However, due to its success, it is also distributed separately. You can apply for child support services online through the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR). [1] COVID-19 - All Ayo & Iken Florida offices are open and operating as an essential business under the State of Florida order. After this determination is made, the amount of child support to be paid by the non-majority parent will be calculated. Florida Child Support laws are pretty clear: If there are minor children there is child support. The court can refuse to impute income if a parent needed to stay home with children to care for them. The resulting net income amount will be the number on which the child support is based. References. They can apply for owed support too. Pro Se Legal Forms and Documents Preparation Tel: (386) 868-3700. Call for a free case evaluation. You can’t predict what they will be. Child support agreements should detail when a parent will notify the other parent of a medical expense. For instance, one parent may lose a job and be without income for a substantial amount of time. Most states make no provisions for child support while a child is attending college unless there is a written agreement between the parents. What child support forms in Florida should be used? wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. For assistance with international cases, please see the Hague Child Support Convention: Judicial Guide, created in May 2018  by the Administration for Children and Families. A court will grant a request for modification of a child support award if the parent can show a change in circumstances, which may include: Don't interrupt the judge or the other parent when they are speaking. Meaning of Continuity of a Stable, Satisfactory Environment Regarding Timesharing, Timesharing and Virtual Schooling during COVID. The Promoting Child Well-Being & Family Self-Sufficiency Fact Sheet Series discusses how and why the child support program provides innovative services to families across six interrelated areas to assure that parents have the tools and resources they need to support their children and be positively involved in raising them. INQUIRIES regarding these benchcards: Contact OCSE at You’ll need to gather some information to get started, like the income of both the mother and father. I highly recommend Howard, a capable, competent and zealous advocate for his clients. Changes to Florida law have done away with old terms that made one parent feel inferior. Some things you can deduct are: Determine net income by subtracting deductions and exclusions from your gross income. The courts would prefer to have the parents agree on private school. In some situations, the increasing expenses associated with raising a child can become grounds for a modification of child support. Her and my son have moved from Florida to North Carolina to live with me. If the grandparents give a set amount of money to the parents on a regular basis, it is income. This will be based on the median income of full-time workers as derived from the U.S. Census Bureau. Do not send confidential information via email through this site as contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not protected. This fact sheet highlights several evidence-based best practices to establish realistic orders, including practices promoting parental involvement. Usually, these types of uncovered expenses are not a part of the child support agreement. Sometimes one parent doesn’t want to play along. If there is 50-50 parental time-sharing, then the main income earner may pay less child support.