:) I do have a round face shape, so what you said makes sense. I'm not photogenic so it takes a lot of tries to get a decent picture where I look normal. Why do girls look so different in selfies than they do in real life? In some of my pictures i'll admit I could probably pass as a model. But the truth is he’s already much better-looking than that score in … I look so much better in camera flash than in normal photos? Why should movement impart greater attractiveness than stillness? It depends on the person. you look different cause your used to seing your reverse in the mirrior etc so you like it better since you see it the most. Idk, its the other way around for me lol. They say even in the pictures that I take myself (which look much better than when other people take them), I still look slightly different in them (example: my nose looks a little wider than it does in person, or I'm slightly washed out looking...). because when you take pictures you go through so much to make it look perfect. is it okay to use gel topcoat over regular nail polish ? Promise. Hmmm, don't get why my personal opinion would warrant a down vote. My personal opinion. well I can get a good picture that looks like me if I take it myself but if someone takes a pic of me at a party I look totally different and really ugly haha. This hurts my image greatly because all my Facebook pics look crappy, plus my online dating ones. Most people have one curvier eyebrow and one straighter or pointier. If you think you look better in person than in photographs, you're probably right. And if a picture is taken in a dark room with a bright flash, it can actually make you look older or shinier. If you think you look better in person than in photographs, you're probably right. So I don't take many pictures. Only you can build it up then other people will see how pretty u r. Second off have fun in taking pictures they can be good memories for you and a lot of people have acne and they have to get over it in there own way.. Mostly in person....but I got a couple of teeth straightened this year (they were tilted in and I wore invasalign-style braces to push them out) and my pictures are looking much better … I wonder why this is? I use iphone4 which takes clear pictures, but not exactly, im the same way! Some people tend to look better IRL than in photos, while others can look better in photos than they do in real life. I aged 10 years in it =(. The way you look and the way you look in a particular picture are different matters. the camra makes me look funny haha.. its gay. if you want to see it for real. and I know some kinda decent girls who look great on camera. I have the same issue. The researchers also showed the effect has nothing to do with the videos containing more information: when the "flattering" ratings of an ensemble of multiple stills of a face was compared against ratings of those same stills in a video, once again the video received the more positive ratings. Millennial Men and The Pussifacation of American Males. I know beautiful girls who look like crap on camera. It has to do with how your pictures pic up the light.