Roshni ChakrabortyUSG for Crisis and Historical Committees. To talk about linguistics.

Gender and Sexuality Awareness (GSA) Club (Faculty Advisor: Mr. Yaron) We will knit baby blankets or baby caps for NICU patients and scarves for soldiers. Latin American/Hispanic Student Organization (Faculty Advisor: Mr. Cardenas) Party Games Club (Faculty Advisor: Mr. Yang)Our club will bring a missing social aspect of meeting new people and socializing with friends that is not translated through online school. We have fun with playing chess and discussing strategy. Year: Upcoming seniorField of Study: Psychology with a secondary in GovernmentSalient Identities: Muslim, American, Arab, Student, WomanPrior Experiences: WORLDMUN Madrid CSTD Chair on Blockchain, HMUN India 2019 CSW Director, HMUN Harvard ADQuote to Live By: ‘Be like the flower that gives its fragrance to even the hand that crushes it.’Other Things I Do on Campus: Winthrop House resident, Harvard Undergraduate Blockchain Group, The Seneca, Inc., Harvard Islamic SocietyBest accomplishments: Good daughter, sister, friend, student, director. We look forward to growing our club and helping many students during a tough time. The Harvard-Westlake Miles of Smiles Club is devoted to philanthropic causes where it is needed most and to creating awareness for social justice and inequality. Outside of HMUN, I’m active in the Harvard University Band as well as theater organizations on campus like the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club and the Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert & Sullivan Players. Jewish Club (Faculty Advisor: Mr. Klein) Pathways Book Bistro (Faculty Advisor: Ms. McClendon) University: Sophia UniversityYear: JuniorJiaqi is majoring in International public law and Japanese business law, she is also a member of Sophia university legal negotiation seminar. Especially during such a difficult time, we feel that it’s a great opportunity to offer our services and help the students with their work. The mission of the club is to help these causes through fundraising and other activities, bringing together, educating, and engaging our community about the inequalities and injustices around the world, and how we can make a difference. Die Harvard World Model United Nations (kurz WorldMUN) ist die weltweit wichtigste Model-United-Nations -Konferenz, die jährlich an wechselnden Orten von der Harvard University (Cambridge) in Zusammenarbeit mit lokalen Partneruniversität ausgerichtet wird. She is eager to welcome WorldMUN 2020 to Tokyo.

Japanese American language and Culture Club (Faculty Advisor: Mr. Lieberman) In addition to learning the art of competitive speech students will develop public speaking skills and comfort expressing themselves through literature. Those interested in creative community, poetry, fiction, music, layout, digital design, experience in editing, publishing, and performances should feel encouraged to come connect during break and beyond. Red Cross Club (Faculty Advisor: Ms. van Vlijmen) We will educate people on the aviation world and industry. Think of Your Feet Club (Faculty Advisor: Mr. Doughan) We will sing at senior homes around the Los Angeles area in an effort to continue engaging with individuals outside of Harvard-Westlake and to spread the joy of music-making.

Boot Squad brings awareness to the minority and affinity clubs on campus through dance performances. Four students can play at one time on a team (the other one or two students, if you have them, can substitute in between the quarters or games). With extensive experience in MUN all over the world, including WorldMUN 2015 and 2016, we are confident of his ability to help deliver the best WorldMUN possible. He is keen to promote MUN activity not only amongst college students but also to high school students and working adults. We provide a place for students to play Ultimate Frisbee.

I am also a panel chair at the Arab Conference at Harvard and a leader for the First … Hi everyone!! A-Roll Film Club (Faculty Advisor: Mr. Chehak and Ms. Pacheco Garcia)The A-Roll Film Club is created by and for passionate filmmakers who want to utilize the power of film to make an impact.

So second semester of our junior year, we made Kindergarten Club so we could spend some of our free time doing arts and crafts to destress during the school day. BLACC is a club focusing on cultural activities celebrating black culture. Harvard-Westlake School is committed to building and sustaining a community that is free from discrimination of any kind. We will teach the basics of Swift, the language used to make apps, including UI design, basic functions (buttons, navigation, text fields, etc. it’s a great way to get your service hours done and to give back to our community. HW Surf (Faculty Advisor: Mr. Chehak)Welcome to HW Surf!

In the past, I have also been part of Harvard Scholars at Risk, a program that provides fellowships to persecuted scholars from around the worldFavorite Hobbies: Playing/watching soccer (and beating Ani at FIFA), running in the rain, and trying new cuisines.Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones, but I haven’t seen the new season yet, so don’t spoil it please! Best Buddies is dedicated to reducing the stigma surrounding children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In addition to practicing for the actual competition, we focus on helping those who are new learn the style of competition and think critically about problems with only minimal information given. Not only interested in the field of global affairs, she also enjoys studying ecology and biodiversity. Magic: the Gathering Club (Faculty Advisor: Ms. vanVlijmen) Stone-Cutters Arts Collective (Faculty Advisor: Mr. Gonzalez and Mr. Chehak)Stone-Cutters is one of Harvard-Westlake's long standing publications. We will have educational discussions where we dive into topics like the Model Minority Myth, what it means to be an Asian ally, and more. From music, fashion, trauma, racism, poetry, activism, self-expression, and so much more BLACC is a space to explore topics that would not be discussed in a HW classroom environment.

Why WorldMUN? Questions can reference events in the past from all over the world, and from all eras in the past – from ancient Egypt until the present day. Mock Trial (Faculty Advisor: Ms. Brasda)Mock trial is a competition club in which members learn about the law, courtroom procedure, and engage in debate and acting that closely simulates real-life trials.

Latin American–Hispanic Student Organization (LAHSO) (Faculty Advisor: Ms. Saenz)

I joined this group my first year at Harvard, and have made some super important friendships within it. Two years later, I can proudly attribute my increased commitment to this conference and its mission to the immense impact that I’ve seen WorldMUN have on its delegates, host community, and staff. Aufgrund der hohen Bewerberzahlen gilt das Auswahlverfahren für die WorldMUN als besonders hart – zumeist durchlaufen die Bewerber an ihrer Universität im Vorfeld zahlreiche Tests und Vorbereitungsseminare, bevor sie zur Konferenz fahren dürfen. She is participating in an internship at the office of Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan for the purpose of acquiring deep understanding on foreign diplomacy. I'm especially interested in monetary policy and the field of political economy. Math Club (Faculty Advisor: Mr. Weis)In Math Club, we prepare for and compete in competitions such as the AMC, AIME, CHMMC, and more. During tutoring sessions, students are assisted in their math homework. He’s here to help the team in public relations and government relations. Since school is a little different now, we decided to change our club up, as well. She has been an active member of the MUN Society as well as the International Law Society at her college. The Women in History Club strives to discuss and analyze the historical importance of women in overlooked topics such as music, literature, philosophy, science, etc. We put on events to help the student body relax and enjoy themselves to balance out stress that they may be experiencing. Competitions are (normally) held in real courthouses and judged by real judges.

If you are curious about the evolution of slang or if animals have language, linguistics club is the perfect place to learn these things and much more. He started MUN in his freshman year. It will bring together people who love movies and spark a dialogue about the movie assigned for the week. I’m writing my thesis on higher education exchange under China’s Belt and Road Initiative, drinking a lot of caffeine in my favorite cafés around campus, and dancing with the Harvard Ballet Company and Expressions hip hop dance company. For sharks, Bushra HamidUSG for the Economic and Social Council & Regional Bodies. We are also home to the six-person audition-based My Word! if we aren’t able to pick it up from you. She is fluent in Chinese, Japanese and English. !Superpower of choice: Teleportation so I can finally make it to 9 am classes. Environmental Club (Faculty Advisor: Mr. Vo) Anime Club (Faculty Advisor: Mr. Wagerman) To teach coding and game development. I’ve spent a lot of my time at Harvard helping organize our US-based MUN conferences, and am thrilled to be able to wrap up my MUN career with all of you. Bear Boxes aims to provide schools and orphanages in third world countries with essential supplies needed for a proper education. Hometown: Edinburg, TexasAcademics: I am a fourth-year (senior) at Harvard majoring in Philosophy. Where are you from? In discussing and understanding different perspectives of these moral dilemmas, our club prepares its members to apply moral consideration in their future careers, families, and civic duties. Women in History (Faculty Advisor: Ms. Lane)

The GSA serves as a friendly environment where people can express their thoughts and ideas about LGBTQ+ issues and how we can improve Harvard-Westlake, our local community and the world as well. She has participated in more than 20 MUN conferences as a delegate including WorldMUN 2019. These pieces will be either published online in a blog-type format or printed in a physical magazine, depending on whether or not we are at school in person. She participated in WorldMUN twice, and was a delegate in Rome in 2016, and Head Delegate in Montréal in 2017. The mission of this conference, its ability to empower those who participate in it, and its commitment to the ideals of international solidarity are all things that I hold very close to my heart. Weekly meetings will teach technique to beginners and will be a time to check in on progress and ask questions. You don't need to have any previous experience with linguistics; everyone is welcome!

Work as much or as little as you please, no final product is required, this is just a space to learn and have fun. Anyone who's interested in comedy, writing, art, design, marketing, or just helping a new HW publication get off the ground -- we'd love to have you join! During the 2019-2020 school year, Babel had to convert to an online magazine. This is my first WorldMUN and I couldn’t be more excited to meet you all in Tokyo! Whether it is a violation of civil liberties, advocacy against violence, new beginnings for women and children that have faced abuse, and many more – we want to help. All are welcome, including the mishpacha!

I also serve as the current Secretary General of Harvard Model United Nations, a conference of 3500 high school students.Favorite Hobbies: In my free time, I enjoy reading Kant’s Groundwork and being a referee for Harvard intramural sports.Past WorldMUN highlight: Seeing the delegates crush it every year at Cabaret! A space for Black students, faculty and allies of all races to convene once a week to discuss everything and anything related to Black people.

We are currently living through a very exciting time in regards to Space: We are entering a new era of space travel and we will likely have a permanent human settlement on Mars in the coming years.