However, there are other beings there too......... just walking around. and here is the map it's self of 'SCHLARAFFENLANDS', you can zoom in and out on any section of it you want. Some Et's have resided there for millions of years. Asking for proof (absolute proof) is a red herring. . Lava flows from where? So probably option B. Copyright © 2020 David Icke Books Limited There is no such thing as proof in science. Finally, the gravitational attraction inside the supposed hollow earth would be zero. The Hollow Earth Theory. Subsequent songs didn’t quite live up to his previous success, however, and he began to doubt his entire approach to music. Just now, Noteverythingisaconspiracy said: 8 minutes ago, Noteverythingisaconspiracy said: Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. However, Newtonian gravity remains untested in other areas. Someone makes a wild claim, and is going to show proof of it, and then, through no fault of their own, is unable to follow up? About the burning core, there is no mystery either. Proof is something that belongs in the realm of mathematics. He says that they are entirely peaceful, and it's a true paradise down there. Supposed inhabitants inside the hollow earth would live in a near zero-g environment. I remember a teacher in Grade 10 (30 years ago) casually mentioned this book in passing (throwing us a bone) and we all thought he was off his rocker thinking that the earth was hollow. This forum is great for the learner. Christian Sacrifice. I was surprised to read a review of the book from Dr Tom Van Flandern (astronomer, formerly U.S. He mentioned what seismologists call the 'shadow zone' which is the large area in the centre of the earth that no P or S waves ever penetrate, and he has concluded that it is more likely that they cannot penetrate that because there is nothing there to penetrate (seismology does not work in gas). I have just finished reading a very detailed book that has half convinced me that the earth (and other planetary bodies) are hollow. Thanks for the link @screamingeagle I'm looking forward to viewing it. If the mass of the Earth is wrong, then so are our estimates for those of other bodies. Advanced Search. If you put everything one knows in doubt, if you put everything that is said in doubt, for a variety of reasons, then you can always come to a self-consistent, or at least undebunkable set of statements. Pictures of these are hanging in Vatican today. Moderator:93krystalmoons. HiveMind forum > Members Area > Consciousness / Empirical Metaphysical Reality / Psychedelic Universe / God / Dreams / Archetypes / DNA / Crystals > Hollow Earth. I think someone found a very gullible family to make fun of. ", This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our. Display as a link instead, × Please read up on the incredible amounts of science that describes how our earth was formed and how we know about the inside of the Earth. When looking at houses, a prospective homeowner would want to brand new homes over existing homes in case they are able to afford them for a few explanations.In case a homeowner had the option of designing the home of theirs or settling for a current property, most would decide to design a brand new one…. This formula has been used to determine the mass of the Earth. From what I've seen of your world, do you think anybody votes for sweet? Powered by Invision Community, Copyright © 2020 David Icke Books Limited. Weirdly, as to the question of whether the inside is empty space with an inhabited shell, the answer is yes. hivemind1984. However, these entrances are guarded by an evil subterranean race of reptilians. Because if those you serve expect you to just disregard everything you hold true, simply to alleviate their short sighted demands, then you only have two choices. In terms of cosmology he could not see why gravity should be the predominant force in the universe when it is so weak. Except they have some unusual features. Newtons shell theorem says gravity is 0 at the centre, and infact at the centre you would be being pulled out in every direction, so i cant imagine there would be much pressure there since all the forces are acting outwards on you. New and existing members - please take the time to familiarise yourself with the Forum Rules and Guidelines, thanks. I happened to read it many years later and combined with other resources (the Tuesday Lobsang Rampa collection, Admiral Byrd's diary, the book called the The Smoky God, etc) I have no doubt that there is a middle earth, hollow earth, Agharti, Shamballa, Shangri-La, Thule, Arktos, Valhalla, and Hades - whatever it's been called throughout the ages. Famine. Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars. Location: both surface dweller & Hyperborea bi-locator, OK, if you want to know if anyone is looking into the Hollow Earth Theory then just look @ this website or youtube this 20 year + physicist's name Dr. Brooks Agnew @. Oddly enough a good majority of the world's earth quakes appear to be at that depth or very close to it ( just an observation). Not if they have any sense the wouldn't be. "The Hollow Earth" was written by Dr Raymond Bernard and published in 1969. YES! But he was spotted working in a Birmingham branch of Superdrug not long after. Obviously, our understanding of gravity must be correct. Hollow earth makes more sense to me. War. Reading Ben's blog just now , I noted he doesn't believe in hollow Earth or Moon, so I thought it might be worth covering. Before there was an internet with satellite imagery., just to be clear,he states that the plantets are hollow as opposed paradigm to the official that they are "solid". Show Threads Show Posts. check out what tsarion has to say... interesting stuff from a variety of sources: That's interesting, because i was searching for a 'physical model' or some kind of a cutaway drawing, to grasp this theory. What did Admiral Richard E. Byrd discover? I find Oz's post a little concerning for what it summarises as much as the factual claims. Hollow Planet Seismology Vs Solid Earth Seismology. Peace & Security. People have written about experiences of the hollow earth such as a pilot officer that flew into it once. Bunk like science that contradicts itself. The author then gives some reasons to believe the earth may be hollow. I could easily believe that this "friend" have tried to get money for his "expedition", only to later come up with a BS excuse as to why it didn't happen.   Your previous content has been restored. Forum "Conspiracy" Theories. Its a truly despicable thing to do. Share with: Link: Copy link. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. a credible source of information. Furthermore, in the last couple of decades, people have used this same technique to calculate phonon velocities in multilayered semiconductor materials, which agree excellently with experimental measurements. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life. Over the next few hours, and with the aid of a rather relaxing bag of skunk that Pato had brought with him, dad explained that a life without principles, is like a life without blood. Amazingly, some of the aliens look just like humans. You can post now and register later. It's incredible that this whole other world exists and so few people know about it! lucky they didn't get to ten then imagine the stink. He postulates that as Hydrogen is the lightest element, due to Newton’s shell theorem making g = 0 at the centre, it would naturally diffuse to the centre and would burn in a reaction similar to the suns. Gullible troll is gullible. I still remember Pato Banton seeking some hollow earth advice from my dad in the late 90s. The Hollow Earth Theory. Allows you to choose the data by which the thread list will be sorted. Also he said there is no reason why the burning core started burning.,, Study reveals how to improve natural gas production in shale, Researchers make key advance for printing circuitry on wearable fabrics, Weather-proof chip aims to take self-driving tech, wireless communications to next level,,,, Very low mass stars, black dwarfs and planets,, Problems of Seismology (Structural Review),, British Geological Survey, West Mains Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3LA, UK,,,,, Natalee Holloway Suspect Sought in Peru Murder. Share. However, it's always daylight since the sun is in the center. Clear editor. For the major causes, firstly, yes heating is an option, but not from localised radioactive decay or faults, but from convecting material upwelling from the core-mantle boundary. But most are alien human hybrids that appear human. Thanks @screamingeagle I'll check  him out, it doesn't matter he's not a flatty I expect this. It is entertaining when we see it in places like here, where no one gets hurt, its when the charlatans go after peoples money or make them believe in things that harms them I draw the line.