In Jesus’ name I pray, amen! It would do us all good to reflect on these familiar words of St. Paul the next time the daily news delivers more stories of hate and evil. You're on your own forever, It's not the space or time or whether In 2014, Jesse received the National Catholic Youth Award, for Presenter/Artist Category by the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministries, INC. Jesse's is always working on new and exciting projects and would love … Learn more to bringing Brian out to your parish or diocese today! Hi Brian, This has got to be your best 4th day letter yet. But that won't make a difference in the end, There's never space or time or whether Here are three examples: When terror and fear overwhelm us……hold on to love (GOD), When violence seeks to destroy us…..hold on to love (GOD), When hatred is used to divide us…..hold on to love (GOD). With that electric feeling, Hold on, hold on Best-known for Mass of Glory, Love Never Fails and his insightful Spirit & Song blogs and podcasts, Ken Canedo is a contemporary Catholic music pioneer. You want, you can't have You gotta let it go, The more and more yo uhear it Recently at Sunday Mass I became acquainted with a new song. Published by OCP. Hold on to love The lyrics contain a list of troubling things from the news. Today's Music for Today's Church 2020 Supplement, Breaking Bread, Today’s Missal and Music Issue Accompaniment Books. Hold on to love Be always ready May God’s blessings be with you. The best way we can do this is to always react with Love. To hold love in the palm of your hand, But you think that round the corner OCP (Oregon Catholic Press) is committed to providing the very best resources, music and service to Catholic parishes and worshipers all over the world; fulfilling our mission to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all. Treat it as a good thing As always, I love to read your comments below as well as hear from you personally by clicking here. ©2020 OCP All Rights ReservedTerms of Use  Privacy Policy, Love Goes On [Accompaniment Package - Downloadable], Love Goes On [Keyboard Accompaniment - Downloadable], Love Goes On (Violin I, II) [Instrumental Accompaniment - Downloadable], Love Goes On (Solo Instrument) [Instrumental Accompaniment - Downloadable], Love Goes On [Instrumental Accompaniment - Downloadable], Love Goes On [Guitar Accompaniment - Downloadable], The Sacred Paschal Triduum Thursday of the Lord's Supper at the Evening Mass. With the God inspired message of mercy and unconditional love that was placed on his heart during that retreat, Brian has been impacting others all over the country and around the world with his weekly letters, his talks, and his all day Christian retreats. © 2020 METROLYRICS, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. As Christians we are called to make a difference in the world. Heavenly Father, your love for me is endless. But Ken is also a man of balance, with a heart for tradition and unity within the Church. The song, HOLD ON TO LOVE, a collaborative effort by Jesse Manibusan and Ken Canedo is sung by Jesse. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. God blessings to you, Rebecca. Don't go throwing it all away God is love and when we respond to the headlines and to others with love, we will experience God. This beautiful song inspired me to write today’s message. You see this love regretting In addition to loving us, God has also given us the ability to love. Love never fails. Copyright: Writer(s): Lamont Herbert Dozier, Jon Anderson, Songs That Will Make You Cry Uncontrollably, NEW SONG: AC/DC - "Shot In The Dark" - LYRICS, HOT SONG: 21 Savage x Metro Boomin - "My Dawg​" - LYRICS, NEW SONG: Rod Wave - POP SMOKE - "MOOD SWINGS" ft. Lil Tjay - LYRICS, NEW SONG: Shawn Mendes - "Wonder" - LYRICS. You need, you can't touch Love alone has shaped our soul, and our hearts are always restless unt Finally, he says that if we give away everything we own, and if we hand our body over so that we may boast but do not have love, we gain nothing. Hold on to Love. Even better, go online and buy this song and listen to it regularly. You're leaving This health challenge has only served to draw Brian closer to God and bolster the importance of this timely yet ageless message. In 1 John 4:7-12, we read that “Whoever is without love does not know God, for God is love.” I guess we could surmise from the headlines that our world is full of people who do not know God. After each item this phrase is repeated: “HOLD ON TO LOVE.” Please take a moment and listen to this beautiful song. In time, faith gives way to knowledge and understanding and hope gives way to fulfillment. It truly spoke to my heart. Brian, a lifelong Catholic, felt his life was forever changed when God spoke to his heart while attending an eight day silent Christian retreat in November of 2011. Love on the other hand is permanent. Brian is a Christian author and speaker. Love can see right through ya We must always HOLD ON TO LOVE! They're queuing up to hold her It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. You can leave God’s love is forever, it is unconditional and there is nothing we can do to lose His love. She tries so hard Love never fails.”. If we take an inventory of the many spiritual gifts that God has given us like: speaking in tongues, prophecy, knowledge, faith, and even self-sacrifice, we will find that none of these has value devoid of love. Hold on, hold on, Hold on to love Don't let it pass you by You work so hard To be in love with her She tries so hard You gotta let it go. But of these three, love is the greatest. Join our email list: Learn about new products and events, and receive exclusive deals each month! John Newton’s life story is about the love of God Who preserved him through many a “toil and snare,” perhaps his toiling fruitlessly in life without Christ and held in the snare of sin, debauchery, and drunkenness” but when a fierce storm threatened his life, he cried out to God and “saved a wretch like me” which Paul could have identified with (Rom 7:24). There's nothing more important Yeah, yeah, Hold on to love With that electric feeling, You work so hard We must never let go of this truth: God loves us and we must love others! Hold on, hold on Hold on, hold on. Hold on to love Today’s news headlines are filled with sadness, confusion, terror, fear, violence, hatred, prejudice and war. D/C# Bm Bm7/A Em7 A7sus