Premier Precious Butterfly Collection. You know, it is one thing to conceive an idea; it is another to take it to the real product. The IBM strategic repository for digital assets such as images and videos is located at President and CEO of Harry Winston, Inc., Frederic de Narp attends the Harry Winston dinner for Jessica Chastain at The Leading Hotels of the World's Setai on October 22, 2012 in New York City. There you are; these are my three personal preferences. Harry Winston An interview with Nayla Hayek, CEO of Harry Winston. Ten Minutes With Matthias Breschan: Discover... CEO of the winged hourglass brand for now three months, Matthias Breschan shares with us his vision for the future of Longines. The realization is in good hands. Chris Hemsworth joins the TAG Heuer family of international ambassadors. Harry Winston started the company in the U.S. nearly 80 years ago, so our largest base is concentrated in North America, where we currently have eight salons. Discover the history and technical specifications of this 100-piece timepiece. The company, with U.S. headquarters located in New York, NY, distributes its products through Harry Winston jewelry stores.

Harry Winston, Inc. is a maker and seller of fine watches and jewelry. Harry Winston has always been a strong brand for men’s watches. Quelques mois après l'acquisition de la société Harry Winston en début d'année 2013, elle devient CEO de cette entreprise de joaillerie de luxe [13] . This repository is populated with tens of thousands of assets and should be your first stop for asset selection. Retailers start to gain confidence again because they see that also the watches are selling well. Harry Winston Inc. signs on new CEO The Story High end jeweler Harry Winston Diamond Corporation has appointed a new president and chief executive officer for its U.S. subsidiary Harry Winston Inc., according to Women’s Wear Daily. COPYRIGHT © 2018, WORLDTEMPUS. They will of course benefit from the industrial strength and expertise of the Swatch Group to bring their ideas to life. Known for its diver’s watches, Doxa is a... UR-111C Limited Edition available in a twotone version. There is too much choice! Harry Winston was a man of many brilliant facets, much like the rare gemstones and precious jewels he built his life around.

WorldTempus discussed the brand’s 2015 collection with Nayla Hayek, reviewed the first year since the company’s acquisition by the Swatch Group and asked about her plans for the future.

'.' : ''}}, Can’t find what you’re looking for? What is the email of the President & Chief Executive Officer of Harry Winston, Inc.? Are these details you mention the reason that you saw potential in Harry Winston?

And of course we are working on the Opus projects. The two teams work very closely together. An innate gemologist, an intuitive businessman, a dedicated philanthropist, and perhaps the ultimate risk-taker, Mr. Winston founded his namesake business in New York City in 1932, with an unwavering commitment to rare jewels of the world.

Would you like to be notified about replies by e-mail? Harry Winston opens a new chapter in its... Premier Precious Butterfly Automatic 36mm, All current news on watchmaking is one click away. A legitimacy that is well ahead of its time and directed towards a promising future without limitation or compromises. We don’t want to change the Opus concept. I also like the captivating Midnight Diamond Stalactites. We followed along these established lines for the men’s collection, strengthening it with our own ideas. La présidente de Swatch Group, Nayla Hayek, prend la direction de la marque américaine de joaillerie et d'horlogerie Harry Winston en mai 2013 dont elle présidait déjà le conseil d'administration depuis le mois de mars. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images We have seen a sixth model in the Histoire de Tourbillon collection at Baselworld.
In the realm of men’s watches, Harry Winston is famous for two particular models, the Histoire de Tourbillon and Opus series. Winmo helps you source more leads by connecting with the right prospects at the right time. Tune in to the 2020 GPHG ceremony, which will be digitally hosted on WorldTempus this Thursday evening (Swiss time).
Following the Swatch Group’s takeover of Harry Winston, a continuation of the Opus series with an Opus 14 seemed in doubt to me, though at Baselworld 2015 Dr. Nayla Hayek, chair of the Swatch Group’s board of directors and CEO of Harry Winston, quietly let it be known that a Harry Winston Opus 14 is forthcoming. Our universe depicted in precious stones. However there were various problems with pricing, or with the available inventory on the markets, parallel sales on the Internet and such. A lot of independent designers and creators are keen to benefit from the Swatch Group’s knowledge, others a bit less.

At the same time this gave us more time to develop products for women – smaller products specifically designed for ladies. Who is the marketing contact for Harry Winston, Inc. in NY? Looking for a resource to grow your sales? イージーアクセス(EZA)によるダウンロードは、正式なライセンスではなく、以下の「提案目的」に関してのみ、ダウンロードしたコンテンツの利用を認めるものです。, EZAは完成制作物用のライセンスではありません。 このため、EZAからダウンロードした素材を使用して制作物を完成させて実際に使用するには、該当コンテンツに関し、使用目的に必要な正式のライセンスを取得する必要があります。以下は、EZAが利用できない制作物の使用例です。, なお、上記は一例ですので、具体的な利用態様がEZAで許されるかどうかは、お客様のEZAの利用合意書の記載をご確認ください。EZAの利用合意書は、ゲッティ イメージズのウェブサイトで公開されている静止画および動画用の標準オンラインカンプライセンスよりも優先されます。, EZAには有効期間があります。更新時期の管理につきましては、お客様ご自身で行ってください。, EZAでダウンロードした、お客様が希望するコンテンツにつき、予定する利用形態でのライセンスが取得できるかどうかは、正式なライセンスを取得するまでは保証されません(コレクションの変更により、コンテンツ自体の削除、価格の変更、用途の制限の付加などの可能性があります)。 ライセンス対象物に付随するあらゆる制限事項については、ゲッティ イメージズのウェブサイトで確認できます。また、EZAに関する質問については、ゲッティ イメージズの担当者までお問い合わせください。, 下の[ダウンロード] ボタンをクリックすることにより、リリースされていないコンテンツの使用に対する責任を負担し、制限事項を遵守することに同意するものとします。被写体や関連団体等のクリアランスを取得するなど、利用のために必要な諸権利の確認をしてください。. Click here to request Getty Images Premium Access through IBM Creative Design Services. Founder and creative director of MB&F Maximilian Büsser gives us his exclusive take on what makes the brand tick. Now we have tidied things up and both Harry Winston and its retailers are reaping the harvest of the considerable efforts we undertook in these areas. Versatile and... With its intense blue dial, its diamonds and its distinctive shaped case, this collection alludes directly to Mr. Winston’s legacy.

We do want to include independent creators. View Amy Miller’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. The brand continues its commitment to the planet with the launch of a new model: the Baume Ocean Limited Edition. ... CEO of Harry Winston told Robb Report. Harry Winston’s commitment to quality and fine craftsmanship, in keeping with the finest traditions of Haute Horlogerie, remains the unmistakable signature of a rare degree of legitimacy in the field of jewelry making and watchmaking creativity and ingenuity. It has been just over a year since the Swatch Group acquired Harry Winston. Do you have a personal preference in the 2015 Harry Winston collection?

Ask the. With its intense blue dial, its diamonds... Viola Davis, Kristen Bell, Michelle Dockery, Christian Slater and Brittany Lopez Slater wear Harry Winston jewels, Video. Harry Winston is celebrating 30 years since its extraordinary one-off Kaleidoscope pendant, with a new collection of necklaces and watches.

Last October we offered a LONGINES watch. There are a few things we are working on though I cannot go into detail about our plans.

In general, people are happy that their ideas can be brought to fruition, but it obviously needs a lot of efforts from both sides, and also considerable investments. Who is the Chief Financial Officer of Harry Winston, Inc.? WorldTempus is the digital influencer of reference dedicated to luxury watches. ボードは、写真や映像の保存に便利なツールです。まとめる、選ぶ、コメントするなど、素材の管理を効率的に行えます。, NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 22: President and CEO of Harry Winston, Inc., Frederic de Narp attends the Harry Winston dinner for Jessica Chastain at The Leading Hotels of the World's Setai on October 22, 2012 in New York City. Can you confirm that the Opus series will also continue? Our next largest market is in Japan, but the rest of the world is yet to be developed for Harry Winston. Watch the live broadcast of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève 2020 awards ceremony on Thursday 12th November from 6.30pm. {{::result.first_name}} {{::result.last_name | limitTo: 1 }}{{result.last_name.length > 1 ? Marc and I have some ideas. © 2020 List Partners, Inc. All Rights Reserved. So we can already see the imprint of the Swatch Group in the collection to a certain extent? SeaQ Panorama Date to accompany Boris Herrmann on his race across the oceans. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

What has changed over this period and how has the brand evolved? We have plans to further develop in Europe where we see some strong potential. The most popular Rolex 2020 watches (and where... Only recently launched, some of these watches are already being fought over. WorldTempus discussed the brand’s 2015 collection with Nayla Hayek, reviewed the first year since the company’s acquisition by the Swatch Group and asked about her plans for the future.

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