If you do not have one, you can visit any of our Income branches for assistance. Yes provided that your policy is one with no vesting. For the locations of Income servicing branches, please click here. I do not remember taking a loan from my policy.

Premium charged to credit card must be for the full premium. The annual management fee is factored into the bid price of the fund. You can click here to access our online enquiry web form. What are the policy fees for Income's ILPs? The Income Tax Relief is 7% of sum assured or the actual premium paid, whichever is lower, up to a maximum of $5,000 (Including CPF contributions). Interest is therefore charged to cover the loss in investment earnings arising from backdating. If you are overseas, please check with your telecommunication service provider to ensure you are able to receive messages from Singapore. For premium payment via ATM / AXS / Internet or Phone Banking, you will need to enter the Bill Reference Number and premium amount in order to make your payment. The amount deducted will be reflected in your monthly statement. Policy is not an Investment Linked Product.

How do I terminate the GIRO arrangement for my premium payments? Applicable to both living and death benefits for life and accident & health policies. Can I deposit the regular payment if I receive it in my bank account? The refund is a lump sum amount which will reduce the cardholder’s overall outstanding bill in the credit card statement.
But if he has passed the maximum vesting age of 25 years old, you will have to do an Absolute Assignment (meaning to transfer the policy to your child immediately, no vesting age is available for you to choose). Operations review found that 90% of calls received were between 8.30am and 6.30pm from Monday to Friday. Box 2348. How can I arrange to pay my monthly policy loan repayment via GIRO? Examples which qualify as one transaction : Single premium Top-up / Regular premium increase, Sub-Fund switch within ILP / Fund Switch of Unit Trusts. Alternatively, you can call our hotline at 6788 1122 to check on your application status.

All trustees plus beneficiaries (at least age 21) are to give this consent by signing on the Policy Loan Agreement. They will be sending letters to notify you of their intent to establish contact to resolve the matter. Your insurance policy may not be valid if we discover the non-disclosure of material information in the future. Will I be notified when the regular payments are due? Please note that “View policy document” function is only available for the following policy types: • Life insurance (policies purchased after 26 Sept 2019). Can I backdate my regular premium policy? This group of Insured usually has a higher probability of making an early claim. last) yearly premium at the end of four years. Is there an alternative if APL is not my preferred option? How do I submit my DDA / GIRO application? Once your policy has been issued and your credit card details have been entered in our system, the outstanding premium will be deducted within five working days.

When premiums remain unpaid after the period of grace, we will advance the premiums on your behalf so the basic policy and its riders can continue at their original coverage amount (called the sum assured). We will stop the cheque payment and assist to deposit that specific regular payment. We want to be fair to shareholders and reward them in a timely manner. 166 Bukit Merah Central What should I do if I choose to utilise the regular payments? We will only attempt to deduct one instalment on each deduction date, regardless of whether the previous deduction attempt was successful or unsuccessful. The Co-operative Societies Act provides for revocable nomination of any legal entity (individual, association or corporation). A copy of the form can be obtain from: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf. Nominations can only be made for policies which provide for death benefits (e.g. You will have 30 days as a period of grace to pay the premiums that are due. (Inside NTUC Fairprice) Premium deductible via credit card is subject to the credit limit set by the Bank on the credit card holder. The eventual returns or losses on a product may be determined by complicated formulas that may not be easy to understand. Office Hours: Income Support field office curbside and limited lobby hours will be open from 10 a.m. to noon, daily. I travel frequently. The maximum loan that can be taken is a certain percentage of the cash value. Both the policyholder and the cardholder will need to be present at any Income servicing branch with a copy of the company business profile. Can I repay my Life policy loan via GIRO? Please allow sufficient time (about 14 - 45 days) for the new application to be processed and activated. The bank will bill the cardholder monthly. This is part of our security measures to ensure requested changes are authentic and done at your instruction. How do I change the payment frequency for my policy via me@income? Over the Counter Swipe only Instalment cases are allowed only if they relate to the credit card Instalment Payment Plan (IPP). We will inform you if there is a need for you to go through any medical examination. You need to notify Income whenever there is any changes in the information provided to us previously so that Income can advise on the required documents (if any). SIPs are derivatives, or may contain derivatives, and these usually add complexity to a product’s features and risks. Alternatively, please email your enquiry to csquery@income.com.sg or call Income hotline at 6788 1122. The premium will be deducted within five working days once your life insurance application is approved and your credit card details are entered into our system.

We will not be able to provide online access to your me@income account if you choose not to sign up for this. Yes, our workshops will provide after-service warranties in line with industry practices. Policyholders who are holding a life insurance will be notified by email once the statement is available at me@income. What is the redemption value of the shares?

For the locations of Income servicing branches, please click here. Once you have successfully created an email address, you can then proceed to register it as your new User ID on me@income. What if I am no longer residing in Singapore? If there are any pending transactions such as policy alteration requests or claims. Thus, if you pay $100 per month and change to yearly, your yearly premium will be $1,200. With the SingPass Mobile app, you do not have to enter both your User ID and password each time you access me@income. For a copy of the Investment-Linked Policy Premium Holiday Form, please click here. If you are changing to a DBS/POSB account for your LIFE policy renewal premium, you may apply via me@income (https://me.income.com.sg/) and you will get an instant approval. Examples of products: Enhanced IncomeShield, ElderShield, PrimeShield, Managed Healthcare Scheme, Dependants' Protection Scheme, LUV, Plus! How do I ensure that access to my me@income account is secure? Please check the application form to ensure that all information is correct and complete if your insurance adviser is completing it on your behalf. We will send you a cheque by the due date. I have a total of four policies that are deducting from the same bank account. $1,200/yearly. If you prefer, you can also use these methods to contact us. This interest is calculated daily and compounded every year end.
Alternatively, you may complete the Change of personal particulars form. Please ensure that you complete the following information on the form: Once, you have completed the form, please submit the form to us by: Any alterations must be accompanied by a corresponding signature of the Bank Accountholder. They will conduct themselves in a professional manner and will not engage in any abusive or disruptive behaviour. For example, the Will must provide for the distribution of all death benefits under the policy and it must specify particulars of the policy. How do I obtain a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) after contact centre operating hours? A clear front and back copy of your NRIC/FIN card or passport for verification. Once a trust is created, the policy owner will lose all rights and control over the insurance policy. Yes, all legal fees / cost are to be borne solely by the borrower.