Today’s coverage from Post correspondents around the world, Like Washington Post World on Facebook and stay updated on foreign news. They can enjoy many benefits, such as an efficient healthcare system and an affordable quality of life, rich history, arts and culture, beautiful landscapes and hundreds of miles of coastline. And in the dense northern strip of small Italian towns where the virus first flared — now put on lockdown by authorities — life has become complicated for the many older people who live there. Barolo, Barbera, Nebbiolo, etc. | Company Tax Number ESB62762091.

Download the video instead. With rich mountainous areas inland and the eastern border being formed by the Adriatic Sea, buyers can choose between seaside homes and mountain views, served by the region’s excellent public transportation system – making a journey to the coast from inland quick and easy – and sheltered in the area’s famously peaceful atmosphere.
Retirement in Italy tops the charts for overall quality of life.It's a land of historic significance, architectural marvels, beautiful cities, never-ending feasts of culture and amazing food.

They took care to remain several feet apart from anybody else. Efforts to study the illness are only in the beginning stages, but flulike viruses of all kinds tend to be disproportionately risky for the old. Italy is wonderful!! The government has tried to curb unnecessary crowding in hospitals, urging people who think they might have a fever or respiratory problems to dial a hotline before getting in their car.
Italy has at least 322 confirmed cases and 11 deaths, all people who were elderly or already sick, and cases have soared in South Korea and Iran as well. Others said they were worried about their children. The virus can be carried by anybody.

But even as Italy works to contain what is the first major coronavirus outbreak in Europe, there is growing concern that the virus is outracing the health measures. With white-capped mountains and forested hills, bordered by a turquoise ocean and some of the best beaches in Europe, it has a view for every palate. Here we take a peek at 5 best places to live in Italy. If you haven’t decided yet, then think about our top regions for retirement in Italy and start your research. Centrally located with easy access to the airports at Turin and Milan, the region is also connected to Liguria for those with a yen for ocean air.

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They often offer many fun activities that require very little mobility.

The walled Renaissance city of Urbino, especially, is worth a visit. For people 80 or older, the death rate hits nearly 15 percent.

Tuscany – Tuscany remains the most beloved region of Italy by international investors. Hidden in the heart of Italy, Abruzzo features a calmer, more peaceful tone than the modern world offers, one where life follows a slower pace. Prices include VAT (Italy).

Owning a Beach House in Italy under Blue Flags 2016. [0054/Arg,342/Sfé 156 114276ý]. Gobbi says he is still healthy, going for walks in the countryside and taking 10,000 steps per day, and says he can’t remember the last time he even had the flu. They can enjoy many benefits, such as an efficient healthcare system and an affordable quality of life, rich history, arts and culture, beautiful landscapes and hundreds of miles of coastline.And now especially great property deals. You can also use the search function at the top of this page to find previous discussions on the tour companies here on this site.

Some fees may be exempt from VAT. Your email address will not be published. “I spend the whole day with the TV set on, a shut-in, and I only get out for the most important chores,” said Piera Salamina, 71, a retired math teacher in one of the sealed-off towns, Casalpusterlengo. The cuisine is, of course, exquisite, and the views to die for. But as it spreads through China and accelerates in other parts of the world, it is delivering an unequal demographic blow to the elderly and those already sick. Italy has a far higher proportion of people in their 80s than does China.

“The purpose is preventing the virus from entering our facility,” said Danilo Achilli, the health director of one Italian nursing home in the northern town of Chignolo Po, where the workers now wear masks and where management has decided to put strict limits on visits from relatives.

She described the virus as an “aggressive flu.”.

It is dotted with archaeological sites and spectacular views, and the property prices must be seen to be believed.

Abruzzo – Anyone looking for the most beautiful spot in the world could be excused for reaching Abruzzo and stopping right there. Fundamental q sean de tipo económicas,aunq necesiten acondicionamto p/ponerlas a punto y utilizables. Tours.

“Well, this is not something nice to hear from television. Le Marche – Cheaper and more tranquil than Tuscany but equally wonderful with its 20 of the country’s most beautiful villages, Le Marche is an ideal choice for the buyer who wants something more from life. Italy, though, presents a particularly grim laboratory for the virus’s risks.

It is the most popular worldwide, and for this reason it is also more expensive buying a home here, especially if compared to other equally beautiful regions such as Marche and Abruzzo.

In the nearby town of Chignolo Po, which has not been closed off, the nursing home has been taking new precautions, and several visitors who showed up in recent days to see their elderly relatives were turned away. Puglia, on the other hand, is a recently-discovered gem among the international community, and its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. Cruises are great opportunities for senior citizens to get out of the house.