9/20/2020 9:25 PM, Q17 Food Security. 10/5/2020 6:31 AM, Baris Duzova (IND): Large abandoned developments should be, in cooperation with the state government, utilised for the good fo the community. A recess is a break in the parliamentary session (year) where Parliament is not sitting. Hon Kelvin Thomson MP. * – an asterisk before name signifies a current councillor standing for re-election. What is missing is education of residents in regards to what the Heat Vulnerability Index actually is. } Answered: 10 Skipped: 0.

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We could also do more at our local shopping strips with food and organic waste bins at these locations. Monica Harte (Sue Bolton Community Independents): How we think about COVID recovery is critical. Promote a sustainable cycle of products so that they don’t contribute to the landfill, rather they are reused by others in need. Find below comment responses to specific questions: Q4 If you are receiving campaign funding for this election, who are you receiving funding from? It is not a good use of your time to contact every MP in the country about an issue; they receive a lot of correspondence from their own constituents and mass mailings will not get their attention. He is better than anything the DLP has to offer incl. I have seen farmers develop themselves from agriculture—send their children to school, build their houses, drive the best vehicles. I won’t comment on exactly what or how as I believe this should be determined after extensive consultations with the community. We have added these details to the information in the Directory of MPs where possible. Angelica Panopoulos (Greens): 99 per cent As part of longer term strategy exploring options such as community grids . The UK is divided into 650 areas called constituencies, and each constituency is represented by one MP. 9/18/2020 11:35 PM. I think the question is hypocritical,and it can only come from a hypocrite.

Federal: Elected to the House of Representatives for Wills, Victoria, 1996. Cuffy, a fifty-year-old divorcee, has no children, but is quite involved in organizing football and domino matches in his community. Whereas that might be the case, the idea of geothermal energy might an overwhelming good thing! We need more visibility and safety measures introduced around our train stations and bus terminals, so that when we are using them after dark, we feel safe. “You cannot rule out the spiritual aspect of it.

10/5/2020 6:31 AM, Baris Duzova (IND): I believe that Moreland City Council should do everything within its power. function grin_plain(tag) { Bins should be provided to all residents without question to encourage ease of use. Answered: 9 Skipped: 0, Q8 Transport: Upfield Rail Upgrade – Problems with parking and traffic congestion, capacity issues of public transport (once the pandemic passes) necessitate solutions for upgrading the Upfield Line. A member of parliament does not represent only his/her constituency, but every Dominican. So be an astute patriot . 10/4/2020 11:08 PM, Praveen Kumar (Labor): Proper education programs with supervision ,interaction and support will assist to avoid pollution and litter entering our drains and our creek systems 10/3/2020 8:21 PM, Daniel Taylor (Victorian Socialists): Businesses who dump and pollute need to face real punishment. 9/27/2020 5:42 PM, Shanaka Perera (IND): I want to advocate for Council supporting/subsidising or facilitating double glazed windows for houses. As a thriving region, we need services to run at least once every 15 minutes. If you were still courting me cousin I would tell her leave you! You may find some parts of this website Q22. Seven Candidates were able to attend, with 4 apologies, and six no response after multiple attempts to contact candidates. Roseau has poor drainage, and we need to really try to address that,” Cuffy noted. I know they depending on their fat pocket for the election but shouldn’t the individual or constituents know who will be going up against Derrick Glenroy “Soso” Cuffy ?

In fact it should be like a Marshall political plan whereby we can sanitize the people wishing to take up political roles 5 yrs down the line. Will you commit to amending Moreland Council Procurement policy sustainability filter to purchase low carbon/zero emissions cement/concrete products?

TAYLOR, Daniel (Victorian Socialists)(Survey Response) (Website | FB) Use of Portland Cement contributes to 8% of global emissions. Unlike lazy Linton who only lazy wish is to be the pm of dominica. Planting of trees in our streets , valuing our trees so that in development and infrastructure projects retention of trees, particularly mature trees is seen as priority.

Priority 1 – Stopping inappropriate development

These changes only occurred in early 2020, so Council has been constrained by this.