Backyard Cabin "VAUCLUSE"  15m² First time doing this but with the way cabin was delivered & instructions it’s very easy for a novice. Out of hours, or if you'd prefer a call back at a time more convenient to yourself, please use the enquiry More corners on your home mean more cost for log home materials and labor to build the log home package. mature over a substantially longer period than normal.

This process ensures that your model is designed to a high quality and prepared with the correct building plans. We have plenty of examples, of how you could use space in our log cabins interior. One Bedroom "RONDO"  24,6m² We don’t publish prices for our house building kits for sale for this very reason. many standard designs from our range of log cabin kits. Online chat specialists are always ready! You can start with one of our Now, you can make your dream a reality with Log Houses Australia. Houses enduring product. Select your log home, granny annexe flat pack (complete or self build granny annexes), summer Log Houses in Tasmania, One Bedroom "DUNE WALK"  28,5m² More corners on your home mean more cost for log home materials and labor to build the log home package.

We provide extra space at an affordable price. These can then be altered to your requirements If you would like a summer home or a place for a weekend getaway, you will love the residential log cabins that we have. Please feel free to browse through our extensive range of log houses today. Home Self build granny annexes, Log cabin kits and homes. You can speak to us directly through online chat, email or call direct to our specialist. Alternatively, you can email us, or give us a call! Log Cabin Kit Pricing. Timber is known for its noise cancelling effect that really will create a space to unwind and where you can enjoy the serenity. In fact, you can live in a residential log cabin all year round! Therefore, delivery time extends to up to 3-4 weeks after your log cabin kit is prepared in our factory. Handcrafted Luxury Log Cabin Kits. Log Houses in Victoria Logs provide not only a naturally beautiful, but also a strong and Log Cabins come in all shapes. If you are looking for the experience of adventure and nostalgia that a log home offers, then contact us today to learn about how our solid log homes …

Therefore, our qualified log house specialists thoroughly examine your needs, in order to offer the best solution for a log house. For larger log houses, council approval may be required - don't worry, our specialists will help you out throughout the process!
Today, modern homesteaders can build a new house … A range of garden annexes and kit cabin homes. Outdoor spaces that you can call your own and retreat to during the day or night. The cabins are prepared in such a way, so as to ensure, minimum time consumption during the assembly and construction of a log cabin in a place chosen by the customer. house, holiday home or home office all at affordable prices. They are inviting and comfortable. Our log cabin kits ensure you will be living your dream life throughout the year, no matter what the elements throw at you. Not only are they more affordable, but they are also easier to build and you can do it all yourself without having to spend extra money on builders or professionals.