Use these numbers to complete IRS Form 8965 — Health Coverage Exemptions (PDF). They called it a “certificate number” in the letter. See page 3 of the 8965 instructions: Many Americans are in Single-Payer Systems Already, Allowed Amount and Balance Billing (Health Insurance). What is Medicare and How Can You Qualify? Does Everyone Get Medical Care in an Emergency? I hate Obamacare. I’ve sent the paperwork in multiple times and have been told numerous times by the Marketplace that it was received and is “being processed”. A number the Marketplace provides when you qualify for a health insurance exemption. I already have, so why am I getting this? How will I get if my form has been received by ECN that I applied in 27 July 2020 to work as a temporary worker in November. Our lowest cost ACA plan is $29,800 for 2017 or 37% of pretax income. Not every website takes the time to read and moderate comment threads and when they do they aren’t always looking out for your best interest. I have filed my 2015 tax return by now and had to pay $525 penalty for not having health insurance , but i have just learned that i qualify for an exemption because “health coverage considered unaffordable” for my gross income. What do I use for the remaining months on form 8965? So keeping in mind that we are a site for general advice and not an official source, from our understanding it is always ok to put PENDING when the confirmation is pending. Sorry, that mobile phone number is invalid. Who else would call a 6000 deductible with a $862 payment “affordable”? is simple an informational website and they have no way of getting you your ECN number. Is there any way I can ensure that I receive the 2015 1095A form within the 60 days? ���E0� Q�.�J�� V?Ėhz�Uj���:u�V����M��X�=r�k�tK�C���㘺)Q:��R��C�)�ȏR��X�S}p�Hd|0F���V�Y������WbF���oi'�=s���A�ƚ��Ag�ˢ�*��xD�����G)�d�S����aH�S��$�x\�J҆���3. They can issue you another ECN and can issue you another type of exemption if they can’t. And it;s been 60 and I haven’t gotten the first callback! I was told that my 2015 1095A form was never issued. But when I called the IRS I was told the Marketplace would have it. Required fields are marked *. I lost mine to and the federal market place can not find any information on it. How can i get those paid penalty back? Call the marketplace, they can walk you through the process. I was also informed by the representatives that a consumer may not contact the Escalation Department to check on the status of their individual application and that the Call Center could only see if the application had been approved once data was entered into the system but that while it was in review there was no way for a consumer to check on it’s status as the Call Center does not have access to that information from the Escalation Dept while it is under review. How are Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Different? its okay I have to send the 2015 1095A form to the IRS by April 6. Called a second time after being told to do so if I’d not heard anything after 30 days, then was told it would be “escalated”. Text HELP for help. If you are bored and enjoy deceit, sure contact them. After reading your comment, now I’m afraid to make another call. a) If the EDD assigned you an EDD Client Number (ECN), please provide the ECN here. In January 2016, I renewed my application and the good news is that I was qualified. (regional or village), or you were otherwise eligible for services through an Indian health care 4827 0 obj <>stream I filed for an ecn last year and got one for 2014 and 15, but lost the letter with the ecn number – how can I retrieve that number? Health Insurance Marketplace® is a registered trademark of the Department of Health and Human Services. Nobody at the Marketplace can tell me what paperwork is needed and why I was told the exemption was approved, but now all of a sudden it’s still being processed. If you don't have it by tax time, you can try filing for another hardship exemption using your troubles with getting an exemption as a hardship. This is ridiculous. Senior Marketplace management admitted their staff are all employees of General Dynamics and the Exemption Center is an entirely different and separate entity with no means of contact. Explain all of this away for me please. What Good is Health Insurance You Can’t Use? The Marketplace will mail you a notice of the exemption eligibility result. %%EOF Find out what happens if you miss open enrollment. A federal government website managed and paid for by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. To this day, I’ve not received the ECN #. I would ask the or the IRS directly. Could Medicare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board be a Death Panel? Very important note though: Don’t give your personal identifying information out on random website comment threads. Has this happened to anyone else? This website is not and we have no way of getting or giving to you your ECN Number. 1332. endstream endobj startxref Where do you find your OBAMA CARE TAX DEDUCTION REGISTRATION NUMBER/what is it for? With that said you can amend a tax return (but that costs money). If you had coverage for a month then you don’t need to claim an exemption for that month. You are right in that ObamaCare can be confusing. And so are both parties. New card. Members of Indian tribes—You were either a member of a Federally­ recognized Indian 1 2 3 4 5. Essentially I was informed I would be contacted by mail and that was the extent of their resolution. I received my ECN number. I can’t remember the exact mechanics off-hand, but this is explained in the 8965 instructions. You can just write PENDING if you need to file before that. 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