No hot water from a combi boiler: Top reasons why (with costs to fix) #1 - Pilot light not lit (no flame = no hot water) Boilers burn gas (or oil) – and to do so require a pilot light. If you have experienced a recent power cut, this may have also affected your boiler settings. why do you think we will not get it commissioned? This is a special part of the system which allows your combi-boiler to switch between hot water and heating. DHW Pump just runs on? If none of the checks and fixes above solves the problem, or if you discover that there is something wrong (for example the divertor valve), you need to call a Gas Safe engineer to check over your boiler to find and fix any issues. Also the radiators are piping hot to touch (burn you that hot ) please can you explain what could be … This is a special part of the system which allows your combi-boiler to switch between hot water and heating. Consult your boiler’s documentation to find out how to light it. In many instances work should only be undertaken by a qualified Water and heating - not heating only. The hot water works just fine. Plumbing questions, answers, tips and tricks. If it’s not hot now, it could mean that it was never heated up. Your boiler will have separate controls to turn on the heating and hot water. Reply to Firebird Combi Hot Water Problem in the Oil and Solid Fuel Forum area at What temperature should a condensing boiler be set at. JavaScript is disabled. Fiddle or DIY? If you have a digital display and nothing is shown, it may be that there is no power to the boiler due to a power cut. Copyright © 2020 Firebird Heating Solutions Ltd. All rights reserved. How can I fix Sears Tower Bell and H. super auto threading 8mm projector? Some fault codes can be easily rectified yourself with a simple boiler reset, whilst others may need professional attention. get the engineer back out pronto make sure he has the correct qualifications before he touches anything he should be OFTEL qualified to work on oil fired boilers. If your pressure is below the normal operating range, follow this guide to re-pressurise. costs nothing to use and you can ask a question without an account or logging in. When does a new boiler need its first service? If you have a combi boiler, your hot water is fed by mains pressure, so if you’ve been getting cold water through the hot taps, you can rule out a water blockage or supply cut-off. Water pressure inside the boiler and central heating system should be in the range of 1–1.5 bar. The perfect solution for smaller households, providing instant access to hot water and heat via radiators, Providing instant access to hot water in smaller households where internal space is at a premium. ), (Enter your name as you wish it to be displayed.). The correct pressure level will often be indicated on the gauge for modern systems with a green area. If it’s just your boiler that’s off, check the boiler’s switch on the consumer unit to see if that has tripped. 1 of 2 Go to page. We recommend that you have your boiler inspected as soon as possible. Sometimes people set different times for weekends, for example. If it’s a system boiler, it will also be fed by mains pressure, but the hot water will be coming from a cylinder. If you have a system boiler or heat only boiler, your hot water is stored in a cylinder, and once it’s been used up, you’ll have to wait until it re-heats before that bath. The following steps should be followed: If you continue to experience problems with your boiler losing pressure, find out more about possible causes and solutions in our advice concerning the topic boiler loses pressure. One problem that can be particularly frustrating is when the heating is working but there is no hot water, or if there is hot water but the boiler is not heating your home. If you are expecting warm water from your taps only to suddenly discover that there is no hot water, it can be both unpleasant and inconvenient. A problem with the diverter valve will require the help of a professional Gas Safe engineer to fix. Found in over two thirds of homes in the UK, a Combi (Combination) Boiler is an instant domestic water heater and a central heating boiler combined. You may also want to check your main fuse box. For example, in order to get the central heating to work we also need to have on the hot water.