Sign up is completely free. The Japanese words, phrases, and verbs sections have vast lists of contents. Learn more about the Japanese language, and Japanese cultural information in the “Japanese Culture” module. Begin to learn Japanese language from basics. Learn to read, write, and speak Japanese with correct pronunciation from these websites. Matcha is a cool Japanese travel and culture magazine. These sections are to practice, and strengthen your Japanese. At the completion of the course, you can also take a test. Other lessons include educational videos, quiz, radio, and transliteration. This website has vast content to teach you Japanese, right from the basics. There are other language tools as well on this website: Quizzes, Stories, and language games. The course is named Enjoy Learning Online Japanese, and has 10 lessons. 123Japanese is another decent place to learn basic Japanese. The lessons include: Writing, Phrases, Grammar, Numbers, etc. The course is divided in to 4 levels. However, it manages to teach you Japanese quite efficiently. This online keyboard allows you to type Japanese letters using any … Resources include: links to help students with grammar, reading, listening comprehension and discourse; links to online textbooks, search engines, and support sites; and links to Japanese newspapers, professional organizations, and mailing lists. However, when I taught in Japan, I also met students who lost their love the language after moving to the country. 101Languages is another decent place to learn Japanese online. These sections are based upon different situations you might face, like: introduction, taxi, hotel, airport, restaurant, numbers, etc. You also get audio playback for these lessons, making it possible to learn Japanese pronunciation. You can also checkout the list of best websites to learn Chinese Language, Korean Language, and Russian language. A website where users can learn about Japanese language and culture alongside the contents of the textbook "Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture". You can also create your own lessons in a language you know, and help others. Users The course starts with a basic introduction to Japan and its culture, advances to basic Japanese, and then advanced level. As you move further, the level of words and sentences gets difficult. Each lesson has animated video, audio, and key phrases to help you learn Japanese even better. notes, reading comprehension exercises, audio files and photos. The course begins with an introduction to the course and Japanese language. You need coins to unlock lessons, you get complimentary coins at the time of sign up, and you can also earn coins as you move forward with the lessons. It’s available in 8 different languages, including an easy Japanese version! provides free course to learn Japanese language. These contents are audio supported which makes it simple to learn actual pronunciation of Japanese words and phrases. You can also take few quizzes, or read a Japanese learning blog linked to the website. Also the audio recorded here are by the native Japanese speakers. Things you will get to learn here: Japanese characters, Basic and intermediate Japanese lessons, numbers, Words, Phrases, Speaking and Writing Japanese. There are also links to other Japanese Language websites, a forum for students, a section for kanji and even a section about popular Japanese baby names. Listen and learn from translation of general conversations, and phrases. After you learn every lesson, you can take a little test to check your progress. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Initiatives - Click here to learn more. Teach Yourself Japanese with this awesome website which has substantial Japanese language learning material. Listen to their translation, and practice to learn Japanese language. Get the scoop on popular food, drinks, and desserts local to Japan!'s online guide, Namiko Abe, posts weekly Japanese lessons on different topics, a daily "phrase of the day", and answers to readers' questions. textbook with an integrated selection of classroom activities, grammar FluentU provides free online Japanese learning course. Since 1996, Japanese-Online is considered to be the best Japanese language and culture leaning site for people interested in Japan. WeSpeke is a chat based website where you can learn Japanese for free. At the end of every module, you are given an online certificate as well. The Japanese learning course on this website has 8 lessons. Audio support is only available if you sign up for the website. These sections include lessons, lists, and language tools. The audio support helps a lot with learning Japanese language. Learn basic phrases that people use everyday. The course includes: A very good website which teaches you to read and write Japanese easily. There are various conversation based lessons to teach you conversations that might happen at a given situations. The lessons are based on flashcards, and audio. There are different courses available here based on both Kanji and Romaji Japanese. HSC (High school Certificate) listening, reading, writing, speaking texts Various texts on topics including: personal world, daily life, leisure, future plans, travelling in Japan, living in Japan, cultural life, the world of work, current issues, skills aimed at Year 12 HSC students. Download the course in PDF and audio format for free to learn Japanese, while you are offline. The AJALT (Association for Japanese Language Teaching) website has a free course to teach you Japanese language. You can learn the basics of Japanese language for free at this website. Are you already learning Japanese language? Learn Japanese right from the basics, or learn as an intermediate learner. Each lesson is later divided into various topics. The website has 7 lessons: The course is completely text based, and there’s no audio available. Japanese language course is available on for free. The website features over 800 Japanese Words in its picture dictionary. You will find a number of lessons to teach you Japanese language. You can also take the traveler course if you wish to travel Japan. Japanese is spoken majorly, and is the National language in Japan. Few of these lessons are supported by audio playback, and few are totally textual lessons. This wonderful website can be used to learn Japanese, and teach your native language as well. These situations include: Introduction, shopping, home, hotel, beach, bar, taxi, market, bank, etc. This website has a collection of phrases and conversations that you may have to use during different situations. Learn Japanese Free has a vast collection of Japanese learning material. Why not do the lessons with a friend and try speaking Japanese to each other? These lessons include Introduction to Japanese, Japanese characters, Numbers, Greetings, Basic Grammar, Vocabulary, and Dialogues. is a carefully created website which will teach you Japanese language. The course is divided into 5 modules: MyLanguages has more than 40 lessons in Japanese. Right now though, we’ll take you … Memrise is an online learning platform where you can learn Japanese language for free. The available audio lessons, along with pictures are: NHK World is one of the best places to learn Japanese language. Live Lingua is a PDF and audio based Japanese language learning course. Study Japanese Grammar, learn Japanese Vocabulary, learn to read, write, and speak Japanese on this website. Topics included in these lessons are Japanese alphabets, numbers, grammar, vocabulary, phrases, etc. These flashcards are supported by audio as well. Apart from basic course, you will find Educational videos, podcasts, ebooks, games, quizzes, and much more. Along with different lessons in Japanese language, you will also find various Flash Quizzes. The other two modules on this website are Flashcard, and Quiz. The course lacks audio support, however, is a capable tutor of Japanese language. Cooori is another free language learning website to learn Japanese. Learn Japanese numbers, alphabets, vocabulary, and much more. Begin learning from Japanese alphabets, vocabulary, and useful phrases, along with pronunciation. I found that students studying Japanese abroad often had a passion to learn the language because of their love for the culture, the people, and an appreciation for the Japanese way of life. Busuu is an awesome website to learn Japanese Language. The situations are rendered with the help of animation. Learn the Japanese grammar rules with our helpful guides! Later the course advances with grammar, phrases, sentence formation, etc. The vocabulary and phrases section is based on different situations, like: time, transportation, money, eating, bars, shopping, driving, etc. You will find these lessons subdivided into different topics, explained neatly. It has audio based lessons in Japanese Vocabulary, Phrases, and Grammar. Japanese Online Newsletter Vol. The course has 25 video lessons, which take you through different conversation situations. Learn Japanese is fun place to learn Japanese free. The useful language tools available on this website are: Japanese radio, Vocabulary games, Japanese keyboard, Quick translator, Flash card, Accent & intonation, etc. The lessons start from lesson 1, where you start learning with Japanese characters. The course includes 11 lessons in Japanese, all supported by audio playback.