You can first try pressing SERVICES on your SKY REMOTE and scrolling along to the Network and trying to connect this way, or go to Catchup on the screen, this should trigger "You need a connection to the Internet Router" on screen, then follow the instructions. Please be wary of advice about disabling the 2.4GHz network, though. It sounds like a simple connectivity issue easily remedied. Press the standby button on your remote, then turn your box off at Ensure that the lights on your box has completely disappeared this is s signal the box … Go to your Booster and press and hold its WPS button (far right) until its amber light starts to flash. @STEPHI23  I still maintain this to be a simple network issue. If you have tried the above suggestion and that hasn't worked then go back to settings but don't select, first press 001 on your remote and then select. To check if it is, go to Settings, Network, Setup and highlight the Status box. You may need another Sky Q Booster, so you should contact Sky support directly if your problem is not solved. 07:24 PM After all, aren’t they supposed to be 802.11ac 5GHz devices? To fix this, press and hold the reset button on the rear until the power LED starts to flash. Your Sky Q Silver box connects to your router via 2.4GHz, to ensure that it works with every system. When the box restarts press Select and then go to the closest connected Sky Q device (the main box or Booster) and press and hold its WPS button (far right) until it flashes amber. All Sky Q Mini boxes also connect to your 2.4GHz network, which might seem a bit wrong. Really think the box has given up.!! It uses Wi-Fi to pump content around your house from TV box to TV box and can even be used as a mesh Wi-Fi system to ensure you have no dead spots at home. You need to connect your main Sky Q box to your Hub properly. Pull out the tab on the Sky Q box and plug an Ethernet cable into this, then run the other end of the cable into your router (Sky Q Hub or otherwise). A secondary problem is deciding to connect your main Sky box via Ethernet, as this can interfere with your mesh network. Just ignore any phone messages telling you not to contact them. Connecting your main box via Ethernet can also cause problems, as you have to properly reconnect all of your Mini boxes and Boosters to your network, so that the mesh network can be rebuilt. Go back to your Sky Q Mini and it will connect to the network and then your main Sky Q box. Wait until the wireless LED turns a solid green, then press and hold the WPS button (far right) on your Sky Q box until it flashes amber. Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020. If you decide to use Ethernet from your main box, you need to properly configure your entire system again. Wait for the bad weather to pass. Don't turn off your box or try to watch TV while the box is in download mode. The internet is working fine on all other devices and I have run checks through my sky account. If you don't have Sky broadband, read my guide on how to extend Wi-Fi range. How the mesh network works depends on whether you have Sky broadband and a Sky Q hub, or a regular broadband connection. Reset on the right hand side. If you’ve reset the box but your still seeing problems it could be an issue with your remote. Read on for the full story or jump straight to the bit you're interested in using the links below. You also need to reconnect your Sky Q Mini boxes. Sky Q uses a 5GHz mesh network for video streaming to Sky Q Mini boxes. Please remember to give the boxes a little time to settle down: they may default to the 2.4GHz network on the first connection until the 5GHz network is established. The Service Status page will be able to tell you if there are any outages in your area. It's driving me mad..!..!! For Sky Q, the latter points are the most important, as you only need enough bandwidth to stream HD and reliability is more important than speed. The Booster helps transmit your mesh network around the house and should remain where the Sky engineer put it. This brings up a hidden menu. The video should appear back on screen and everything should work properly. If you connect your main Sky Q box via Ethernet, then the 2.4GHz channel is not used, so disabling it is pointless. Go to your main Sky Q box and press and hold the WPS button (far right) until its amber light starts to flash. Ensure that the lights on your box has completely disappeared this is s signal the box has no power. The default installation option is to have the main Sky box connected to your existing 2.4GHz network for internet access. So, the only reason to disable 2.4GHz networking here is to make sure that your 5GHz network is working; if you lose the image, then the 5GHz network is down and you should reset everything. In rapid succession press Home, 0, 0, 1, Select (or the touchpad on the touch remote). The 2.4GHz network connection to your router acts more as a backup, so a problem with 5GHz means that your boxes can continue streaming; however, in a properly functioning system all streaming should take place over 5GHz. If you see the name of your home network, your Sky Q box is set up correctly. Setup, Ultra HD and everything in between. The Booster will connect and its Connect light will turn solid green when the connection is stable. No new notifications. There are some simple checks you can carry out to see what might be causing the problem. Sky Q box has lost connection with the sky hub. You're up to date No new notifications. Additional Sky Q Mini boxes connect to your 2.4GHz network and also to a hidden 5GHz mesh network. If you don’t have Sky broadband, you should see on your Mini boxes that if you go to Settings, Setup, Networks, Advanced settings that your box is connected to a wireless network, with a name, such as SKY0B59: this is the special network that the Sky system has created and is completely normal. Sky Q box has lost connection with the sky hub. While still holding the backup button, switch your box back on at the If not, click Reset and then select Confirm. If your boxes are set up correctly, they’ll continue to get a picture on-screen; if the signal drops, you have a 5GHz mesh network issue. 07:25 PM. Like I said it doesn't give me the option to reset..... just 3 options to connect..... which I've tried and still nothing..!! It's simple to create a Sky iD if you don't already have one, or get help with your Sky iD if you've forgotten your details. I think there is something wrong with the Sky Q box...... can anyone help....?! ‎26/10/2020 If you’ve got the Sky Q Hub, your router also acts as part of the mesh network, and you get an additional feature: your Mini boxes act as Wi-Fi hotspots, repeating the same network name around your house and improving coverage. This is mostly a good thing, but some people have had problems where devices ping between the Mini’s Wi-Fi and your router’s Wi-Fi, which can cause connectivity problems for some devices. Press and hold the backup button on your box. For a stable system, you have to use the default settings. In this case, you may want to temporarily disable 2.4GHz networking to see if it fixes your problems. After a short wait, the Sky Q Booster’s Connected light will turn solid green, showing that the Booster is part of the network. Firstly, try resetting your sky box with a simple reboot. Firstly, try resetting your sky box with a simple reboot. Give the signal a while to settle down: the Mini box may default to the 2.4GHz network at the start, before connecting to the 5GHz network for a more stable connection. Let your box connect to the network. Any drop-outs or issues here will come purely down to the quality of your network connection and your network speed. You have three choices to connect, choose the one that is best for you. Thank you all for your help..... most appreciated, You don't get this view @STEPHI23  (might take a few minutes for picture to appear), I am in the same boat, thinking if ditching Sky altogether if I can't actually get to talk to someone, ‎26/10/2020 Once the download is done, the box will switch to standby. A mesh network means that, in the system, every Sky Q device (main box, Mini boxes and boosters) acts as a booster, but it's the system that finds the most efficient and fastest way of transmitting data: your Sky Q Mini box in the bedroom, for example, might send its signal to a Sky Q Booster, which then sends it to the main box. This means that download speeds to your Sky Q box are limited by the quality of your wireless network. If you've been having a few problems with the system cutting out, then we're here to help with our guide to getting those problems sorted out. To do this, go to Settings, Setup, Network and select the Reset option, then select confirm. The answer is yes, but what you can’t see is that there’s also a 5GHz Sky mesh network running in the background, which is used for streaming. how to fix Sky Q problems if you don't have Sky Broadband, how to fix problems if you have Sky broadband. If it asks why you're calling, just say 'technical' to get through. It’s a little harder to tell if your Sky Q Mini box is connected to the mesh network, as viewing the network settings will just show you that it’s connected to your home’s 2.4GHz network. This forces the boxes to use 5GHz networking, which sounds great, but you shouldn't have to do this at all. If the lights do appear, go to the next steps.