He would form a bond and deep respect for fellow members such as Atom Smash and the Jay Garrick version of The Flash, as well as butt heads when Captain Marvel joined the team. took elements mostly for the New 52 version of the character, the upcoming Black Adam film starring Dwayne Johnson will likely combine his previous origins to put a villain on the screen that is as ruthless as he is layered. This change of backstory gave nuance to Black Adam’s more violent tendencies and even earned him more respect from Billy Batson. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Instead of Egypt, he hailed from the fictional Middle Eastern country of Kahndaq, and his turn to villain had a far more tragic motivation. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Though the JSA warn against moving against, or into other countries, they leave Black Adam in charge of his own. Lacking in any real nuance or depth, he was a typical cackling villain, whose only real motive was to stand in the way of Captain Marvel/Shazam. By Timothy Donohoo Nov 30, 2019 Like many characters who first appeared in the Golden Age of Comic Books, Black Adam was initially a one-note, one-dimensional villain. 's Nemesis Into a Hero Black Adam, a formerly one-dimensional villain, has become one of DC Comics' most complicated characters. Black Adam has had heroic moments and a sympathetic backstory in the comics, but his role in most stories show the ruthlessness he has. Despite this, he has shown his noble side once again in his protection of Kahndaq, developing an ironic friendship with fellow dictator and villain Sinestro. His next modern origin would be given in Jerry Ordway’s Power of Shazam! Instead of being seduced by Blaze, his country was conquered by Vandal Savage and a villain named Ahk-ton, who wielded immense elemental magical powers. Shazam, who named him “Mighty Adam,” when in his superpowered form, labels him “Black Adam” and banishes Teth to the far side of the universe. In the pages of JSA, Geoff Johns and David Goyer would again change Black Adam’s origin, giving him his origin’s more popular rendition. Black Adam would continue to battle against Theo Adam’s evil personality, betraying his then-current team of the Injustice Society.

Don’t you miss when the characters narrated precisely what was happening on the page? Like many characters who first appeared in the Golden Age of Comic Books, Black Adam was initially a one-note, one-dimensional villain. The resulting struggle also leads to the deaths of Black Adam’s family, furthering his rage. This version of Black Adam is far more callous than ever before, threatening to kill Sivana even after the scientist saved him, and taking a plane full of passengers as hostages. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Unfortunately, these powers corrupted him, forcing Shazam to renounce his champion, rename the darkened soul Black Adam, and banish him to the most distant star in the universe. Theo was a reincarnation of Teth-Adam, and upon speaking the magic word, regained his powers.