Now, we have nothing against two-stroke bikes and all this is about looking for a plausible explication to why they’ve lost that much ground in these last few years on a bike which’s manufacturer still makes such machines. Electric Start ~ Yes Fuel Gauge ~ Digital It’s fairly light and agile, though not the most agile bike out there, and combined with the motor, the bike is very easy to ride. We messed around quite a bit with the AER 48 fork and coil spring shock but failed to get comfortable with the stock settings. Which one is better - TVS Apache RR 310 or KTM RC390? 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, spark-ignition engine, 75° V arrangement, liquid-cooled, Available Shades in KTM RC 250 BS6 to Choose From, Bikes With Features Similar to KTM RC 250 BS6, Links to Most Popular Images, Infographics and Videos. The 2019 KTM 250 XC received the same changes as the moto bikes for the new model year with an aim at increasing stability. The engine is currently shared with KTM 250 Duke, KTM RC 250, Bajaj Dominar 250 and Husqvarna 250 twins. Primary drive: 22:68 Bore ~ 72.0 mm

Final drive: 13:48 It has a fuel tank of 13.5 L and a claimed mileage of 30-35 km/l. Stand Alarm ~ Yes We’ve replaced our fair share of brake pedal return springs and have a Fasst Co. Spring Kit on order to solve this issue. Body Type ~ Naked Chain: 5/8 x 1/4" Maximum Torque ~ 24.0 Nm @ 7,500 rpm The front end is planted and our confidence was never faltered at high speeds. With 22 kW (30 hp) for an extremely lightweight craftsmanship, it does just that. The 2009 KTM 250 SX-F is sure to make a good impression first thanks to the way it looks and only afterwards due to the way that it performs. So this may be why the stock jetting is still in the bike. So common but it is one thing to point out since the XC’s blue competition does not have this feature.

We’ve raced the bike quite a few times already in the few months we’ve had it and have been at the front of every start. First making a difference both in comparison to the other of this manufacturer’s models and the Japanese ones is the engine, in this case a liquid-cooled, 248.6 cc single-cylinder, four-stroke, DOHC with four valves unit which is neither fuel-injected nor electrically started (helps keep the bike lighter), but do mated to a six-speed gearbox. Tank capacity: approx. Low Oil Indicator ~ Yes Subframe: Aluminium Rider’s Footpegs ~ Yes, Chain ~ 5/8 x 1/4” X-Ring To note, we run 50/50 110 race gas and 91 with Maxima 927 at all times and haven’t experienced pump gas in this machine yet. The adjustable power valve and different springs can transform the engine character to suit just about every rider and terrain out there. Fuel Type ~ Petrol Most manufacturers have disregarded these classic machines and focused all of their attention to four-strokes. As usual, the brakes work very good and stopping on a dime is a breeze with this bike. Set up for East coast terrain in stock trim. Gear Indicator ~ Digital Ground Clearance ~ 185 mm Steering head angle: 63.5° KTM is keen on delivering the best of every product so, for that reason, they dig deeper in each of their bike’s possibility sack in order to find what can be improved, upgraded or simply lightened The bike has a very narrow feel, though with the addition of the E-Start, it feels noticeably heavier than the SX and even some of the XC-F models. The folks down at 3 Brothers KTM ( helped us out with a 2019 250 XC and with a packed year of GP racing scheduled, we’ll be able to dissect this heavily updated bike inside and out over the next year. Engine Displacement ~ 248.8 cc Rear Brake ~ 230 mm Single-piston floating calliper, brake disc Its the most powerful segment from the KTM currently available in India. The power of the 250 XC mimics a four-stroke a bit in that it’s very smooth and linear. The latter allows the clutch to be pulled and controlled with just one trigger-happy finger – saving you energy and offering greater control – just like the pros. We’ve talked the best about the 2009 KTM 450 SX-F and, meanwhile, the 250 SX-F was waiting in line and it finally gets the attention it deserves. Oh, and it looks angry as hell too. The adjustments it offers in engine tuning specifically are really appealing. KTM motorcycles have currently gained the title to have the best power to weight ratio in the segment. Both aware of the fact that two-stroke bikes fade away under restrictive pollution norms and eager to show off their capabilities with each year that passes, the Austrians from KTM do no concessions when it comes to their off-road competition four-stroke models. CO2 Emissions ~ 74.7 g/km In reality, the bike has a strong motor that’s easy to ride and adjustable as well. Odometer ~ Digital

In years past, we’ve felt these bikes (mainly the moto bikes) signed off a bit early up top, but the 2019 XC pulls through and with the addition of the 6th gear, top speed is unparalleled by most other 250’s. The three-chamber silencer has been positioned close to the bike’s overall center of gravity, improving balance and handling, whilst also delivering smooth, instant and beast-like power. Number of Gears ~ 6-Speed Gears Suzuki isn’t that providing and neither is Kawasaki when it comes to their off-road lineups as both concentrate on offering different sized versions of entry-level four-stroke bikes.