Bites on you or your pet’s body is another factor that can point towards bed bugs. Anyone can get a bed bug infection, but those most at risk are people who travel frequently and people who live with shared walls such as apartments or condos. It doesn't matter if the area is tidy or dirty. Oregon The more cluttered your home is, the more hiding places exist for bed bugs. Oversize blankets that drape to the floor can also act as a ladder for the little buggers. Bed bugs can’t live in your mattress or box spring. Montana Apply the anti-itch cream to the area, following the instructions on the package. This also means that bed bugs bites are typically found on the arms, torso, head, and neck. You’d think there would be some debate around calling one bed bug product “the best”, but if you look into the research it’s quite clear. Your email address will not be published. North Carolina Kill bed bugs by freezing them. Colorado This usually isn’t necessary unless you have an obvious and major infestation that doesn’t seem get better with treatment. West Virginia Professional heat treatments will cost even more. Water alone isn’t guaranteed to kill them – these bugs are pretty good at floating so they don’t easily drown. Connecticut Remember that before you move anything from your bed room, it should be sealed in a plastic bag or bin. However, if you are planning to do it yourself, I've provided you great tips and information about bed bugs to help you in your battle. While you’re in monitoring mode, you want to make sure no other part of your bed is touching the floor or the wall so bed bugs have no other way to get into your bed. And treat the filter and the inside of the canister with contact spray insecticide. It may take a few days for bed bug bites to visually appear, but when they do they typically look like red circles with no marked center. Rhode Island Arkansas See our list of vacuums perfect for bed bugs. You may now be wondering which of these dust products you should choose, here are the pros and cons of each. We’ll refer you to a qualified pest control professional that can provide a free quote – just fill out the form below and they’ll contact you! New Hampshire Wash clothes in hot water and dry thoroughly. It offers these benefits –. The process needs to be repeated three times, two weeks apart. Tape a pesticide strip to the side or lid of the bin, and seal your stuff inside for a couple days or however long the … That’s why it’s common to see two or three bite marks in a line along the skin that was in contact with the mattress or pillow. When working with chemicals, always read the directions. To be clear, an encasement doesn’t kill bed bugs on contact or prevent a bug from biting you. You may want to consult with a professional pest control expert before doing something so drastic unless you were planning on getting new furniture anyways. And even if you hire a pro, you’ll still have to do lots of work yourself (moving furniture, washing all clothes, etc.). Bed bugs aren’t repelled by CimeXa Dust, so they’re more likely to contact it and spread it to other bugs. Nevada We’re aiming to have the bed bugs walk across our killing agent, if it instead looks impassible they will go around it or into a different room. Build yourself a kill chamber out of a large storage bin. There are different types of bed bugs in existence. New Jersey Bed bugs don’t like being jostled, so they avoid hanging out in your hair or clothes, but they do like to stay close to their food source, namely you. CimeXa Dust is a 100% silica dust that has no odor, doesn’t stain, and is very low-toxic. Apply soap to the area. Getting rid of bed bugs can be a tricky task because they are expert hitchhikers. Wisconsin Here’s how to avoid bringing them home: We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. One key advantage to CimeXa is it’s not as repellent as bed bug sprays. Use well-known insecticides to kill bed bugs. Keep clothes and luggage off the bedspread and floor. Yes, bed bugs live all across the US. Bellow dusters work great for spreading residual insecticide powder. This can actually be the most effective step in the entire process. Bed bugs will bite any skin they can get to. If every area of the home doesn’t reach 120 degrees then you could be left with bugs and eggs that come back when the treatment is over. Antibacterial soap; Towel; Anti-itch cream; Instructions. Bed bug bites often appear in a somewhat straight line, but not always. Bag up daily items like shoes and wallets. Reduce clutter in your home. You want to get the product along the route that the bugs travel as they come out to feed and return back to their nest. North Dakota An old makeup brush is a good tool to spread the dust around on hard surfaces. With less clutter, bed bugs have fewer places to hide and reproduce. Once you’ve done all of these steps, you want to be as vigilant as possible. Steam shoots out at 212 degrees – hot enough to kill them instantly if they’re within range. The markings may look like small rust spots as well, could have a bad smell, or you may even find skin/eggs from the bed bugs. The final spray you should use when getting rid of bed bugs is a bed bug dust insecticide. That’s where a residual powder insecticide comes into play. Other things to look for are blood stains, discarded bed bug skins, a sweet almond smell, and white bed bug eggs. Flat surfaces can be wiped with alcohol or sprayed with a bed bug—killing contact pesticide, but all items that have a small nook or cranny where bed bugs could hide (which is most stuff) need to be treated with penetrating fumes. The pesticide strips shown here are Nuvan ProStrips. There are specially trained bed bug dogs that can smell bed bugs, but it’s not necessary to deal with your infestation as a first step. Leave it on for about 15 minutes to reduce the swelling. If the insects are in great numbers, you can smell a sweet, musty odor. Their eggs look like small grains of white rice, about 1 mm in length (sorry for all the food references). Their bite causes itchy red bumps similar to mosquito bites. Have you ever heard the saying, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!”? Do not rub or scrub your skin. Tape a pesticide strip to the side or lid of the bin, and seal your stuff inside for a couple days or however long the manufacturer recommends. West Virginia Insecticides are an effective way to eradicate bed bugs, but not the only way. Many brands kill other insects, like fleas and roaches, as well. If you have a box spring, you’ll need an encasement for that as well. Inside outlet boxes is a great place to use powders because sprays and electricity don’t mix. Bed Bug Trap by EcoBugOut and Interceptor Trays 24 Hour Detection and... 6 Steps to Safely Get Rid of Bed Bugs [DIY How To], 6 Best Mattress Covers/Encasements for Bed Bugs, 3 Best Bed Bug Traps [Most Effective for INSTANT Relief], 5 Best Vacuums for Bed Bugs [FAST Bed Bug Relief], Bed Bug Heat Treatment Guide [3 Effective Methods], Do Bed Bug Bombs Work? These won’t eliminate your problem, but you may be able to catch a bed bug to confirm you’re dealing with an infestation. Room treatments entail thorough cleaning and applying chemicals. Bites alone are NOT a reliable enough indicator to say with certainty if you have bed bugs or some other condition. Select your state Look for the signs of bed bugs in the room. If you’re trying to get rid of bed bugs then you know it’s no laughing matter. Wipe a small inconspicuous area first to see if the alcohol will damage the paint or finish. It isn’t a poisonous chemical, but rather works on a physical level which makes it safer than most sprays on the market. Plus: Here Are the Best Household Cleaning Supplies & Products. The best way to confirm you have a bed bug problem is through visual identification of the bug itself. Lavander. If it isn’t, you could inadvertently transfer bed bugs to other parts of your house. A lucky few will have no reaction at all. In case you needed more benefits, this product works not only on bed bugs, but also on spiders, fleas, ticks, lice, roaches, ants, firebrats, silverfish, drywood termites and mites. Tennessee When you finish, throw out the vacuum bag to avoid spreading the bugs. You also want to be sure to heavily steam your mattress, box spring, headboard, baseboards, and anywhere else you suspect the bed bugs may be residing. Rinse the area with warm water until all the soap is removed. So consider declaring a DIY war on bed bugs. Inspect luggage and store away from living/sleeping areas. By submitting this form, I am giving my express written consent to be contacted by email and/or telephone at the telephone number provided above in regards to pest control services. Get rid of bed bugs from your home quickly with these tips! Wisconsin Set traps in areas where they may hide or travel, like near baseboard trim or under nightstands. Some oils like tea tree and neem oil can't kill bed bugs, but they work well to repel them. So what’s the best solution for a do-it-yourselfer to tackle killing bed bugs? 1 Comment. Bed bugs usually travel via clothes, luggage, coats, or whatever they can get. Make a more thorough examination by folding the piping over and closely inspecting both sides all the way around, top and bottom. Gently apply the cream, but do not scratch or rub the area with a lot of pressure. Temperatures above 120 degrees F kill all stages of bed bugs.