A cool twist on the Japanese tiger tattoo that will pack a punch (appropriate for a hand tattoo). The smoky background serves to highlight the main elements and make them more vivid. The awesome Bengal tiger accompanied with the cherry blossom flowers looks like a real king of the wildlife. The tiger combines well with the scarlet rose, and this great tandem stands for beauty, love and passion. Going for a straight black look here makes the design stand out even further. The massive tiger with the ferocious and violent face feels like a real king in the dense jungles. Bright colors and deep outlines make this particular design. A traditional Japanese tiger tattoo design, this playful tiger-cat has the mischievous look of being up to no good. Deep lines and shading make the tiger seem alive without any need for color. The majestic tiger performed in the traditional orange-black tones looks very aggressive and vicious, and it seems as if the beast is going to attack you. The tiger is coming up over the back as though he is looking over the shoulder, a protector of the person. The vivid furious tiger depicted in its natural conditions looks absolutely realistic. The neat Japanese tiger tattoo adorning the male’s chest looks like an emblem. From the waterfall to the jungle, these images go with the various meanings of the tiger in Asian culture. All the elements like flowers, waves and leaves carry a huge symbolical meaning: power, passion, energy and might.

This same tattoo would work as part of a sleeve or forearm piece.

The intensity of the tiger is emphasized in the extension of the whiskers and the colors of the eyes. The stunning Japanese tiger tattoo design is performed in the red-orange color gamut. This tat is done not as a whole piece, but in the form of the wavy lines, and it makes this motif offbeat and creative. Sometimes, you just want a black and white look. Putting the tiger and the flowers into plain black with delicate shading makes a complex design seem elegant. Would you like to be in trend and don’t know which tattoo design to get inked? Striking colors and the ferocious snarl of the tiger bring life to the piece. The shadows accentuates every aspect of the tiger and makes it even more frightening. This royal animal greatly combines wisdom and beauty. The tiger has long been a mystic and mysterious symbol in Asian culture, but even more so in Japan. The royal feline with the composed and calm face expression looks extremely realistic and fascinates with its aesthetic appeal.

Working together as a team, they are one and possess the same qualities of strength, stealth, and mystery. Bright colors add to the overall effect of the piece. The furious Bengal tiger is greatly incorporated into the whole scene. This neat Japanese tiger head tattoo design is definitely for strong-willed personalities with the bold character. Adding bright purple colors complements the water, while contrasting in an artistic way with the orange. Look at this awe-inspiring Japanese tiger tattoo embellishing the back.

No matter what look you are going for, a Japanese tiger tattoo will stand out and make an impression. 2020 Looks Like Candy | Best Trends in Makeup, Hair, Nails and Tattoos, Looks Like Candy | Best Trends in Makeup, Hair, Nails and Tattoos, on 40 Majestic Japanese Tiger Tattoo Designs. This wild animal can keep you away from the misfortunes and the evil spirits. The ferocity of the attack as it protects the jungle fits with the Japanese tiger tattoo meaning.

Whether you go for bright colors or black and white, Japanese tiger tattoos will be a cool piece to add to your tattoo collection. © The black and white also hearkens back to the traditional ink drawings of ancient China and Japan. Japanese tigers often get paired with aspects of nature to reference the spiritual nature of the tiger. If you can’t stand the vibrant colors, you can get inked this fabulous tiger with the floral pattern because it’s done in the subdued brownish-black color gamut and looks very beautiful and noble. The awesome tiger tattoo design adorns the male’s leg. A unique take on a tattoo sleeve, the design splits between the chest, shoulder, and arm. Creeping along, the crouching posture of the fearsome beast reflects the movement of the clouds and waves in the scene. Japanese Ink (@japanese.ink) added a photo to their Instagram account: “Japanese half-sleeve tattoo by @pino_cafaro. A blend of colors and neutral space, this highly stylized tiger makes a huge statement. The red leaves on the sides and the grass imitation serve to add the realistic effect. May 31, 2018 - Japanese Tiger Tattoo. The incredibly beautiful Japanese tiger tattoo performed in the black-grayish technique covers the entire back. The white waves on the tiger’s body add a zest to the image and make it more enigmatic. Going for a straight black look makes the tattoo spring off the forearm. Without any other elements, you can focus just on the details of the beautiful animal itself. Snarling expression, the extreme eyebrows, forked tongue, and bright blue color all combine in an intense tattoo. The enraged tiger with the aggressive look and the knife-sharped teeth arouses the fear.

These two animals represent the battle between the good and the evil, where the tiger symbolize justice and wisdom, and the snake stands for depravity and seduction. It is also interesting to note the spots on the tiger, as historic Japanese artists mistakenly believed that female tigers were spotted. Deep colors, snarling expression, and muscles taut ready to pounce, this Japanese tiger drawing is about to leap right off the calf. This design, while it fits with the Japanese tiger tattoo drawing style, makes the connection back to the ancient Chinese lore. At Looks Like Candy, we live to bring you the yummiest new looks! Fitting two tattoo pieces into one awesome design, the combination of different animals makes this jungle scene truly awesome. Required fields are marked *. The skillful shading work accentuates all details and creates the natural atmosphere. Even down to the placement of the tail near the actual tailbone, giving the appearance of the tail belonging to the tattoo owner, the tiger and man are one.

Rather than go for a conventional tiger or tiger-eye tattoo look, the Japanese tiger tattoo designs give a stylized version with matchless artistic flair. See more ideas about Japanese tiger tattoo, Tiger tattoo, Japanese tiger. The tiger itself shows power and ferocity in its expression. While color is absent from the design, gray shades work together to provide contrast between the animals and make them stand out from the background. The snazzy Japanese tiger tattoo carved on the arm. The stunning Japanese tiger tattoo extends over the arm. You can also see the movement of the stripes to mimic clouds, continuing with traditional Japanese tiger tattoo meaning. Here, red and white flowers are the beautiful contrast to the terror of the tiger. The tiger is a sought-after tattoo idea, and it enjoys popularity not only among men but among women as well. Using the blues and reds in addition to the typical tiger colors heightens the Himalayan look. Disclosure: This Japanese tiger tattoo page contains affiliate links. From the storm clouds to the cherry blossoms, symbols of Japanese lore and culture support the tiger design. The abstract look of the tattoo fits with historical Japanese artwork, from the bright colors and look of the figures. For a Japanese person tigers represent strength and virility – much like everywhere else. The sweet colorful Japanese tiger tattoo adorns the female’s thigh. A different style of Japanese of tiger tattoo, this design incorporates a warrior with the tiger stripes on his face. The gorgeous Bengal tiger chilling out on the fat belly.

This royal predator can be not only a symbol of the destructive force and aggression, it can also represent wisdom, beauty and reasonableness. The tiger comes alive with the movement of the back and the facial expression, as though it were ready to attack. The creeping predator with the fierce look is going to attack its victim. That fits with the idea of the tiger and dragon as yin and yang in Japanese culture. The warning of the roar is all they will get before the attack comes. Going for the full back look provides an extreme look. The intricately-detailed beast secretly looking out of the leaves in a search of the next victim. The colors of these flowers also work with the bright orange of the tiger.

This badass Japanese tiger tattoo inked on the stomach look like a sticker. The awe-inspiring Japanese tiger tattoo placed on the quarter sleeve. In this design, it is easy to see by the look of the stripes that the Japanese based their tiger artwork on pelts rather than the real animal. Not only does the roar of this tiger make it intimidating, but several of the design elements also reflect the depiction of a dragon in Japanese art. Additionally, the depth of the colors heightens the overall feeling of the tattoo. Lotus flowers are seen in Asian cultures as a symbol of purity and enlightenment.

[3]. Opinions expressed here are author’s alone, not those of the sponsors or advertisers. A unique placement on the pelvis, this same Japanese tiger tattoo would work on the upper back. This brightly-colored predator with amber yellow eyes depicted so realistic that you can feel its wild and mighty nature.

Another design that plays off the natural curves of the body, this Japanese tiger tattoo drawing moves down the hip and onto the thigh, following the natural turn of the tiger’s spine.

The astonishing Japanese tiger tat inked on the thigh.

As the tiger is commonly paired with a dragon in Japanese lore, it makes sense to go for a mashup of the two.

In this Japanese tiger forearm tattoo, there are several levels of intensity. A tiger is a traditional Japanese design and is a true piece of…. In the Chinese philosophy, it’s reckoned that the tiger embodies the passion and the female’s nature of the Yin sign. Venture into the jungle and explore the king of all beasts and cats. Few animals make for such dramatic subjects as the tigers depicted in full-color Japanese tattooing. This mighty beast riches in symbolical meaning: it can represent not only ferocity and violence but beauty and sensuality as well. The striking Japanese tiger tattoo extends over the leg and attracts by its beauty.

The dragon brings the clouds while the tiger brings the wind. The Japanese people accept the tiger as the holy beast and as a symbol of the autumn, that’s why the falling red leaves add significance to the motif. A change to a typical Japanese tiger tattoo drawing, parts of both the tiger and the dragon work to make their own fearsome creature. Looks Like Candy is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Another nod to Himalayan artwork, the extreme nature of this small Japanese tiger tattoo comes across. The awe-inspiring Japanese tiger tattoo inked on the half sleeve. [2], While many Japanese tattoo artists had never seen a tiger before in the flesh, they used their house cats as models for the expression and movement of the beasts. The amazing Japanese tiger tattoo embellishes the male’s leg. If you are a fan of full sleeves, this is a great look. The severe open-mouthed beast depicted in the surrounding of the bodies of the flame which highlight the hot and fierce nature of this majestic animal. The strikingly colorful tiger combines well with the traditional Japanese symbols: the beautiful cherry blossom flowers and the azure tidal waves. This fits with the concept of yin and yang with the dragon being the more active yang to the passive tiger yin. Truly, a traditional Japanese tiger tattoo design; the tiger and dragon are two matching halves of one whole in ancient Japanese culture. Hand drawn by the artist and took 5 hours to complete. This Japanese tiger tattoo meaning moves to a new level with this gorgeous and detailed design. This discreet green-eyed beast looks lifelike on the body. Shades of gray give the design depth without needing to incorporate color. Other Japanese themes fill out the design, such as the flowers, mountains, and bamboo.