The optimal megger for large Generating machines was motor driven megger. Photos show the train in three progressively closer photos. What are the biggest secrets in Jane Eyre? F4: Written in ink lower edge "Norman Coad". Beauty and Bogong Village during the construction period of the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme. It has an agent's plaque fixed to the left of the face and on the right is the marker's recessed stamp. The SECV constructed the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme in the Upper Kiewa Valley and on the Bogong High Plains. This is the 1st minute book for the Mount Beauty Progress Association Ladies Auxilary. Automatic Level made of metal with black leather carry strap. He perished in the winter of 1936 after attempting to make the first winter crossing from Mt. After a lady is seated in a​ restaurant, she realizes that she only has ​$38.00. You can cut the milk carton horizontal if you want more planting space. Ladies fashion shoes, black, leather and latex with red insole and resin sole, pointed toes, low stiletto heels. The sides of the top section are isosceles triangles. let the ht be 10cm. A silver sticker on top of the unit "It is unnecessary to see a complete circle when finding level" it includes three diagrams to assist. This was applied to the device being tested for a duration of approximately 30 minutes with reading of the resistance taken at regular intervals. These photos were taken in 1950 by Bill Peel who was appointed as a secondary teacher at the newly built Mt. His hut is significant in the history of Cattlemen's huts on the Bogong High Plains. It is listed in the Victorian Heritage Register. Ladies fashion shoes made in Fitzroy by Ivan Porter of Goold & Porter Pty Ltd, during the 1940s and 1950s. A autobiography is also enclosed describing his 12 months as a teacher in Mt. Handwritten in ink "Mt. K3 handwritten in ink "Taken from Mongan Bridge looking up stream". He was later appointed as General Superintendent and then in 1974 appointed to principal Hydro Engineer of the recently titled Hydro Division. Centre top of page. On the second/ bottom level - in a brown glass jar with brown plastic lid "Kuraburn for the treatment of Minor burns"; in a brown glass jar with brown plastic lid "Zeptic" (antiseptic); Johnson's Bandaids of varying shapes in a clear plastic bag; in a brown glass bottle with a brown plastic lid "Germistatic" (antiseptic); 2 packets of 4 Gauze bandages in clear plastic bags; and 1 large absorbent Gauze bandage in clear plastic bag. Photocopied using right half of paper only. 2. The area was known as Gundowring and Upper Gundowring. 1 decade ago. Ron was appointed Area Operations Engineer at Kiewa in June 1956. The cream dress that Margaret wore was her Mother's dress, Reta Vyner. Lv 7. The Summit Hut was funded by Howard Michell and built in the 1940's. …/3 bottom Rt. mash. Stamped under the plaque are numbers 80950. The Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme (KHES) produced electricity for the people living in the Kiewa Valley and beyond to many parts of Victoria. Circular Metal disc with a large safety pin attached at the top of the back. These photographs give a clear picture of the stage of construction of housing in both Bogong Village and Mt. White electrical food mixer with six parts. The iron was popular as it was quick and easy compared to those used previously. Dial (turntable) - centre red with 'Hoover' and red section on outside with 'steam'. Handwritten in ink on back of photo - "Mt. [3], This has led at least one dairy farm to hire a private investigator to discover what is happening to the crates;[4] the results of investigations point to plastic re-sellers being the culprits in the majority of thefts.[5]. K4 - no inscription. 2 Two beaters, silver 3. What is the length, width, and height of 1 L milk carton in centimetres? Written inside in ink "BAG NO.11 TIMEKEEPER - PRETTY VALLEY". Foolscap x 4 sheets, numbers 11-80 list of birds and description Margaret and Ian were married at St. Mathews Anglican Church, Albury on 11th January 1958. Used in the Kiewa Valley to measure the height of distant points relative to a known point used in surveying and construction. First Aid Outfit (Kit), No.20 by "Sanax". These photographs are of historical significance. 246 Minute Book with red cloth spine and thick brownish cardboard cover. The article photocopied from the Yackandandah times states that he (Norman Coad) "was sent to the Ovens District Hospital, Beechworth for treatment" which would mean that this was the closest hospital to the Kiewa Valley for emergencies in 1912. Heading is "BIRDS of the BUSHLAND" followed by diagrams and name of 13 birds. The Gundowring School was opened in 1871 and most likely the Upper Gundowring school would be built at the same time.