That's how he describes his campaign for sheriff. One key factor that distinguished Villanueva from McDonnell was over SB 54, California’s “sanctuary state” bill, authored by LGBT ally State Sen. Kevin De Leon. Vanessa Bryant has filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff Alex Villanueva over photos taken by deputies at the site of a … The union's agenda is about reversing discipline meted out to deputies. “Let’s set aside the past and work out our differences… I look forward to finding common ground we can all stand together on in the interests of public safety and fiscal responsibility.”. "Viv I love you & I couldn't have done this w/o you by my side." 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He pledged deputies will work for the communities and not the "powers that be. Lt. Villanueva had sought to rise higher in the ranks but was passed over for captain. Haselrig, who is African-American, will oversee some of the most sensitive countywide functions of the department — including homeland security, SWAT and detectives. Reminded that Sheriff Block, as well as then-LAPD Chief Bernie Parks, followed then-LA Mayor Richard Riordan’s when he declared a state of emergency in the City of Los Angeles to allow for HIV prevention needle exchange programs to operate without law enforcement interference, despite an edict from then-Attorney General Dan Lungren, Villanueva says he has a different view of the problem of addiction. He replaces now-former Sheriff Jim McDonnell, whom he defeated in a surprise upset in the November election. Alex Villanueva is a Democrat and is also the current Sherrif of LA county and is one of the most decorated members of the Sherrif’s department in LA. A huge factor in his appointment was his military service and his affiliation with the Democratic party. However, his office did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Photo Courtesy LA County Sheriff’s Department. When growing up, he also lived in New York City and Puerto Rico. He doesn’t have tattoos. Though technically the elected position of Los Angeles County Sheriff is non-partisan, the long-held presumption is that anything to do with law enforcement is the political province of “law and order” Republicans. We’re going to afford them all the privacies we can. "I went back and looked at what he did and it was a great piece of work," said La Verne Professor of Public Administration Jack Meek. Indeed, the measure comes in front of the board in the wake of the passage of Measure J, which voters approved on Nov. 3, changing the county’s charter to allow for a baseline of 10% of general fund revenue to be set aside for alternatives to incarceration. The Sheriff's Professional Association provides attorneys for deputies in labor disputes but doesn't have the right to negotiate contracts - a significant disadvantage. Photo from Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. We rely on readers like you to uphold a free press. He took his findings to a commander who encouraged Villanueva to stop pushing ‘the brown thing,’ according to the lawsuit. Many inmates and deputies smoked, and some deputies feared jail violence would spike if inmates didn't get their cigarettes. ", In 2005, he sued the department, claiming he and other Latinos were denied promotions because of racial discrimination, and that he was retaliated against because he had "spoken out repeatedly" about the department's "racially discriminatory policies and practices.". One call stands out, said Batanero. “That perception is changing,” Villanueva says. Of course, there are some physical constraints because of the outlay of our jail system. "He gathered data from each of the agencies and created a framework for evaluating them.". The primary difference between Villanueva and Block, Lee Baca and Jim McDonnell, apart from political party preference, is that the new sheriff has a history of being disruptive in pushing back against perceived discrimination.