thanks lifeforce, 10 years ago One of them is making a 3D pyramid in a quick way. First you fold the paper in half hamburger style. T_T Just follow the pictures. And now you have a bound book that didn’t require any tape or staples to make it. There is a way to make a book without tape, glue or staples.The materials you need are:-Paper-A Pair of SisccorsYou might need many sheets of paper based on what you are making, but keep this in mind one sheet of paper equals 4 pages.This is my first instructable so please rate and comment it. That's how I understood step three.
Purduecer, Reply If you didn’t measure or cut correctly you may need to make the cut a little bit bigger. Otherwise not bad, keep up the good work. Supplies: scissors, paper (at least 2 sheets), pencil, optional ruler. Mark on the fold of each piece of paper a line, approximately two fingers up. Slides, Raises, and Re-Stumps; Boat Moves; Storage Yard; Projects; About QHR. There you have it no tape, no glue, and no staples.

on Introduction. Thank you. This is so nice! 8 years ago Such a wonderful and safe design -- thanks again! 7 years ago Share it with us! Show me please? By DTaco Follow. Slide it though the slit made in the first sheet of paper. Bend (fold but don't crease) the second sheep of paper length wise. I don't get it. 7 years ago Unbend the second sheet so it's slits fit in the first sheets folded joints (connections). I dont know how to explain this. House Removals. This is my first instructable so please rate and comment it.
:) I lovee this method of "book-making". Your email address will not be published. Basically you just make the openings bigger to allow for the thicker sheets. Science Sunday: Manta Rays | Adventures in Mommydom, Science Sunday: Shark report | Adventures in MommydomAdventures in Mommydom. May I suggest having a picture for your intro step (this way it will be more catchy to any random passersby) Get another sheet of paper, and cut the dotted parts for part 2! Thanks for telling! on Introduction. Sorry if is=(, Reply This will be the base. Since, this is going to be one of the primary features of tomorrow’s post, and it takes some explaining to put together, I figured I’d better explain it here. 16 days ago, I think you should use better lightting. Supplies: scissors, paper (at least 2 sheets), pencil, optional ruler 1. Thought I would help with the words of how to do this.

on Introduction. You want the fold to line up in the middle. Did you make this project? On the first piece of paper, cut on the fold up to the mark on both ends. 1. over all its awesome, but just tell me if it is offencive.

on Introduction. Nice!You can adapt this for thicker paper by making diamond cuts instead of a square slot, and cut triangular wedges from the top and bottom instead of slits. You could fold it the other way, but it looks more like a normal book this way. 2. To add more pages, just add more of part 2! This is a cool idea of how to make a book I like it. Introduction: Make a Book Without Staples and Tape AND Yarn! :-), Lady Gaga Cosplay - 2020 VMA's Halloween Costume. -- you're right the "putting it together" steps are hard to describe in words but the photos do the trick. You could make a book that is durable, and can add more pages in, only with paper and scissors! You could fold it the other way, but it looks more like a normal book this way. 11 years ago 5. this is awesome!!! Sorry, but what if it have to had 15 pages? Get a sheet of paper, and cut the dotted line for Part 1! I want it to have four pages but I didn't want to use staples since they're not safe for a little person. Reply But other than that you did amazing. I made it public. If you want more sheets you can do more. I am using the idea to make a birthday card for my little grand-daughter. Participated in the Holiday Gifts Challenge. P.S. Roll the first sheet of paper like a burrito. 3. Hamburger fold both of your sheets of paper in half. on Introduction, no offence, but what if a school project came up? Reply 10 years ago Thanks for reminding me :O I could totally do this for my niece.

The spelling, the grammar, the picture quality, all perfect, but the information is key. So far, its possible to fit about 10 pages easily. U w UPay atention to the captions.