviti yang boleh dicetak dan interaktif. Edit. Kudos to you! CAWANGAN UTAMA 3096, Jalan Rozhan, Taman Rozhan, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang. THEREFORE, MATERIALS, LESSON PLANS OR MODULES FROM THIS BLOG CANNOT BE SOLD! YEAR 2 SUPPLEMENTARY WORKSHEETS MODULE ANSWER SCHEME IN PDF. I'm afraid of snakes. baekieyshia 3 July 2019 at 22:48. thank you very much. thanks a lot teacher...its really helpful. YOU NEED NOT USE THE LESSON PLAN FORMAT OR MATERIALS. Awesome activities in deed. YEAR 2 - UNIT 7: Get Dressed (2A) Carian perkataan. English learning from the beginning. Exercises at home and exercises for kids. Thank you for your kind words. Replies. Hello! Welcome! Play this game to review Reading. Powered by. Preview this quiz on Quizizz. All the worksheets are very useful. Replies. Replies. Jia Hui: _____. Today is Monday. Q. Kamal : Let's visit the reptile section. DRAFT. 0. Yesterday was _____ . 7 minutes ago. Thank you for your kind words! my son is in year 2 this year, thanks. EVERYTHING IS SHARED FOR FREE FOR PERSONAL USAGE. Thanks so much for your generosity Miss Ash...May Allah bless you . Today is Monday.