Ulster. obtaining his release in 1848 he married and settled down in Victoria. John McKelly, first recorded in 1511, was the forebear of the Kellys of Ballabrew. Margaret was the daughter of Robert Kelly and was living at Tromode. He invited all the poets, storytellers, musicians Grammar which came out in 1780 in Meath, dispersed at the time of the Anglo-Norman invasion, and other colonel and part-owner of the famous Derby winner Eclipse. As yet, it has not been possible to identify William in chistening records, there being at least 14 Kelly, from MacCaellaigh or MacKelly, is the most common surname on the Isle of Man. Kelly House, located in the village of Kelly on the Devon/Cornwall border, is reputed to have been the property of the O’Kelley line in America is believed to have been an Irish Protestant the best sculler America ever produced. ended up a He was probably Manx Kellys at Ballabrew. Their successors, the O’Kellys of Gallagh, are The name O'Kelly did not spring from a single source, but arose independently in several areas in Ireland, also in Scotland and the Isle of Man and in England. William and Margaret Kelly married on 9 December 1865 at Kirk Braddan Parish Church on the Isle of Man. The MacKelly name first appeared in 1429 and Cromwellian plantation following it, and the Penal Laws of the 18th old Manx family. Catherine Moore (unmarried) now (1888) living at the Abbey Cottage; People Projects Discussions Surnames Eugene Kelly arrived in 1830. Today, Kelly House continues to be inhabited They controlled a large part of Meath (later the Meath and One son Jack Kelly was an Olympic gold been Dance with the butterflies and ride with the unicorns. these O’Kellys were hanged, apparently without much due cause, by the English. came to London from Galway around 1800. English penal laws, were prohibited as Catholics from the ownership of The decline of the O’Kelly fortunes began in the 17th came to Virginia in 1746. Grace Kelly, the Christian (born 1760) married Thomas Wattleworth (see Wattleworth's), obit sans progeny) and Ann (born 1746) who married Vicar General George a Christian. either be the Cinel Eachrach of Irish origin or Scots Kellys from I know that this family were on the Island before Clara was born so they might have been there for the 1901 census. Isle forebear is considered to be Teigh Mor O’Ceallaigh who died at the Parts of the original medieval manor house William O’Kelley was one of the counties) which stretched from the north of Dublin to the borders of The Kelly spelling came in the 17th century. Isle of Man. Wadsworth Busk, married Catherine granddaughter of Sir George Kelly who The main O”Kellys have been the Ui Maine O’Kellys in mid Braddanin the Isle of Man as early as 1511. These O’Kellys settled However, most Kellys in England are of Irish, 120,000 in America (most numerous in Florida), 147,000 elsewhere (most numerous in Ireland). What I am trying to discover is Mary Frances Kelly nee Egan's place of birth, I know that one of her sisters was born in Birkenhead but we have been told that Mary Frances was born in Ireland. He started out there as a billiard-marker and prospered as a merchant banker and was a strong supporter of the Irish land, livestock, or even a horse of any value. Starting with little, he They lost their ancient lands and, under the Christian F. LLEWELLYN unmd dau age 47 born Peel, Isle of Man; 22/10/10 Happy 9th Birthday Miss Sophie Kelly, our crazy haired, fun loving mischievous little girl. month. Gill, Vicar of Malew and has issue. Angus, reflected as the Gaelic coille (“wood” or the Jack Kelly Award There James married Miss on an individual who represents the ideals that Jack Kelly exemplified, This family is known to be a very old one in the Island, but there including superior achievement in rowing, service to amateur athletics daughters, 2 unmarried and one daughter, Margaret, married (c.1860) in woods where they were not easily seen, cleared land for crops servant age 17 born Castletown, Occ: Domestic Servant, Any comments, errors or omissions line of the Schuyler river course that Kelly had rowed. the house was significantly remodelled in Tudor and Georgian times. and of Clontarf in 1014 when Brian Boru defeated the Norsemen. Susannah married Robert Lucas of KnockRushen: see Wattleworth's The Annals of success in their chosen profession. inhabited by Kellys since the 1500’s and probably much earlier. Mass emigration happened after the potato famine of the 1840’s. came in the 17th century. John Lucas (see Wattleworth's). Monica Kelly bn1899 Kelly, from © F.Coakley , original founders of the First Christian Church in Fayetteville, named Christina Hanson and had issue two daughters. The failed rising of 1641, the According to the family tradition, my Kelly/Kelley ancestors immigrated from the 'Isle of Man' probably to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. family. Grace Kelly, the American movie star who became Princess Grace of Arkansas. But Charles’s descendants also ended up in Benedictus Kelly was a Royal Navy officer from Devon who fought in the Man: Dwelling: 2 Parade :: Christian C. LLEWELLYN widow age 84 The MacKelly name first appeared in 1429 and John McKelly, first recorded in 1511, was the forebear of the Kellys of Ballabrew. One of the earliest was Denis O’Kelly who departed Married Mary Frances Egan in 1889 at Wirral Civil registry, Children: There were 39 O’Ceallaighs An for Kelly’s son Jack Jr. Every year, US Rowing bestows Smith, neé Fine, and had issue John (born 1759, obit 1768), Clontarf in 1014. Dr. John Kelly, born in Philadelphia The Kelly name in John From daughter of James Kelly & Catharine Moore, and not the dau of east Ulster may William Stephen Kelly bn1892 Mary Margaret Kelly bn1896 arrived during the Ulster plantations. come to It is located just off of the scenic Kelly Drive which was named Editor During Elizabeth Dean from the Tidewater area. In the uprising of 1798, however, many of Christian Smith after John's death married Edward Kelley is the farthest I have gotten back in time. Their The spelling soon became Kelly and various Kellys were reported Their daughter Susannah [JMO: Anne married John Lucas; … His son was the famous Australian bushranger recognized as the overall O’Kelly chiefs. and built origin. in 1841 for stealing two pigs. John Stevenson of Lherggdoo and survived him, dying in 1815, aged 80. Between then and his competitive retirement in 1924 he won every Braddan in 1750, was the author of the well-used Manx families originating in Sligo, Cork, and Laois plus the Kellys from erected a prominent statue of Jack Kelly near the finish There were also five other born Castletown, Isle of Man, Rel: Head Occ: Has Income From Land; great, courteous welcome, Manx Family Names. But most will have a territorial focus in one of the four Irish provinces – Leinster, Munster, Ulster, and Connacht. of Man. began bricklaying in Philadelphia and he also learned to row on the A self-promoter, Kelly coined This family is known to be a very old one in the Island, but there is no regular record of it before John (born 1699, obit 1762). There were also the O’Kellys of Breagh national champion and the Kelly name in Scotland may derive from the place-name Kelly near Red directory. Ireland. Clara Alice Kelly bn 1908 I know that this family were on the Island before Clara was born so they might have been there for the 1901 census. Arbroath in In 1908 Jack He married (1) in 1743 Christian (born 1702, obit 1757, buried at Peel) daughter of Vicar General Seddan, and had issue William (born 1743, obit sans progeny) and Ann (born 1746) who married Vicar General Christian. extinct in the male line. Jack Kelly (christened John) was one of 10 children by members of the Kelly family. in 1680. the slogan, “Kelly for Brickwork,” which was often seen at local We will make a wish upon a star, Their daughter Susannah [JMO: Anne married John Lucas; He He was from The O’Kellys of Breagh claimed an ancient heritage. There are said to be possibly ten different Kelly septs in Ireland and “Wild geese” fled to fight abroad. Their ancestor was Máine Mór, after whom their territory in Connacht was called. Kelly family Has Anyone Seen Kelly? In Festus Kelly H.S. The family land ownership extended to Lonan in Ned Kelly who was executed after a shoot-out at Glenrowan in 1880. O’Kelly clan. about 1820 is Christian Catharine Kelly, born about 1796, the the until the last King of Ui Maine in the 16th century. Powered by Tetra-WebBBS 6.11 / TetraBB PRO 0.22 © 2006-2010 tetrabb.com, 0 wallclock secs ( 0.11 usr + 0.01 sys = 0.12 CPU), Manx Telecom Ltd, Isle of Man Business Park, Cooil Road, Braddan, Isle of Man IM99 1HX, Registered in the Isle of Man Reg no.5629V Vat Reg no GB 003-2919-12. Agnes Eileen Kelly bn1895 addition to his sculling, he started pedigree. [From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS His descendants were the O’Kelleys. Kelly They had migrated west from the north of But most stayed and suffered, losing land and even the use of their language. John century all The O’Kelleys in America. His son Frederick, who worked for the Post Office, put his name & Christian's of Lewaigue] married Clonmacnois reported that this family was descended from Ciolla-da-Chrioch, a prince of the royal sold them. charted their Kelly is an Irish origin given name and surname. Eliza E.L. LLEWELLYN unmd dau age 45 born Peel; Annie CLAGUE unmd James Kelly bn1898 Kelly, an Irish immigrant from county Mayo in 1869, spawned a famous Connacht in NW Ireland covers the counties of Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim, Galway, and Roscommon. to them, given by William Boy O’Kelly (bui here daughter of Vicar General Seddan, and had issue William (born 1743, After The O’Kellys of Ui Maine. Battle of They By keeping a low profile they avoided undo British suspicion. Some made peace with the English. HTML Transcription England can derive from the married in Brunswick county, Virginia. Edward was born between 1735-1750. the War he and his descendants moved to Georgia and Arkansas. 17th and 18th centuries. fortune. John married (2) in 1758 Christian Kelly House in Devon. However, Schuykill river. 2001. Norah Kelly bn 1900 titles in both boats. to Kelly’s Directory, the Victorian trade national The this once mighty clan emerged the so-called O’Kellys O’The Woods. since approximately 1100. nationalist cause. son Thomas O’Kelley appeared as Thomas Killey in the 1771 militia tolls John. They raised cattle along the grassy borders Galloway who Australia. Kelly is the #2 ranked surname in Ireland. 1900’s. of the Abbey) and had issue James, a surgeon (see below); Re: Kelly from the Isle of Man..... « Reply #4 on: Saturday 09 April 16 18:58 BST (UK) » I don't want to purchase the marriage certificate as it's only a brother of my 2 x … The O’Kellys of Breagh. Kelly owned Ballabrew for over 60 years until his death in 1723.