Can you use a Metronome to tune a guitar? You’d initially be forgiven for thinking the term ‘Bullet’ is yet another adjective adopted by a string manufacturer to help describe the “Punchy”, “Penetrating” or “Explosive” tonal power of their strings, however, if you open up a set, you’ll soon see that there’s more to the Fender Bullet strings than just a name. Super Bullets: Nickel-Plated Steel Bullet End (3250s), Steinberger Double Ball Bass Guitar Strings, D'Addario/Planet Waves O-Port Black Large (fits 3.875" - 4"), PW-OPBKL, D'Addario/Planet Waves O-Port Black Small (fits 3.375" - 3.5"), PW-OPBKS, D'Addario/Planet Waves O-Port White Large (fits 3.875" - 4"), PW-OPWHL, D'Addario/Planet Waves O-Port White Small (fits 3.375" - 3.5"), PW-OPWHS, D'Addario/Planet Waves Screeching Halt, PW-SH-01, Strings and Accessories Listed by Manufacturer, Fender Electric Guitar Nickel Plated Steel Bullet End, .009 - .042, 3250L, Fender Electric Guitar Nickel Plated Steel Bullet End, .009 - .046, 3250LR, Fender Electric Guitar Nickel Plated Steel Bullet End, .011 - .049, 3250M, Fender Electric Guitar Nickel Plated Steel Bullet End, .010 - .046, 3250R, Dean Markley Seven (7) String Guitar Strings, DR Strings Seven (7) String Guitar Strings, Elixir Seven (7) and Eight (8) String Guitar Strings, La Bella 7, 8 and 9 String Guitar Strings, Newtone Seven (7) and Eight (8) String Guitar Strings, Pyramid Seven (7) and Eight (8) String Guitar Sets, RotoSound Seven (7) and Eight (8) String Guitar Strings, S I T Strings 7 and 8 String Guitar Strings, Black Diamond Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings, C.F. It is often a difficult one to call, but we tested this out on several other guitars to see how compatible these actually were.

Production of the Bullet range moved to Japan, under the Squier name.

In this particular instance, the Bullet End was clearly too large for the hole and we’d be pretty certain it would be the same for other similar wraparound style bridges too. However, the question you may be asking is “can you use these Fender Bullets on any other guitars?” What about other Fender instruments? We love reading and answering your questions and input, it’s always welcome.

DougMen Squier-holic. to guide you through your entire shopping experience. It’s this small change that helped Fender create a more ‘stable’ string that helped tuning and to deliver greater sustain too. However, judging from the way the string sat in the ferrule, ball ends appear to be a better solution here. Not to mention, the unique shape of the bullet certainly plays a part in dictating what guitar these strings will fit. It was first introduced as a line of "student" guitars to replace the outgoing Mustang and Musicmaster models.[2]. .

Anyone have any experience with these two, and can you offer your opinions please? Guitar bridge pins come up slightly when tuning? It’s quite clear from these small (albeit non-exhaustive) tests, that the bullets have clearly been created solely with the Stratocaster in mind. Some 2002 versions of the black and Frost Red Metallic Squier Bullet Special are known to have the Affinity brand on the headstock as well. Both models had 2 single coil pickups with a three-way selector switch. In 2018, Fender had done away with the vibrato bridge on the Bullet line and made its mainline Bullet guitars top-loading hardtail instruments (vibrato bridges could still be found on special production runs for stores such as Guitar Center).

Home > Electric Guitar Strings > Fender Electric Guitar Strings > Super Bullets: Nickel-Plated Steel Bullet End (3250s) ... Super Bullets: Nickel-Plated Steel Bullet End (3250s) FND_3250L. The Fender Bullets were originally launched back in 1974 and over the years, Fender have tweaked their range here and there. The 250's and 350's have more nickel, so they are supposed to be brighter longer. Standard light gauge electric guitar set? It is this tiny ball end attached to the end of our string that holds the string in position allowing it to be brought up to pitch without being pulled through the bridge….effectively acting as an anchor.

Tune-o-Matic Bridge and Tailpiece Combination. It was this particular area of the string that the Fender bods pinpointed as a potential sticking point and in particular, how this part of the string allowed the ball end to move about when the tremolo is used or when it is bent.

From the photo, you can clearly see that the Bullet End is sticking out of the socket where the ball end of the string would usually sit. As you can see in the image below, the back side of the Bullet pokes out from the socket where the ball end of the string would usually sit. After speaking to many customers over the years, we are aware many will use Fender Bullets on their Telecasters with no issues. Hi the bullet Squier Telecaster has a thinner body than the Affinity Telecaster interestingly enough is that the Bullet gets trough the body strings whereas the Affinity is a hardtail rear loading bridge.

As you can see, the other strings on this particular guitar all have ball ends and these appear to be better fits for this type of bridge.

However, it was nearly 50 years ago that the Fender engineers saw a flaw in this design, particularly when players were using ball ended strings in conjunction with tremolo equipped bridges. and Tele. Traditional ball-end string design leaves a certain ammount of "slack" which can cause string slippage. Bullets go into the bridge perfectly every time and provide consistency.

The guitars featured 3 Single coils or 2 Humbucking pickups like the original USA-made "Bullet" guitars, but steel rods were used as pole pieces with a ceramic bar magnet; the humbucker version consisted of the same paired single coil configuration as the American-made models.

What’s wrong with the humble ball end? USA Version 1 (1981) Fender marketed two models, initially manufacture was set up offshore in Korea, but due to technical issues, …

Similarly to preceding student models like the Mustang, Bronco and Musicmaster, cost savings were made by using less wood for the body, both guitar bodies were 1- 5/8 inches thick as opposed to the 1- 3/4 inch thickness of other Fender guitars, parts were quick to assemble and labor saving, both models had the same hardware & electrics as other Fender guitars from the same era.

The standard model originally retailed at $199.00 or $249 including the vacuum formed case, cord, strap, polishing cloth & bridge adjustment wrenches. Fender states the bullet ends create a tighter fit in the tremolo block on Stratocaster guitars, leading to greater tuning stability when the tremolo is used. Make history and compelling music with these bullet-ended strings when you depend on Fender. Regards, Kevin. always makes me chuckle when folk discard it because of the nut width, it's only 0.2mm difference in the string spacing when it comes down to it.. the latest deals. Fender Super Bullets 3250s — Quality strings from a name you trust!

Martin Authentic Acoustic 80/20 Bronze, C.F.

The numbers indicate the quality of the nickel.

I have tried the Super Bullets which have a steel core, and I like them but I found their sound to be too edgy and sharp for my style. Like the other answer said - "bullets" have the bullet shaped end to make a more solid contact with Strat tremolos. Fender Original Bullets® pure nickel bullet-end strings deliver a smooth feel with reduced finger noise.

How Eco-Friendly are your Guitar Strings. Fender even make ball ended strings as well. Body, Make Fender Bullets have a bullet shaped end on the string that fits better into a tremolo (like on a strat) the re and then light is just an easier gauge to play on. The 250's and 350's have more nickel, so they are supposed to be brighter longer. The H-1 sported the same alloy pickguard-bridge-tailpiece combo with one humbucker pickup; it also had a coil tap button to split the humbucker to single coil. The pickups had the same closed pickup covers as used on the Mustang & were initially left over Mustang stock. The "original" 150 is the first type Fender made in the 50's & 60's. Their lineup currently consists of sets available with a wrap wire in Pure Nickel and Nickel Plated Steel. The Fender Original … Because the string travels around the ball end rather than straight through it, it creates a small area of ‘slack’ string directly above the ball end (see image below).
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I don’t indulge in whammy excesses – in fact, much reduced other excesses these days, as I got my first Strat in1964 – so the tuning thing isn’t an issue for me (it’s usually near enough for rock’n’roll), but locking tuners and Bullets have never let me down for a ten second string change.

A lock twist is where the string itself (or the string’s core in the case of wound strings) travels around the outside edge of the ball end and when the string returns back, it twists around itself effectively trapping the ball end (see image below). Both sets utilise gauges that are slightly different from the norm and these are listed below, Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Set – 08, 11, 14p, 22, 32, 46 Stainless steel strings with bullet ends are also offered since the late '90s. FND_3250LR . They had the old Mustang bass style pickups. Fender Bullet strings eliminate this issue providing better tuning stability. Jun 8, 2017 Honolulu, HI. I use Fender's Bullet Strings exclusively for my American Strat because they're made to fit perfectly into the Strat bridge. Standard light gauge electric bass guitar set? These are what I use on my Strat. Pure Nickel and Nickel Plated Steel sets are typically used on Electric Guitar Sets, however, for the sake of completion, we also tested a Bullet on an acoustic guitar. Color options were red or ivory, with a white or black pick guards on both models. Martin Authentic Acoustic Treated Phosphor Bronze. Cheers Like the other answer said - "bullets" have the bullet shaped end to make a more solid contact with Strat tremolos.

I reluctantly stopped buying them a couple of years ago when I had rust problems on unwound strings in new packs (not from yourselves, I hasten to add – you stand by your strings – they didn’t). These actually worked fine, the Bullet end sat in the bridge with no issues, however, with the nickel variations only being available in the Bullet range, it would seem an odd choice to opt for a set of nickel bullets over a traditional set of acoustic strings, and you wouldn’t get the nice bright resonance you usually get from acoustic bronze strings. It's basically the sound and the gauge, I'm into nylon strings because I play classical guitar, but my father used all of the types mentioned above because he had lots of different guitars and wanted different sounds. How do you think about the answers? Standard light gauge acoustic guitar set? Fender have even made some of their popular Artist Signature Strings available with a Bullet End. Orders placed before 5 p.m. NOTE: This product is available in the United States only - no international sales. The Red and Orange bodies were made with black hardware; all other colors had chrome hardware.

Nevertheless, it does appear as though the bullet is sitting in the tailpiece fairly comfortably and the back side of the Bullet End we are seeing is probably the is extra 4mm of length a Bullet End has over a standard ball end.

It was first introduced as a line of "student" guitars to replace the outgoing Mustang and Musicmaster models. Their solution? The Fender SUPER BULLETS (3250 LR) 9-46 for spring-trem Strats. Have fun!! This is not to say it's not a great …