The Last of Us: Part 2 makes some drastic decisions, and it's no surprise that many players feel like one of their favorite characters was insulted. Finally, Joel’s death wasn’t fair to players for the simple fact that it wasn’t fair to Ellie. All the comics articles straight from the daily bugle! There were endless ways the game could have gotten rid of Joel, but the route it went left players with little closure, even by the end of the game. While there may be plenty of flashback scenes showing the years Ellie and Joel spent together after escaping the Fireflies, knowing how he eventually dies puts a damper on those moments. She enjoys being a plant mom, complaining about politics, and spending too much time playing Rockstar games. For the player, knowing they played as Joel’s killer is unsettling, and adds to the lack of finality Joel’s death has overall. Abby wasn’t trans. What's The Deal With The Elder Scrolls' Khajiit. To some “unique individuals” sure ” alleged trans women bad for killing my hero“, but for the rest of the fan base, it just didn’t add up! Even more, it was almost unbelievable for players to see Abby kill Joel after having been forced to play as her minutes earlier – time which could have been better spent giving players final moments in Joel’s shoes. That along with killing off one of the best game characters in a stupid and pointless way are where this game will always fall down for me. However, the writing for that part just didn’t allow it to work! Assassin's Creed Valhalla Had Double The Players Online As Odyssey, The Last of Us 2: Why [SPOILER] Deserved A Better Ending, How The Last Of Us 2 Changes TLOU's Best Weapon, When The Last of Us Part 2's Multiplayer Is Coming, Gamers Are Now Review Bombing The Last of Us 2, Hearthstone Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Gameplay Preview: The Old Gods Return, Bright Memory Xbox Series X Review: Relic Of Shooters Past, Animal Crossing's Worst Daily Tasks (& How To Avoid Them). Yes, he attributed most of it to luck, but he knew what he was doing half the time! As the actor responsible for bringing Joel to life, Troy Baker said that the death scene and all its performances were chosen because they needed to be. $1 Billion Acquisition Is Not Small Matter! I get the outrage, but at the same time, that’s what happens when you follow a story, you have no idea how it’s going to play out. They also served to set up the rest of the game’s story while also majorly pulling at the player’s heartstrings. Sisters? If the whole world can move past Games of Thrones and Star Wars, then this will be no different! Going through that more than once gives you that experience! Spoilers ahead! Alexandra is a freelance writer and editor based in Montreal. The world of The Last of Us is unforgiving and I'm willing to bet my life no one was hoping for a hero's death where Joel jumps in front of a bullet to save Ellie. This was leaked ahead of the game’s release, but the backlash against it then hasn’t massively receded despite added context. In fact, considering that Joel is basically a “mass murderer”, and I use that term only because most of it was in self defense, every action has its consequence and I feel like The Last of Us 2 is highlighting that fact. NEXT: Gamers Are Now Review Bombing The Last of Us 2. He made enemies with the fireflies, with the world itself! VARVARION – A High-Speed Sword Combat Action Game Developed By One Person! For those that are wondering, I’ll tell you! Have something to tell us about this article? Everything from PlayStation, Nintendo, Microsoft Xbox, and the mighty PC gaming! PS5 UI Menu Compared To Xbox Series X - Which Is Better? The Ultimate Place For Unfiltered Opinions On Gaming, Anime, Manga, Movies, Technology & More! The Last Of Us Part 2 is arguably one of the most divisive sequels of all time, Pokémon Go: November 2020 field research breakthrough tasks and rewards, {{#media.media_details}} [Warning: Spoilers for The Last of Us: Part 2] Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us: Part 2 threw players a twist early on when they killed off the original game’s main character, Joel Miller, in a brutal and unexpected death. Guess we’re finally here! Many had expectations that they would get to play as Joel for a large portion of the sequel, just like it was in the original game. But that’s not the point. The moment he revealed their names to Abby, who they just met was wild to me! Fan are allowed to criticize at the very least, they both the game after all! He’s also someone that can anticipate a trap or an ambush. Hollywood’s Crusade For Diversity In Media Is Hurting Those It Tries To Champion! The narrative didn’t make sense and it felt out of line for Joel’s character! Aware of these complaints, both Neil Druckmann and Troy Baker have defended the brutal execution. Brothers?